How Fix Openal32.dll Is Missing Error

There are some issues that lead users towards Openal32.dll as missing errors and become the reason for the removal or problem of the openal32 DLL file. Sometimes openal32.dll is missing issues pointing out an error in the registry, a virus, or problematic hardware.

There are many diverse ways that openal32.dll is missing errors and pop up on your PC.

Following are some of the most frequently happening signs of openal32.dll is missing Errors:

Openal32.dll error messages pop up the time when you are utilizing or downloading specific programs while trying to play a video game and when Windows opens or shuts down. It can also be possible while downloading Windows. The context of the openal32.dll error is a significant part of the information that will be supportive while resolving the issue.

The openal32.dll error message can be implemented to any program or system that is utilizing the file on any of the OS of Microsoft, like Windows 7, 8, XP, 2000, and 10.

Note: It would be better if you don’t install openal32.dll via the “DLL download” webpage. In case you want a copy of openal32.dll, it would be good to obtain it from its original version, a legitimate source. Just initiate Windows in Safe Mode to finish any of the below instructions in case you are not able to gain access to Windows, the way you used to do it normally because of the openal32.dll error.

Following are some methods through which users can solve openal32.dll missing problems:

1. Restoring Openal32.dll through Recycle Bin

One of the simplest reasons for a “missing” openal32.dll file is that users have probably removed it by mistake. In case you think that you have removed openal32.dll by mistake and have emptied the Recycle Bin, you can recover openal32.dll with the help of a free file recovery program.

Important: Recovering a removed copy of openal32.dll with the help of a file recovery program is a good thing to do if you are sure that you have removed it by chance.

2. Install the Program Once again that Utilizes the Openal32.dll File

In case the openal32.dll DLL issue starts the time users are utilizing a specific program, then users can replace the file if they install the program again.

Important: This step is very important to take. Downloading the program that gives an openal32.dll file is one of the best methods to solve this DLL problem.

3. Openal32.dll is Missing an Error With the Steam Game

In case you’re facing the DLL issue with a Steam game, just open the oalinst.exe file to download the misplaced DLL file.

  • As the first step to find this exe file, go to the folder where your Steam games are saved it should be “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\…\“. In that “common” folder, open the folder of the game where the openal32.dll error is visible.
  • When you are there, go into the folder named “CommonRedist.” Open the one named “OpenAL.” There might probably be the folder named with numbers, as “”—in that folder is where you’ll find the oalinst.exe file.
  • Now double-click or double-tap that EXE file to download the misplaced DLL.

Note: In case you are unable to find the oalinst.exe file in the folder above, you can go and find it on the whole PC with the help of a file search utility.

4. Download the OpenAL Windows Program

You can install the official openal32.dll file. After downloading, openal32.dll will be copied to the \System32\ and \SysWOW64\ folders under %systemroot%.

5. Running a Virus Scan of Your Complete System

Some openal32.dll problems are relevant to a virus or some malware present on your PC that has infected the DLL file. There is also this possibility that the openal32.dll issue users are facing is relevant to a hostile program that’s masquerading as the file.

6. Undo Previous System Changes Through System Restore

In case users think that the openal32.dll issue started the time when you made a change to some significant file or configuration, a System Restore could fix the ” openal32.dll is missing ” error.

7. Updating the Drivers for Hardware Devices

It might probably be interlinked to openal32.dll. In case you’re receiving a “The file openal32.dll is missing” problem while you play a video game, just try to update the drivers for the sake of your video card or sound card.

Note: The openal32.dll file is relevant to audio. The main thing is to concentrate to the real reason of the issue and find the solution according to that issue.

8. Rolling Back a Driver to a Previously Downloaded Version

In case users see that the issue of openal32.dll started the time they update a certain hardware device’s driver.

9. Testing Your Memory & Hard Drive

The system’s memory and hard drive are simple to test and they are the most important parts that can be the reason for the error of openal32.dll errors when fail. In case the hardware fails any of your tests can take place in the memory or replace the hard drive.

10. Repair your Installation of Windows

In case you openal32.dll file troubleshooting suggestion we mentioned above doesn’t work then go for a startup or repair installation might probably restore all Windows DLL files to their working versions.

11. Use a Free Registry Cleaner

To fix openal32.dll errors in the registry an out-of-cost registry cleaner program might probably be supportive in deleting invalid openal32.dll registry entries that are causing the DLL issue.

Note: Experts have said that registry cleaners aren’t the ultimate solution.

12. Performing a Clean Installation of Windows

A clean install of Windows will remove everything from the hard drive and download a fresh copy of Windows. In case the above steps don’t solve the issue this one might probably work.

Note: All the information on your hard drive will be removed while a clean install. Just confirm that you tried your best to fix the ” openal32.dll is missing ” error while utilizing a troubleshooting step prior to this one.

13. Troubleshoot for a Hardware Error

In case any openal32.dll missing issues still remain just download Windows, your DLL error can only be relevant to hardware.

 Openal32.dll is missing an issue that is often faced by users and causes conflict while working. We hope that from the above methods, users would be able to solve this issue.