Fixed: Err_Too_Many_Redirects Chrome

In case while surfing users see an “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” on their web browser, then this isn’t something you are the only one facing. There are many windows users who have complained about this error. It always pops up with a message like “This webpage has a redirect loop” and that’s why it has blocked its users from loading the webpage.

Why do users face this issue?

This error arises when users are averted from the original URL to a new one and while doing it they face an infinite redirect curve in which they are stuck. The browser observes this position, and it divides the hole that is causing trouble and displays the problematic information. The logic behind why users feel stuck in the middle of something can be the issue caused by the server.

Here we have a few solutions to fix your problem. They are the following.

1). Users can Try with other Browsers:

First and the foremost thing to keep in mind for a user is that the error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS can be fixed in their browser. Users can also inspect it by utilizing other browsers and trying to open that webpage. Users can also use some other browser or device as mentioned above to handle the same website; they were trying to open before. In case it opens there and doesn’t open on your system, you can also try troubleshooting the browser by removing the cache, etc. In case the error is still there, it means the trouble is with the server and you can do nothing on your behalf until the issue is resolved from their side.

2). Clear Browser Cache Data:

Browser data including cache, cookies, browsing history, etc have corrupt files sometimes which can be the reason for the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error. Users can clean these data is an effective way to resolve the trouble. You can clear the browsing data by following the below steps:

Clear Google Chrome Browser Data:

Users can write “chrome://settings” in the address bar and then tap Enter,  after that press on Show advanced settings at the bottom of the Settings page.

  • After doing that Tap on Clear browsing data
  • After clicking on Clear Browsing data. You will see the below picture make sure to check all the options and click again the Clear browsing data button.

Clear Firefox Browser Data:

  • Users can Press the Menu button for Firefox which is on the top right side. Then choose the Options button.
  • After following the above instruction Choose Privacy and then clear your recent history.
  • Then users can choose Everything for a Time range to clear and then tap Clear Now.
  • In the last step as the browser data will be clean, you can be logging back to the website and see in case the issue has been resolved.

3). Check Browser Extensions:

In case cleaning your browser data doesn’t solve your trouble, you can check if there is this possibility that the browser extension is the reason for the trouble. Users can always hide these extensions which they think can be the reason. Here we will suggest that by hiding all extensions from the system of your browser before moving towards some other solution you can decide if the error is because of the server or browser.

If you want to check your browser extensions via Chrome, you can write “chrome://extensions in the address bar and then click Enter. You can also hide any extension by unchecking the “enable” option. It will hide it an automatic way that extension from making any changes to your UI. After doing that you can reboot your browser again.

4). Check the Date and Time of your System:

Most of the time you face an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error because of the wrong or old date and time settings on your PC. You can correct your system’s date by these following the below instructions:

  • Press Windows + S key to open the search box. Write “settings” in the search box and launch the settings page.
  • Click on the Date and Time option and check your date and time are correct. If it is not correct then you need to uncheck the options “set time automatically” and “set timezone automatically”.

After trying the above methods if you are still facing the Err_too_many_redirects chrome issue and are not able to open the website then it’s a server-side error and you can not do anything. Most of the time above methods help to fix this error.