Driver Easy 5.6.3 Review

Driver Easy 5.6.3 Review

As in many previous articles before we have said that Driver Easy is a driver updater device for Windows that has approach over more than 3+ million device drivers at the single click. It is very easy to utilize so no need to worried.

Users can install drivers directly with the help of software you don’t have to anxious about looking for one. Before you are going to start there are some issues about it that everybody should keep in mind.

Note: The time you have just selected the button of download from the link. Then make sure to select the link that says External mirror. Which installs the program from the site of Driver Easy.
To download the Driver Easy follow this link.

Note: This review reported on July 07, 2018, regarding Driver Easy version 5.6.3.

More Points about Driver Easy:

Driver Easy is workable for all Windows, plus it also introduces some beyond-driver-updating attributes that are helpful for users.

It can work without any trouble with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista.

  • Driver Easy displays a difference between the presently downloaded driver and the driver that should download as an update. Which adds the provider date and driver name. Here the size of the file for the installation is also available.
  • Drivers that are installed via Driver Easy are saved on your PC when you need to download the driver on your own.
  • Users can also disable devices so they don’t display that an update is needed.
  • As Driver is counted as a system information device because it displays a necessary information on the motherboard, CPU, video cards and network cards.
  • Driver Easy also adds a way to install Windows Updates. It also gives the highest speed with compare to the default way in Windows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Driver Easy:


  • Drivers can be installed directly from the program
  • Quickly scans driver
  • Find old drivers
  • Workable in case of the unavailability of internet connection
  • Tiny installation size
  • Out of cost for personal and commercial utilization


  • Downloading driver updates on your own
  • Slow installation speeds
  • Bulk installation isn’t helped
  • Many characteristics are available in case users pay

Experts Opinion about Driver Easy:

Driver Easy is the simplest method to find drivers if you want to install them via automatic processing. As it installs the correct ones for your PC. Except that there are some negative points regarding Driver Easy. That should be in everybody’s mind in case users are about to install them.

Issues regarding many programs are that they seem to be workable before the time you go for them. At this stage, you supposed to pay to get a professional version of the software to make those options in a working state. Same in the case with Driver Easy, like when you try to backup drivers, install more than one driver at the same time or remove drivers.

Driver Easy works if you don’t have an internet connection. Like many driver update devices that allow you to utilize the program without internet, Driver Easy finds the network driver for you. The time users are able to download Ethernet or Wi-Fi driver, they have a reliable network connection. So now they can utilize the program easily and look for other old device drivers.

The best thing about this tool is the schedule that is very helpful, with compare to many of the other schedulers. With the Driver Easy scheduler, users can also arrange a scan at any time, like from the time when you log in to Windows for the very first time or when your system isn’t working. Except that users can set the schedule to wake up the PC so it can start and stop the scan in case your PC is based on batteries.

Experts surely suggest it in case users don’t know where to find driver updates, or they worried regarding the old device drivers.

There are might probably be multiple versions of installation links on the download page. Make it sure that you will select one of the options below titled Buy Pro Version” links, but not one of the “trial version” ones so there is no need to go and purchase the complete version of that kind of driver updater.
Information shared above will help users to understand the true nature of Driver Easy and the knowledge whether to use it or not.