List of Top Free Software Updater Programs

Software Updater Programs

Users download and install a software updater program in their system. It can help them in updating the latest and most modified versions of the software.  Users can download and install these free software updater anytime. It will automatically find out all of your software presents on your PC.
And then decide in case there is an update available. It depends on the updater, sometimes it highlights the latest version to download on the developer’s site. But at times it also automatically install and update software that is available in your system.

Note: There is no need to use a software updater to update all your outdated software in your system. Examining for the latest version on your own, and then installing and updating it, is surely a choice. There is no doubt about it that a software Updater creates the whole process quite simple.

In this article, we will mention some of the most famous free software updater programs. They are the following:

1. FileHippo App Manager:

FileHippo App Manager old name was Update Checker. It is very least and simple to utilize program that also scans your PC. The process of updating and allow you to install them directly through the program.

The checklist of record shows which programs needed to be update. It is very simple for our users to understand or acknowledge. Because it displays the version number for the edition you have and then tells you to hold old it is. Like FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 4, September 2, 2015.

FileHippo App Manager can deliberately hide beta updates and scan for old programs according to a record on daily basis. You can also add custom install folders, and omit any program from popping up in the list of update results. The setup files for FileHippo App Manager is lesser than 3 MB. So it takes just a few seconds to download.

2. Heimdal:

Heimdal is very helping software in case you need to keep your safety programs up-to-date without any tension. It will automatically install and update all significant patches when it finds it necessary.

It can work in what’s called “autopilot” state to secure all your suitable programs updated automatically. But yes you can also select a custom setup.

A custom configuration allows you to select which updated programs should record for updates and which ones should not be monitor. It also means you can monitor Heimdal but you are unable to update them with the latest notifications, or you can’t monitor or update others, as it is entirely based on user’s preference.

Heimdal saves all updates after every two hours by default but users can also turn off the option of automatic scanning in case you want. It also adds suggested programs and make them just one click away from you.

This program has an exclusive feature through which you can check and update programs by automatic processing, but the issue is that it is not very user-friendly. There is no need to open the programs every single time because it will do everything in the background, so you can really just download it and no need to be anxious about it later.

3. Patch My PC Software Updater:

Patch My PC is a free software updater that many users like, not because it’s totally convenient, but also because it downloads software patches and there is no need manual update checks again and again. It’s really simple to differentiate between those apps or software which are already updated and those that are outdated because green color points out up-to-date software as the red ones display programs that are old and outdated. Users can update all software at once or ignore those you don’t want to update. (You can also set the scheduled of auto-updates to do it for your convenience automatically).

There are many of optional settings through which you can authorize, like allowing beta updates, invalidating unwanted downloads, forcing programs to close before the process of updating starts and in some cases near its completion and several others. Patch My PC also known as a simple software uninstaller. It also gives you feedback & free installation.

The only complaint users often did/do about Patch My PC is that the user interface isn’t user-friendly still we can’t disregard it on the basis of the above grounds. It works at a great speed, can run from a flash drive and helps genuinely about automatic updates. These things are no doubt the most significant ones when you are looking for a good software updater.

4. Baidu App Store:

Baidu App Store is actually a free software updater which scans all downloaded programs through automatic processing according to a systematic plan and helps you to install the newest version when it is important.

The process of Batch downloads and installations are helped, and updates are installed and instructed throughout the program itself. Which means there is no necessary to open a browser to do any of the installations. There’s also a link next to every update that explains to you what’s present in the new latest version. You can also ignore the update in case you’d rather skip that certain version, which will stop Baidu App Store from pointing out about the information of an update.

Baidu App Store is not only just a software updater, from it, you can delete any of the programs downloaded on your PC, whenever you want.

As the name recommends, Baidu App Store has a big list of free programs and games that users can download through its store, you can download them directly from the app just like you an update.

5. OUTDATEfighter:

OUTDATEfighter works as the name says. It also saves your computer from the old version of the software by handling it as a free software program updater. OUTDATEfighter just takes one tap to batch install updates in OUTDATEfighter. It means that you can place a check next to all the programs that you want to update to have OUTDATEfighter install them one by one and start introducing the setup files. Before downloading updates, the setup files will scan in case there is any virus, it might be very supportive.

The whole day OUTDATEfighter will send you notifications about software that you need to update. Users can also skip any update to stop the update notifications for that specific program. Some users genuinely like that there is no need to go to search bar for the updated setup file while they are browsing the internet. Every task can be do from inside the program, as users can clearly see the old and latest version numbers for the difference.

Program uninstaller function and a Windows Update utility are also available in OUTDATEfighter. It is utilized on Windows operating systems from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Windows Server 2003 and 2008 are also working on it.

6. Carambis Software Updater:

Carambis Software Updater doesn’t help its users to directly install which means the update results show in your internet browser after the completion of the scanning process. There, you just press a few installation links to get to the final one that allows you save the program installer in your system.

The present and new updated version, including the download size, will be seen on the results page before the beginning of the installation of an update.

Carambis Software Updater can be set up to scan your PC for updates on a timetable and also scan custom folders for the new updates in place of only the default locations. It is very easy to utilize in case users have programs custom already downloaded in their system. Carambis Software Updater officially works in Vista, XP and Windows 7, but some users have said that they would be able to utilize it without any trouble in their Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Note: Users can ask to download toolbars and change some of their default internet browser settings while Carambis Software Updater is in the process of installation, users can easily skip over those options in case they find them unnecessary.

7. Update Notifier:

Update Notifier downloads within seconds and can supervise software installations in the backdrop to send you notifications in case some program needs to be update. A list can be create to check for updates, like after every 5 hours or every 6 days.

These updates must be installed on the internet because the Update Notifier doesn’t permit you to install files directly via its program. The files from Update Notifier’s website are drawn directly from its official websites of the apps, which support 100% clean, up-to-date, real installations.

Users can also configure Update Notifier for the sake of scanning a specific folder that is outside from the usual program files location. This would be best for searching updates to manageable programs, including some of the other program updater from this list; Update Notifier also allows you skip updates whenever you want.

The Watch List would be create in case you are signing up through Update Notifier, so you can get precautions via email when new software updates are for your access. It can also be used as a manageable program in case you select that particular option during setup.

Users can also utilize this program on their Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

8. Software Updater:

Software Updater is the software that loads very easily and it doesn’t take much time while loading, neither does it need any installation, which means that you can start it from a manageable drive and receive information about updates as the installation finish.

The conclusion comes out in a window in your browser by approaching the website of Software Updater. A program is noted as updated, which means that there is no update required, or with an Installation link pointing to the update.  There are also some version numbers there that are clearly pointing out, so you know which version you’re utilizing at the present time and some know-how about the updated version is, as well as its download size. As users press the download link, they will find the update start to install within a few seconds immediately from the free Software Updater website.

It supported operating systems that include Windows 98 and Windows Vista, but it may also work with some other versions of Windows.  Users have also used it in Windows 10 without any issues.

9. Glarysoft’s Software Update:

A free program update checker has Glarysoft for Windows that isn’t much of a program. But users can run the checker. As it opens the conclusions in your browser and sends you installation links through which you can directly install the program updates.

Software Update delivers the results of scans through a file download website named Filepuma and its own name is Glarysoft. From there users can install links to various program updates.

Users can also customize the updater program to skip beta versions and to start when Windows opens, but that’s about it. The results checklist can be customized too so that you can skip updates for particular programs or skip just a single one updated version for any program.

Software Update is not as one of the best and or helpful as some of the updater. We mentioned at the start of this article through which you can install and update programs for you. But it’s an operational program that runs all the time without causing any harm to its performance.

10. Avira Software Updater:

Users can also leave finding updates on their own in case they have Avira’s Software Updater program downloaded. With just one tap users can go through with their whole system for old apps. It also tells you which ones need to be update. It also provides links to download which we can open in your browser. So that you can install the updates on your own.

Avira Software Updater is an out of cost, limited version of the paid edition. It also has some extra characteristics. Like Avira’s free software updater will not install program updates or download for its users. It just utilizes the link next to any program’s “Update” button to search the installation page online.

It will not allow you to select when it automatically scans your PC for old projects or programs. But it does seem to do so repeatedly. Users just require to open it and use the button of Rescan every time they want to look for outdated software in their system.

11. SUMo:

It is another free software updater for Windows that’s great for searching for updates. Users can download SUMo to a PC or propel it portably via custom folder.

It will take some time to scan your PC completely for old software. But it for sure finds more programs that required updates. Then any other mentioned above in this checklist.

All program it searches are index, even those that don’t need an update. The ones that need updating are labeled as demand a small update or a big one. So you should just quickly make your decision that which programs you want to update. The version numbers are certainly can be see so you can look at the old and new versions. It can also search for beta releases.

The SUMo not only searches for the software or programs downloaded in the regular pattern of installation directory of your PC. Even you can add custom folders and files to scan it. In case you have compact software saved on any other hard drive.

SUMo allows its users to find the program on the web; where then in need they can install it on their own. Some users have tested SUMo in Windows 10 and 8 without any trouble. So, it should be work on the other versions of Windows too like Vista, 7 and XP.

Software Updater programs are very helpful and reliable. In case you know from which software you are installing them and which software your system needs according to its requirement. They can give you precautions about outdated programs as well as tell you which one you should install.