Educational Tablets For College Students



A good tablet can become a reliable and multifunctional friend for the contemporary student. In this post, professional editors from providing essay editing services and other paper editor assistance online, help to choose the best one. So, where to start?

  • Analyze what functions you need for study

The tablet is, above all, an instrument to get and develop knowledge. Entertainment is on the second place. That is why, firstly, consider the peculiarities of your majors. Say, a large screen with good resolution is crucial for those who paint or build 3D models.

A good variant is Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

If you are going to write mostly essays or any other college papers, you need a keyboard. 

For these purposes, students often buy CHUWI UBook Tablet (with Keyboard).

  • Evaluate your financial opportunities

Choose the tablet taking into account its price, yet do not forget about the quality. In fact, you make an investment in your future accomplishments, so you need a reliable gadget. 

Low budget choice: Microsoft Surface Go 2 

  • Pay attention to your lifestyle

If you prefer to study and work at cafes, you need a light tablet to take it everywhere with you. 

  • Study general hardware specifications of the tablets 
  • A battery life 

Ten hours without recharging is a good capacity for the tablet. If you want to use your device not only at home, lecture hall, cafe, or any other place where outlets are available, think about Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. Its producers claim that the device can work up to 15 hours. 

  • Display size and resolution

We do not advise purchasing small tablets (less than 8″) for college. They are not enough to work with documents. Devices with displays 11″ and more are the most convenient to type and read texts and watch videos. Resolution less than 1920×1080 is considered outdated in 2020. 

  • A processor and RAM

Do not dwell on these factors too much. They matter if you play modern 3D computer games or work with professional graphics programs. Average 4GB RAM is enough for most of the students. 

  • An operating system

If you are a big fan of Apple, you will get the iPad OS. For the rest, there are Android and Amazon Fire OS.  

  • Weight

If you carry a tablet in a backpack, think about a compact and lightweight design.  For example, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is only 0.88 lbs, and RCA Cambio 2-in-1 Windows Tablet PC is 2.2  lbs. The last one can become a good variant for those who prefer to drive a car instead of walking or driving a bicycle. 

  • Storage

If you need a tablet mostly for web surfing and communication, large storage is too much. For example, 1TB iPad Pro might be unnecessary for a freshman, unless he/she is a developer. 

  • Learn more about additional elements
  • A camera

In fact, very few people use tablets to take pictures. Thus, do not pay much attention to camera parameters. What you might need is a good front camera for online video conferences with your classmates or maybe even teachers. For example, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, with its 5 megapixels front camera, is a perfect variant. 

  • A keyboard

Obviously, a virtual keyboard is not convenient to type a text, especially when it deals with big pieces of content. That is why students opt for tablets with keyboards such as Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or Lenovo Miix 630. The only thing is that such models are expensive; so, you can simply purchase a Bluetooth keyboard to a more budget model if it is possible. 

  • A projector

A good projector is not a crucial factor for a tablet. Still, it is a pleasant additional element for watching films in a cozy home atmosphere.

There is an interesting classification of tablets according to users’ attitude to content: 

  • devices for those who want to consume content,
  • tablets for people who create content. 

For instance, iPad Pro with its powerful processor Apple A12Z, awesome 11” display, and a 12 MP camera enables users to take quality pictures, as well as process big data, including texts and images. Actually, it can replace a laptop, if your main tasks boil down typing articles, analysis of information, online communication, and creating visual objects.

And Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 PRO, on the contrary, is established mostly to enjoy the information. For instance, it has a wide 13,3” screen to watch video and pictures, and a projector to see films on the wall or any other smooth surface. 

However, students opt for tablet models combining portable and high-performance qualities under their budget. 

The use of tablets in education for college students 

Experts from the professional essay editing company often work with college assignments. They use tablets to search for information and proceed it and, thus, know from experience how these devices help to study. 

The benefits of using a tablet for studying at college

  1. You do not need to carry printed books, as a tablet can store big data, as well as give access to online libraries.
  2. The search for information is fast and convenient. Using keywords, a pupil can find necessary materials online or in personal archives. 
  3. It is easy to share data using modern applications. You can send homework to the professor or discuss college projects with your classmates online. 
  4. Professional programs for web-developers, designers, engineers, architects make the study process more effective. Besides, foreign students can use special online programs translating English texts into their native language. 
  5. Social media and messengers ensure fast communication with friends, professors, theses supervisors, etc. 
  6. You can take notes during lectures and workshops. Some models come with a detachable keyboard. Yet, you can always find and connect a portable keyboard if necessary.

All in all, a state-of-the-art tablet is an awesome gadget uniting all the necessary functions for study. It gives numerous opportunities for academic progress. With modern applications and good technical capacity, you can cope with any assignment fast and effectively. Meantime, is always ready to help you with writing tasks. If your text is written in English, its expert can edit this document brilliantly. One is free to order a grammar proofreading service or rewriting assistance on the website.