Complete Review Of Driver Booster v5.4.0 (Free Driver Updater)

Complete Review Of Driver Booster

Another famous free driver updater tool for Windows is Driver Booster. It checks the old drivers for your system’s hardware on a daily via automatic processing, and can easily install and update all the drivers present in the PC with only a single tap. All driver packages are installed immediately via the program and the process of batch installation make its user’s work simple and install more than one device driver updates with only one press.

Additional Information about Driver Booster:

Following are some important things regarding Driver Booster which a user should probably know:

  • It supports many Windows systems including Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista.
  • There are countless device drivers that are maintained with the help of Driver Booster. You can say that these innumerable device drivers depend upon Driver Booster.
  • When we talk about that a device can be updated through automatic processing quickly, then it means that there is no need to update the program on your own the time some latest driver is included to the database.
  • The date of driver’s launch, size, number and its version can be seen easily as they are shown next to every driver that requires some updating, It also supports your system to recognize the size and age of a new driver before the time it becomes updated.
  • Record of drivers that are old can be transported to a TXT file. It also adds the name of the device, vendor, class, hardware ID, currently present and accessible version, and its compatible ID.
  • Users can make the processing of installation fast as well as simple by concealing Installation windows and other messages that can come on your PC’s screen during the process.
  • Driver Booster makes a checklist of all drivers discovered and categorizes them on the basis of the extremity of the update.
  • Your system is already arranged via automatic processing that’s why it restarts or closes when the installation ends.
  • Users can also see all those drivers that are up to date, but they can be visible as an individual segment from those that are older.
  • You can easily search all those drivers that can be discovered by Driver Booster.
  • On the main screen, it is also visible to check the time you scanned your PC with Driver Booster.
  • Driver Booster has this quality that it scans old game sections, including Microsoft DirectX Runtime and Adobe Flash Player.
  • In the settings, there is an option that will allow you to have Driver Booster auto delete the driver packages after users are done with the process of downloading. It is a simple method to be confident whether it’s not assembling files that are messy and have no purpose.
  • There is a segment with the name of Tools in Driver Booster that adds some instruments to resolve issues like sound, network issues and removing information relevant to those devices that are unplugged. A “system information” area is also there that displays information regarding the system and operating system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Driver Booster:


  • The process of installation is very fast.
  • It displays the checklist of all drivers, including old and the new ones.
  • Driver booster also assists the downloading and installation of a batch driver.
  • It also provides backup source via automatic processing before users update a driver. Able to neglect a device, so no updates are shown.
  • It also has this choice to delete information regarding installation after an update. So the hard drive can be free from junk files.
  • By automatic processing, it scans latest updates on per day, once a week, biweekly, or once in a month.
  • There is also a choice to select those drivers that have passed WHQL Testing.
  • All installations are done within the program instead of a browser.
  • You can install or update as many drivers as you want because it doesn’t have any restriction on the different number of drivers to be updated or installing.
  • You can remove and uninstall drivers anytime you want.


The only disadvantage we have is that it needs to must have an internet connection when you want updates regarding scanning.

Why do Experts Prefer Driver Booster?

Driver Booster is one of the simplest to utilize driver updater. Experts have used it and said that they had never faced any trouble including BSOD while using it during the process of downloading and other installations.

Another plus point of this software is that users can’t get the updates on any other browser system and you can only install them on your own. It can also save you from the inconvenience of updating wrong drivers through the internet.

As we have explained above that Driver Booster isn’t able to scan until unless users have an active internet connection. There are also some driver updaters that doesn’t require an internet connection for the scanning purpose. When you try to update it without having an internet connection, it probably seems to be that it is scanning but on the other hand, it will not provide you without providing any real information regarding updates, so it means it would probably be sent wrong updates that would be problematic in future.

There’s also a professional version of Driver Booster, as there are a few traits of it that are limited in free versions, like when we make a comparison between both versions we can see that in the limited version of Driver Booster you are unable to get any driver updates as they are accessible in the professional one. Some of its characteristics including an automatic process of updates and installation and having backup drivers are not obtainable in the free version.


It is better to have a secure updater program in your system for your drivers. As we have mentioned above that Driver Booster helps your system to work properly and there is no need to be worried about the updates relevant to drivers, as it performs its duty well.