Slimdrivers Review

Slimdrivers Review

 There are a couple of antivirus engines that have recognized SlimDrivers as a kind of malware. That further cause damages so experts don’t suggest you update drivers with the help of this app. In place of it, users should try Driver Booster or some other free of cost device from our provided list of driver updater programs.

SlimDrivers is a freebie driver updater device for the utilization of Windows. It also helps scheduled scans, automatic definition updates, and direct downloads.

The device drivers present in your system can also be backed up and revived via SlimDrivers, and you can also remove them totally, to download here.

Note: This review is about SlimDrivers version 2.3.

As we have said before that SlimDrivers assists Windows. So we can say that it deals with everything according to the exact method as many other driver updater programs.

  • SlimDrivers created to work with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
  • Here both 64-bit and 32 bit and versions are accessible.
  • SlimDrivers is working properly without any issue in Windows 10, disregarding the fact that it did not officially promote.
  • Drivers installed via SlimDrivers are accessible via software. It means to say that users don’t have to open a web browser to find and install updates. As it seems to be hectic.
  • Definitions updated via automatic processing to keep SlimDrivers on the present device driver updates for the hardware of your system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SlimDrivers:


  • Without prompting it scans driver updates according to the set schedule.
  • Updates in SlimDrivers program are installed inside and there is no need to do it via the internet.
  • It helps in backing up, recovering, and deleting drivers.
  • Takes permission for a recovery point before installing a driver update.
  • Users can easily ignore any device which stops notifications for updating in near future.


  • Without an active Internet connection, it will not give you any update regarding drivers.
  • Batch downloading isn’t helped are you supposed to do it on your own one after another.
  • There isn’t any comprehensive information on an update the time before you go and install it.
  • It tries to download another program with SlimDrivers.

SlimDrivers Review:

Experts think regarding SlimDrivers is that it is the best program to keep you up-to-date when we talk about the latest drivers. It helps in the process of automatic scanning. So you can download it and it runs the program in the background.

In the process of early experimentation, SlimDrivers found two extra updates that some other programs didn’t get. In this state, users can try out SlimDrivers in case they are not confident about a device that requires a driver update but not able to found any while utilizing same software or while doing it on your own.

The only thing SlimDrivers displays their user is the date of the release of that present driver with the old one. This is very supportive but not as helpful as having a version number to make a comparison, which seems to be a far more better sign.

While experts were giving comments about SlimDrivers Review one negative thing pops up that SlimDrivers isn’t workable without an Internet connection. The program shows to scan the system for old drivers. When you’re about to disconnect from the network and shows that everything updated, but in the real sense, nothing has been done.

It is a bad thing because it gives incorrect information regarding the status of your drivers because it was unable to have access to its database of driver information.

Experts say while SlimDrivers Review that they should install it from the official webpage. Users can do it by choosing the install link below and then tap the link directly below the big green button – the one that says “or Download SlimDrivers Now from SlimWare Utilities.”

Final Words:

Expert’s point of view regarding SlimDrivers helps users to understand about this driver tool better. So before going towards installation, you should probably visit the official webpage of SlimDriver and also read Reviews about it.