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free driver scout review

Free Driver Scout is no doubt one of the best driver updater programs because it gives driver downloads via automatic way. Free Driver Scout will find and install all of your old device drivers via automatic processing and don’t bother you with clicks or leave other tasks for users.

Note: This review is about Free Driver Scout version 1.0.

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It assists many versions of Windows, with a nice attribute that’s supportive and more significant to the main processing of upgrade of Windows.

  • Support for most versions of Windows, as well as a great feature that comes in handy before a major Windows upgrade, are some of the features you’ll find in Free Driver Scout:
  • Free Driver Scout finds and installs device drivers for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Although not officially supported, it also seems to work fine in Windows 10
  • Once Free Driver Scout finds hardware that needs driver updates, you can disable any of them so they won’t show up in a future scan, which is useful for any hardware you don’t want. not constantly update.
  • You can see the version number and release date of the currently installed driver, as well as the new updated version date, useful for verifying that the driver update is really what you wanted
  • Free Driver Scout can backup and restore any or all installed drivers for free
  • The OS Migration Tool is a feature included in Free Driver Scout that lets you download device drivers for a different version of Windows (such as Windows 8 if you’re using 7), which is useful if you plan to update Windows to a newer version.

Advantages and disadvantages of Driver Scout Free

Automatic driver updating is of course one of the biggest advantages of using Free Driver Scout, but there are also other things to consider:

Advantages :

  • The program is really easy to install
  • Supports manual and scheduled scans
  • Updates can be set to be installed automatically
  • Bulk downloads
  • No input is required while installing updates

Disadvantages :

  • Doesn’t find as many outdated drivers as similar software
  • Attempts to install several unrelated programs during installation
  • The software is no longer updated

Thoughts on Free Driver Scout

After reading the benefits and description above, it’s obvious that Free Driver Scout is a very good choice for a driver updater if you don’t want to have to think about running scans and downloads yourself. same. Besides that, you can save drivers and even download drivers for a different operating system, which is really great.

However, as we mentioned above, Free Driver Scout just didn’t find as many outdated drivers as some other driver update tools. This is obviously a turn off because even though the software does all the heavy lifting for you, it’s not the best tool available if others are able to provide more information about outdated device drivers.

Also, it seems that the developer has stopped releasing updates for the program. The website does not include Windows 10 as an official compatible operating system and it has been at version 1.0 for a long time.

Download DriverScout for free.

During installation, the installer tries to add some unrelated programs to your computer with Free Driver Scout software. If you want to opt out of installing these programs, you must click Decline for each offer.