Top 10 Textbook Torrent Sites

Textbook Torrent Sites

The culture of being in physically possession of books is slowly deteriorating with the constant advancements in technology. While we do believe that the use of actual books might never retire, the substitution for them with virtual books is going to take place, it is taking place even now. Many universities and colleges send out there study material in soft copy form in emails or WhatsApp groups. This is not how things were a few years back.

A person may require books for many different reasons. It might be because he studies in a university, school or college. He might need his textbooks or study material, syllabus and other things. Some people want books of particular kinds, they might want history books or even books by famous scientists or researchers. Most common use might be the use of books for procreation or as a hobby. People collect, read and follow various different famous writers such as Grisham etc and store and read hoards of novels. Long story short books, are needed for a variety of different proposes.

These days most of such books are available online. By online we mean in online stores so you can order them home and also as soft copy e-books. Popular books of such kind are those related to teaching or tutoring people on the uses of IT, Photoshop,, Coding, C++ and various other It tools. Such books and books of basically all kinds can be sought after on torrent sites. The world of torrenting is quite vast and it contains substance for just about anyone. The availability of books on such torrent sites makes many people’s lives much easier. We always look for the best torrent site for books.

Always Download Torrents with VPN

The tricky part about torrenting is sort of complex. Not all torrents you find will be legit and some may even carry malware, viruses that can severely damage your computer or windows. It is a very experience based skill to learn on which torrent is legit, is without malware and will work for you. Some torrents are even very hard to download as they lack seeders. Seeders are other people who help with the download.

The most important thing to note regarding downloading torrents is you must always do so while accepting the use of VPN or proxy services. The sites you visit can easily track you, the files or content you download might incur you overriding copyrights of their respected products. This might incur legal issues on you. The websites, ISP and government are easily able to track your IP address and hence you run the risk of getting caught and the obvious invasion of privacy which such tracking brings. So, without saying anything further it is easy to see why using software to protect your identity and your privacy might be imperative.

This is another big reason why most torrent sites constantly keep changing their web addresses as the authorities keep banning their old ones. These days there are many different good and bad VPN services out there. Some work via browser and some require the app to be downloaded. In this tricky situation regarding the softwares, we will guide you on the few different choices we list. Finding and using the best torrent site for books might seem hard at first.

Choices of VPNs or Proxy services:

  • NordVPN – Best all round Private use

NordVPN is one of the best VPN services in the world. The service has been around for a long time now and has enjoyed incredible success year after year. One of the most solid internet privacy tools in the market today. NordVPN holds some of the highest number of features for A VPN service that we have ever seen. The results have always been reliable and the privacy you need to be kept private is done so that way. They have recoved from big issues and security breaches over the past years and still own the mantle for the best VPN.

  • ProtonVPN – Best Free choice

This is one of the best Free VPN services in the online world today. Proton VPN is extremely easy to use and understand but might slow down your connection due to it having not as high standard of servers. This service does not give you as many features as some of the rest do, but this is the best Free VPN option out there today and if you like the way this app works for you, you can always just buy the package. The package is extremely budget friendly as well.

  • CyberGhost – Best for more variety of uses

The Need to Download Books

It might become a necessity to download books from various torrent sites due to many different reasons. Sometimes it might be because of the fact that a book you wish to purchase is no longer available and even after looking everywhere you simply cannot find it. In some cases the need to download a book via torrent might even come to because the book you want is very expensive, it might be way too expensive or might have limited availability. In such scenarios you might have to resort to downloading such books from a popular torrent site.

It might even come to the fact that some books are only available on the internet, not in physical form. In such cases why not just download them? The form of a book is why we purchase it in the first place. There are many different kinds of torrent sites in the world today. Not all specialize in the e-book or book category. Most torrent sites have a variety of things they allow for download, videos, movies, pictures, wallpapers, music files and softwares etc. Basically there’s a torrent for everything. 

The List of the best textbook torrent sites

We have chosen some of the best torrent sites for the reader. It is essential to know that out of the many sites out there not all deliver the correct results and not all have the proper file that you may want.

  • ThePirateBay

This is the undisputed reigning king of all the torrent sites of the world. The kingdom of the pirate bay is vast and filled with a gigantic amount of genres, files, contents and millions of users. The website has faced the threat of the authorities time and time again and has even to this day refused to go down. Though constantly changing addresses and being able to retain their very loyal user base they have persevered through all adversities. A lot of what torrenting relies on is people finding one site more preferable to the others; such was the case with thepiratebay as well. There was a time when this was the single most prevalent choice, but now there are alternatives to textbook torrent sites.

The layout and design of thepiratebay is the same as it has always been. They employ the same shade of brown and dull yellow colors on any IP address they set up. The traditional design feels very homely and familiar; this ensures a more confident approach to using their website. Thepiratebay will greet you with a search bar above which will be different browsing options. You can manually search for a file on the database or can search the category by browsing E-books. There are loads of different uploaders, some of which are trusted and some who are not. Verify the effectiveness and reliability for the torrent by reading the reviews of it in the comment section below.

This has always been the go to place and the face of torrenting for many years and will continue to be so for the years to come. The website employs a very easy use, a user friendly interface and holds some of the most coveted files that you might not find elsewhere.

  • ExtraTorrent

Extratorrent comes up at number 2 in our list. This is one of the most well built, well designed, easy to understand and navigate websites for torrents on the internet today. Extratorrent is another huge name in the torrent game. The website has gained a lot of popularity over the years and no longer does thepiratebay hold all the torrent traffic monopoly. Extratorrent works very well and almost any torrent you download from here will be legit, it will work and will probably not install any malware or viruses.

Extratorrent automatically sorts out torrents based on their respective categories. Movies in movies, TV shows in TV shows and books in books. The Extratorrent file library is vast and contains a plethora of different kinds of files. The homepage and layout of the website is probably the most professional and well structured one we have seen. Usually torrent sites are known for giving off a more unsecure vibe and are filled with ads. Extratorrent keeps ads to a minimum, while some degree of advertisement is present and understandably so, it’s not enough to annoy someone.

You can find various kinds of books by searching them from their name or you can browse the book or e book category itself to manually search for them. There are popular verified uploaders that have a many number of books uploaded to the site and new books keep rolling in day by day.

  • Torrentz

Torrentz is another very popular torrent platform on the internet these days. The thing with Torrentz is that it does not hold any torrent uploads directly to itself. This is a unique torrent site in the way it operates and shows results. There have been many name and internet address changes by Torrentz to protect its existence online. Torrentz, in many ways is the platform which people use to find a torrent they cannot find anywhere else. The working of the site is probably one of the easiest, but the finding of a good torrent is left up to the user himself. This is more than just a pick for best book torrent sites.

Torrentz is more like a portal for torrents. With no real torrents of its own or a platform for uploading on its own, Torrentz utilizes a more search engine approach for torrents. Simply browse torrents via categories or search for them. Torrentz will display results from all the different torrent sites it can find and list them for you once you have searched for something. This is a very different take on the torrenting world. You will be able to see the active torrents and inactive torrents and it also removes some of the more dodgy torrents from its lists.

A very decent choice if you can’t find a torrent elsewhere you will probably have a high chance of finding that book to textbook online from the universal search portal of torrents.


Another big name in the torrenting game is RARBG. This has been one of those websites which sometimes for under the radar because of how secure and limited their approach is. This is one of the ways in which they have guaranteed their longetivity to this day. The website and service has been around for many years now, it might not seem like it mainly because to access the site you might need to employ a VPN service anyway.

RARBG has had many different kinds of layouts and designs of its websites over the years. This might not be the easiest website in the world to operate but it makes up for that by issuing a lot of information regarding its torrents in its search list. You will see all the info you can imagine such as date added, size, downloads, comments, pictures logos and more. The website takes a more newer design instead of the homely colors of piratebay. You can have an account on the website for further added perks. 

The website and service ahs one issue though. It can go down or go unavailable at any time to protect its interests. The service has changed its layout and address many times over the past few years and continues to do so on a regular basis. With the change in layout and approach sometimes categories disappear, it is quite common for Books or eBook category to simply vanish from the website. This can be bothersome as the article is based on torrent sites for textbooks, while this sometimes fails at that. 

  • Freebookspot

This is one of the best torrent sites for books in the world right now. The reason we have FreebookSpot at number 5 in our list is that it only employs books and that is basically it. Another reason might be its cheap looking old school layout. The website works flawlessly day by day and has enjoyed good success. The success factor might be due to its relatively non-famous name, due to which it has gone under the radar of the authorities and some people which might use it badly. It is easily one of the best torrent site for books.

The websites layout is complicated for some, while it can be easier for others. Hard to really say, it’s a personal choice really. Anyways there is a lot of data flying around and a lot of words and links on the website. The website also ahs ads but to a very tolerable amount, it is not bombarded by them. You cans earch for a book in many different ways or combine your search faculties to get a more accurate result. Search by Author, Name or even language of a book. There are almost unmatched numbers of books on this website.

The only downfall if any that this website ahs is that it lacks taste in the design. The site looks very bland and standard and it could’ve looked better with a bit of aesthetic touch. The search results are accurate and there are almost all kinds of books here. This is easily one of the best textbook torrent sites. The issue was that there were not enough tutorials or tech books here for our liking but im sure that can be ignored by some of the other particular users.

  • KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents has been making a more recent name for itself. The service has been closed down before but the name keeps popping up due to various reasons. The website refuses to go down. The website enjoys a loyal fan base and user base and has torrents of a vast category as well as having some of the best torrent content there is. The name is not as popular as say thepiratebay or extratorrents but KickassTorrents can hold its own with them in terms of everything there is. A good option for you in textbook torrent sites.

KickassTorrents implies a very familiar use for its torrenting work. Only issue regarding the website service is that it currently holds a very unstable position in terms of its active address. The website consistently changes its Web address. It currently has multiple different active web addresses which the user can choose form. Not all will work so try them till you find a working one. The setup is easy to understand. You can choose the manual search function by search going for a particular textbook you want or you can find a book from the category search. KickassTorrent has a few ads and popups of tabs which can be annoying but most websites these days have them. The cool feature of the website is that it has a voting feature of most of its torrents where users and downloaders of a torrent have either upvoted or downvoted a torrent. This can be essential in figuring out whether the torrent is useful or not.

The website has its own particular design and keeps its branding constant. This is another relatively active website with many different users from many different countries accessing and using it daily. You can employ the use of Adblock features to limit the advertisements but no real way to completely eliminate them.

  • Yourbitorrent

Yourbittorrent was torrent website which has gone by a few different names over the years and the reason for a torrent site to be this far down in our list is due to its availability issues. This is a website which has gone by the name of myBittornet as well. Having said the things above, the service is a fairly famous and popular one. The traffic on their website has declined over the past few years due to their on and off availability and constant name and Address changes. This might not be one of the  textbook torrent sites only.

Yourbitorrent is a service which has even made its own torrent client to tackle some of their issues of staying online. The site does not always work and has some downtime but when it does you can avail some of the best torrent services in the world of internet. You can download E-books, search for them via their name or just browse the entire category. Remember most all use torrent sites don’t categorize e-books or online books as they have larger pieces in play in other categories.

The reason we even have Yourbittorent on our list is because it is one of the safest and secure places to get your torrents form. Any e-book you get form this station will be legitimate and will not damage your device with malware, most of the time at least. Also, fewer ads so good for us in the all round game.


The next torrent site in our list is another e-book or textbook torrent site., as the name may suggest aims to deliver to users free books in virtual form. The website has a more aesthetic look to it but not so much as to annoy or turn a book reader away. There are many different options and ways to use the website properly. This might be another great option for the best torrent site for books.

The website is very well designed. For the design part you get a refreshing set of good bright colors and the written font and font color is also been selected with a view in mind. Not like some of the other torrent site where style does not really matter. This might be too good a book website to overlook or misjudge, this sit should be on everyone’s favorite list. The layout of the sit is simple, the top of the website hosts search options, language options and the ability to create or login to your accounts of different natures. The website on its main page displays everything you can need of value to search through the website or to view their own recommended lists. The website automatically creates lists for various different kinds of people, such as list for students, for mathematicians for history livers etc.

There is a limit to how many books you can download from the website a month and the creation of an account will grant you access to the many books that exist on the Free-ebooks website. Creation of an account is a fairly easy process. Anyways moving on there are hundreds to thousands and more books on the website. Business, Romance, Thriller, horror and even school textbooks are available here for you reading and using pleasure. This is easily one of the best book torrent sites.

  • is another extremely well designed website for a pick of best book torrent sites. This is another website which has given priority to styling there website as they know how the users are picky in choosing books, they might even be choosy in picking their go to website for textbooks or hobby reading books. The website works around very soft colors of peach and light pink to deliver a more warm approach to its design. The design is refreshing, there are no ads and the site works like a charm.

You will be greeted by many different kinds of genre’s of books to choose from if you wish to search that way. The genre boxes are very well designed and they fit the overall theme of the website really well. As you keep on scrolling down you can see books being arranged in auto created categories such as Editor’s choice, trending and books with free or discount offers on them in cases where books are not completely free for use. As mostly is the case with Book only torrent sites you will have to create an account on the website to use it. All in all a fantastic option in textbook torrent sites. is a fairly lesser known torrent platform for books, and believe it or not some of the smaller torrent sites want it to be kept that way to stay away from unwanted eyes. Unwanted eyes of careless or damaging users or even some of the internet authorities. We moved on from the best torrent site for books to a more legal approach. 

  • Books-share

Book-share makes up for the last pick in our list of torrent sites. This might be one of the very few professional torrent or book sites out there today. This might not categorize strictly as a torrent site in many ways such as paid subscription or dodgy ads etc. Book-share makes up our list for the few reasons no one else in the game can match them in. The reasons being that they hold the world’s largest online book library which is available to everyone and they hold almost close to a million books and because they employ a more legal approach to their services.

Book-share has the most professional layout we have seen for a book site. The site takes a very formal approach to its aesthetic by employing a very formal blue color and text and fonts to match that. You can search for the type, kind or name of the book you want via the search bar. The search bar also finds books by their authors name or book number. This is a service which is being used worldwide and has a large platform for its users. It gives away books to use, read and even listen to with special audio books in a very affordable price range of per month subscription to its service. You can use a number of books per month according to the package you take.

The website is very easy to use, the website is more legal than torrent sites and the website has the largest library online for any book based service. This is a great choice. This is also a good alternative to textbook torrent sites.

Final words

At the end of it all we will like to say that torrent websites and the online world is very preference based. We choose the social network we find more intriguing in its use and design, like most people will use either twitter or Facebook, mostly not both. Same is the case with torrent platforms. The user will always choose a website it likes in terms of design, the kinds of torrents and the availability of the website. There is no clear winner in such a personal thing, and the best site for you will be the one you are most comfortable with.

All the products that we have listed in our list will not disappoint you or anyone who reaches out to them in search of books for school, textbooks for universities or colleges or even hobby readers. We have listed some all round torrent sites which specialize in just about everything such as thepiratebay or Extratorrent. We have even listed some torrent sites and some not so torrent sites which operate solely in the book industry. We can conclude by saying that if you like to search, download and use torrents for all natures regularly you probably should look for the big best all category website while if you are here only for books then the book based platforms are the way to go.