5 Easy Methods To Fix Youtube Slow Buffering Problem

Here I am going to discuss the YouTube slow run problem on your system and mobile. There are many reasons for facing YouTube slow buffering problem. Youtube loading slow problem can be caused due to slow internet or router, overloaded server, browser cache and IP address range.

In this situation, if you are want to watch YouTube video but you cannot watch the video due to youtube videos loading slow. Then you definitely go into a panic situation. So, don’t create the panic situation because I am going to give 5 easy methods to resolve Youtube slow problem. You know very well about the importance of YouTube.

YouTube is a great video sharing site over the internet. You can solve every problem from the solution of YouTube’s videos. This media is very useful for advertising of different Ads and getting profit from the business.

Reasons for YouTube Slow :

As I mentioned above there a lot of reasons to youtube running slow and here i like to discuss each reason in detail.

1- overloaded server:

YouTube getting an overloading traffic every time because it gets 800 million hit on different video in a month by many users of YouTube. This is one reason for overloading server. It also has a complicated framework. Sometimes the user setting a lower quality video setting like 360p instead of 720p.YouTube network cannot handle this type of situation. So users face this type of situation.

2- Internet or Router:

This issue caused by own your internet connection.If you have internet slow due to the different reason. In this situation, you cannot load YouTube video. So you restart the router or internet connection. In this way, you can handle this problem in an easy way.

3- Browser Cache:

Mostly users face this problem due to the overloaded browser.If you open any site using the internet, your browser saves temporary URL of that site which you have open. In this way, your browser will become overloaded. To handle this situation you can delete all history of your browser then you can reload the YouTube video and watch this video easily.

4- Outdated Flash:

Flash is a powerful multimedia for using animation and also giving more power to watch YouTube videos. If your flash has outdated so your YouTube cannot load video properly. Some browser update flash automatically but some cannot .you can be downloaded and install the new version of flash to overcome this problem.

Now I am telling the different methods to resolve Youtube slow issue. These methods are very easy to understand for solving this issue. So don’t feel panic about the YouTube slow problem.

Solution 1: Select Lower Quality Setting of a Video:

When you face heavy traffic on YouTube for loading video. Then you can select the lower quality of that video for easily watching. I know a question may raise your mind how can do that? See the below steps to do that.

  • You will open the video you want to watch in the research bar of the YouTube.
  • Then you will click the Setting gear icon on the right bottom corner of the video.


  • Now you will the click quality from setting.


  • You will select the lower quality of that video .you can select any lower quality that is suitable for resolving this problem like move 720p to 480p, 360p, 240p etc.



Solution 2: Clear Cache of Browser

When you open any site over the internet the URL of the site will be saved in the history of the browser. The second time you can easily reload the video from the history of the browser. The browsers save many temporary dates. This data will be becoming one reason for YouTube slow buffering. Now you solve this issue to follow the steps.

Different browsers have a different method to clear the cache. These methods are very easy.

But I will discuss with you how to clear cache in the Google Chrome? Because Google Chrome is the very best browser for YouTube video.

1- You will open the Google chrome.
2- Now you will click on the icon (3 dots) located top right side of the browser. Then you will click more tools and then click clear browsing data. You can also use short Key which is Ctrl+H.



3- Click the checkbox of the following filed. That is shown in the following picture. Then you will click clear browser data.



Solution 3: Updated Flash to Resolve This Problem

Youtube slow loading problem will occur due to outdated flash. Some browsers will update the flash automatically but some cannot. Now you can update the flash and then reload the video which you want to watch. The flash will download from the internet and then installation.

Solution 4: Change the Setting of DNS Server

Maybe your DNS server blocks the YouTube domains. In this situation, YouTube may be open in the browser but cannot load and play video. Google domains server “ or” is best.This domains are using in a two way. The first way is used for Wi-Fi setting from your device, and the second way is your router setting from your internet.

Solution 5: Using VPN

You can use VPN because it can boost the speed. There are a lot of free and paid VPN available on the Internet. Most of the people like to use Free VPN to get rid of youtube slow video buffering issue.

Closing Line:

Above all methods are proven and it will help to watch the youtube video without any buffering or youtube slow loading issue. If you still have a problem after using the above methods then please let me know through comment box. I will help you to resolve your problem as soon as possible.  Please let me know which method you find best one to fix this issue. Best of Luck.