Solved: Accelerometerst.exe Error Windows 10

The Accelerometerst.exe Error starts when users update their system to the version of Creators Update. This error pops up in Windows 10 because of the virus and other bugs and causes botheration to users.

The time your device boots up and you are about to log into the device you will see that this issue most probably starts at that time. Users can end this error message from their screen the time they tap on the cross mark and send it straight away. The main reason behind this system is probably the VCRUNTIME140.dll file is misplaced or an issue with a program which is known as HP 3D DriveGuard.

Following are some methods through which users can easily fix the Accelerometerst.exe error:

1. Through PowerShell

Users can fix the Accelerometerst.exe error issue with the help of PowerShell. Just go through the following steps:

  • As the first step write PowerShell in the search bar and input a right-click on the same from the segment of the result. From the mentioned options select Run as Administrator.
  • Then write or copy and paste the given information or code.

sfc /scannow

  • You will see that it will initiate the process of scanning and produce the results. In case it searches for files that are problematic, it fixes them on the spot and if it is not able to do it then it reports the exact one.

2. Uninstall HP 3D DriveGuard

  • Here tap the Window log key + I and in the Settings app press on the Apps Now wait till you see that all applications are loaded in the right pane.
  • Now locate HP 3D DriveGuard in the list and tap then press on the option of Uninstall.
  • You will see that the screen displays an uninstall wizard. Just follow it till HP 3D DriveGuardis removed.
  • At the end reboot your system to check if the issue is solved yet or not. This procedure is helpful for HP users because they have HP 3D DriveGuard.

3. Installation of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package Update 3

The accelerometerst.exe problem can also be fixed by installing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. You can do it by following the below steps:

  • As the first step goes for this location is to initiate the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package Update 3.
  • Then download the file and reboot your PC to check if the error is ended.

4. Restore Microsoft Visual C++

  • Here just go to Settings by clicking Win+I and choose the option of Apps.
  • Then search for the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable present in the list and double-click on it. Then choose the Uninstall option so you can move forward.

Now in Uninstall wizard will start just tap on the Modify button. Then go for the instructions to finish the procedure of fixing and restoration.

In the end, just reboot the device to see if it is working fine. In case the device has multiple Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable then you can repeat this method separately to Resolve the Accelerometerst.exe system problem.

5. Un-register and then re-register VCRUNTIME140.dll

This process is helpful who have VCRUNTIME140.dll files on their systems. Updates are messed mostly with the registry keys of this file and become the reason for the accelerometerst.exe issue.

  • As the first step launch File Explorer and unfold the given folders so you can locate the file.


  • Keep this thing in your mind you are supposed to replace X with the drive that contains the Windows.
  • Now look for the dll file present in the list of the directory to make sure about its existence.
  • Here launch the Run box and write or copy-paste the below information it.

Regsvr32 /u c:\Windows\System32\VCRUNTIME140.dll

Then close the box when you see that the process has been completed.

  • After the completion of the above steps now open the Run box and copy the below information in the box.

Regsvr32 c:\Windows\System32\VCRUNTIME140.dll

  • In the end, just reboots your device so you can see that the issue is solved.

6. Roll back to the Previous Build

  • As the first step in the login screen of the device click Shift and tap Power There is no need to leave Shift and press the Restart option.
  • You will see that the above step will lead you to the advanced mode, select Troubleshoot.
  • Find Advanced options and click on it in the Troubleshoot. Then choose “Go back to the Previous build “.
  • At the end login to your account and pick the option Continue button and select the option Go back to the previous build.

7. Run an SFC Scan

The SFC scan has this facility that it already comes along downloaded on all versions of the Windows Operating System and is created to find PCs so it can find out all distorted and messed up system files and fix them in case it finds any or change them with cached versions. In case users are seeing this issue explained above the time you are about to boot your system up. Going for an SFC scan is a good thing to initiate in case you want to be saved from the issue and other relevant problems. Users can run an SFC scan on a PC running on the Creators Update, you are just supposed to follow the below steps:

  • As the first step tap the Windows Logo key + X or right-click on the Start menu button so you can open the WinX Menu, and then press on Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • Now write the below instruction into the elevated instance of Windows PowerShell and click Enter.
  • In the end, just wait till the instruction is executed and see SFC do its work. You will see that SFC will give you its findings at the time the process of scanning ends.

The Accelerometerst.exe error can hopefully be fixed with the help of the above procedures. We hope that this article will be helpful in need.