How to track an iPhone?

If your iPhone gets lost or stolen by someone then don’t worry about it. Today I shall tell you the most important feature of iPhone which help you to track your iPhone. Apple makes this feature very simple and easy to use for the end user.

Let’s find out “How to track an iPhone”. The iPhone has location services feature and when it turns on. It gives permission to location-based apps like Camera, Careem, Uber, Maps, Websites and other social networking apps. If your iPhone has locations services on, your iPhone can be able to track and save the record of locations you have visited with your iPhone. It also includes how many time you visited that places.

Activate your iPhone Tracking

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Turn on Location Services.



After that when you visit any location, iPhone will keep a record of it, and you can check it through

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Turn on Location Services -> System Services -> Frequent Locations.



After opening it, scroll down to see the history of all the locations including the number of times you visited. When you tap on a specific location. You’ll be able to access further details of that location including maps with related locations.

How to track an iPhone via the internet using another device

Apple provides you a simple way to find your lost or stolen iPhone device with an Apple ID from any other PC or another internet capable device having a browser installed. You can attain that by signing in to iCloud. You have to enable “Find My iPhone” feature on your iPhone device. This will prompt you to sign into iCloud. If you like to track your last location via iCloud, then you should enable “Send Last Location“ feature.



Open weblink iCloud from any browser and login with your Apple ID. When you signed in, locate “Find My Phone” section. Click on to open it. If “Find My iPhone” feature is enabled on your iPhone, which is usually by default you’ll be able to see the last location sent by your iPhone. If it is stolen by someone or lost you can provide its location to the police with required info. And if it is out of your reach, you can wipe your iPhone data and lock it by sending lock and wipe data command to save your private data.

If you’ve lost it within your reach means in your home, school or office. you can BUZZ the sound signal so you can easily identify where your phone actually is. If your iPhone device is powered off or it doesn’t have an active internet connection, you can still able to send instructions command. Whenever your iPhone will be powered on and has active internet connection command sent will be applied and do their work.
Hope this article will help you to track your iPhone. Best of luck.