How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

how to view instagram stories without them knowing

Instagram stories have become a popular way for people to share their daily moments, but sometimes you may want to view them without the user knowing. Whether it’s to maintain your privacy, avoid awkwardness, or simply satisfy your curiosity, we have you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through various methods to view Instagram stories anonymously. These techniques are safe, ethical, and easy to implement, allowing you to browse stories without leaving any digital footprints. So, let’s dive in and discover how to view Instagram stories without them knowing!

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing:

Before delving into the methods, it’s essential to understand the significance of viewing Instagram Stories discreetly. There could be various reasons why you’d prefer not to reveal your identity while watching someone’s story and respecting their privacy is of utmost importance.

1. Using the “Airplane Mode” Trick

One way to view Instagram Stories without leaving a trace is by utilizing the Airplane Mode trick. This method involves opening the Instagram app, enabling Airplane Mode on your device, and then viewing the desired story. Once you’ve watched it, close the app, disable Airplane Mode, and the person won’t know you’ve seen their story.

2. Watching Through a Third-Party App

Another method to maintain anonymity while viewing Instagram Stories is by using third-party apps. These apps can provide additional features, including incognito story viewing. However, be cautious while using third-party apps, as some may compromise your account’s security.

3. Create a “Close Friends” List

Instagram offers a feature called “Close Friends,” where you can add specific people to a private list. By doing so, you can view their stories without them knowing, and they won’t be notified of their exclusion from your main followers’ list.

4. The Benefit of Temporary Accounts

Temporary accounts or “finstas” (fake Instagram accounts) can be useful for viewing stories discreetly. Create an alternate account, follow the user whose story you want to see, and remain incognito.

5. Utilizing Story Downloaders

Various online tools and apps allow you to download Instagram Stories without alerting the account owner. Although this method doesn’t provide real-time viewing, it allows you to watch the story offline at your convenience.

6. Watching Stories Through the Instagram Website

If you want to avoid the Instagram app altogether, you can view stories through the web version. Log in to your account on the official website, and you can watch stories without the risk of being discovered.

7. Pause Internet Connection

Similar to “Airplane Mode,” you can pause your internet connection before opening the Instagram app. Once you’ve viewed the stories, close the app, and resume your connection. This way, you won’t trigger the story’s “Seen” status.

8. Utilize Instagram’s “Archive” Feature

If you accidentally view a story and want to remove the “Seen” status, you can use Instagram’s “Archive” feature. Archive the story, and it won’t appear in the user’s viewer list, preserving your anonymity.

9. Adjust Notification Settings

Make sure your notification settings for Instagram are turned off. This way, the user won’t know when you are actively using the app or viewing stories.


Is it legal to view Instagram Stories anonymously?

Viewing public content anonymously is generally acceptable, but using unauthorized third-party tools may violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Can I see who viewed my Instagram Story?

Instagram allows users to see who viewed their stories, but only if the account is public and the viewer is not anonymous.

Will the person be notified if I view their story through the website?

No, viewing stories on Instagram’s website does not trigger any notifications to the account owner.

Can I watch stories of private accounts anonymously?

No, if an account is private, the owner will be able to see the usernames of everyone who views their story.

Are third-party apps safe to use?

While some third-party apps may provide anonymous story viewing, they can pose security risks, so it’s best to exercise caution and research before using them.

Can the user still see I viewed their story if I use the “Close Friends” trick?

No, adding yourself to their “Close Friends” list ensures your views remain anonymous.

How can I view a story again without the user knowing?

Use Instagram’s “Archive” feature to remove your view from the user’s viewer list.

Should I use a different device for anonymous story viewing?

While using a different device is an option, it’s not necessary if you follow the methods mentioned above.


Viewing Instagram Stories without them knowing is feasible using various methods. Whether you use the Airplane Mode trick, third-party apps, or create temporary accounts, always prioritize privacy and respect the boundaries of others. The key lies in using these techniques responsibly and sparingly.

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