6 Methods to Resolve Nvidia Control Panel Missing Error

People who are using Nvidia Graphics card downloaded in their systems have this option to adjust and modify particular graphic settings viautilizing the Nvidia Control Panel. At times some issue pops up when users are unable to find Nvidia Control Panel and there is no doubt it a big issue.

Users can easily gain access to the Control Panel but some of these methods would probably look complicated and time consuming. So to resolve this issue users are supposed to go through with the whole article to solve nvidia control panel missing errors.

Following are some solutions through which users can solve Nvidia control panel missing issue:

Method 1: Unhide NVIDIA Control Panel from Settings

In case NVIDIA Control Panel is downloaded on your PC, and still you are not able to see any notification tray and context men then you might probably fix this issue with few taps. As first step you just need to gain access to it, which you can do from Control Panel.

  • Just open Control Panel and in “view by” option choose large icons. You can open control panel, by tapping windows + R key and write ‘Control’ and click enter.
  • Here you”ll able to find out “NVIDIA Control Panel” so just tap on it so you can to open it.

Note: In case NVIDIA Control Panel is not there from Control Panel then you are supposed to go for the next method.

  • When users see that NVIDIA Control Panel has opened up, just tap on ‘desktop’ from the menu and tap on these below two options to enable.

Add Desktop Context Menu.

Show Notification Tray Icon.

  • At the end when you enable these options you will be able to see NVIDIA Control Panel in the notification tray.

Method 2: Download Latest Nvidia Drivers

In case users are searching for “Nvidia control panel download” then you should know that NVIDIA webpage doesn’t give a separate link to install it officially yet. If you see that “NVIDIA Control Panel is Missing”, then you just need to download latest Graphics Driver, as Control Panel of NVIDIA comes along with Graphics Driver.

There are higher possibilities that you have deleted graphics driver by mistake. Another option could be that some Windows Software is making issues. We recommend you to download the latest Graphics Driver.

There are multiple methods to update a Graphics Card Driver.

  • You can update Graphics Driver by going into device manager > Display Adaptors. (Right Click on Windows 10 icon to open device manager.)

You can also right click on display adaptors on NVIDIA Driver and tap on ‘update driver’.

Utilize ‘search automatically for updated driver software’ to find out the newest driver.

Note:At times device manager is not able to find newest drivers. In case in happens then just go for the next solution.

  • In case device manager doesn’t work, users can install the driver and can update it on their own.

You can open device manager to know your Graphics Card model number. In case device manager is not displaying information regarding Graphics Card then utilize CPU – Z software.

After you receive NVIDIA Driver Information, just open NVIDIA Graphics Driver install page and choose the NVIDIA Graphics model number, so you can install it.

Method 3: Rebooting Nvidia Services

In case you download newest NVIDIA Drivers and you are unable to see NVIDIA Control Panel misplaced from notification tray or context menu. Then there are higher possibilities that it is disabled from services. All Windows program comes along with a batch of services and launch via automatic processing when you initiate that program. In case some services aren’t running via automatic processing, you can start them forcefully. This method is the alternative to the first method. But you can try it maybe this method will help you resolving nvidia control panel missing.

  • Just tap Windows + R key and write “services.msc” and click enter.
  • Then look for“NVIDIA Display Container” in windows services.

When you find them just right click on it and tap on “restart”. In case service is stopped, then users can press on “start” to enable.

You would be able to see that this service will enable NVIDIA Control Panel icon in the notification tray. By utilizing the same method you can initiate some other NVIDIA services.

Method 4: Resolve this Issue via NVIDIA Support

There are users who have this issue that they face “NVIDIA Control Panel Missing” issue time after time. Users can resolve this problem on permanent basis and you can do it by trying this process. NVIDIA control panel will get started via automatic processing with Windows the time you apply this method. You will able to find out about it in context menu and notification tray.

  • As initial step go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Display.NvContainer” folder. In case the folder is misplaced, then go and check Program Files, instead of Program Files (x86).
  • Then right-click on “NVDisplay.Container” and press on copy option.
  • After the completion of above steps tap Windows + R key and write “shell: startup” and click enter so you can open startup folder.
  • Now in the startup folder, just paste “NVDisplay.Container” file that you had copied.
  • Here just right-click on copied “NVDisplay.Container” file and tap on properties.

After tapping on the Compatibility tab and then mark “Run this program as administrator” option. Press on Apply and then OK.

Now users can reboot their PC and you will never face this issue again. In case NVIDIA folder isn’t available in Program Files then it means that graphics driver isn’t downloaded.

Method 5: Launching NVIDIA Control Panel on your own

Here users can go for the manual access so it would be easy for them to get accession to “Control Panel Client” folder. There users can launch NVIDIA Control Panel. You can also make a shortcut on the desktop, to gain access in the future for your convenience.

  • As first step just open the following directory.

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Control Panel Client

Then launch “nvcplui” as administrator.

To make a shortcut on the desktop you can right click on it then tap on “Create Shortcut“ and it’s all done.

Method 6: Stop Overclocking Your GPU

In case you are overclocking your GPU then most probably this is the reason of Nvidia control panel missing problem. Overclocking is a procedure through which users can alter the frequency and speed of their processor to a maximum value and above the factory settings. It will give your system a very good speed boost but users have to be careful because at times entire PCs went down in flames the time users overclocked them more than enough or because they don’t deal it carefully. Balancing your GPU’s rate and frequency state is based upon on the software you utilized to overclock in the initial place. AMD and Nvidia have their own apps that are accessible to download which also allow users to overclock their GPU. There are many other different programs for users, for their convenience so they can select them according to their choice.


By following the above mentioned methods we hope that users can easily fix nvidia control panel missing error.