How To Connect Laptop To TV

In this article, I will tell the answer “how to connect a Laptop to a tv”.  There are several ways to connect a Laptop to a Tv. Read the mentioned methods for connecting a laptop to a television.

Ways to Connect Laptop to TV:

It is not necessary to have a smart TV in case you own some old model of TV, a laptop, and the right cable system. In this article, we will explain to you the ways through which you can connect your laptop to a TV. For this purpose, you just need to know about VGA, HDMI, and the procedures of wireless streaming.

  • Users can physically connect the laptop to the TV by connecting a VGA cable or an HDMI from the back of the TV to see the display on the laptop.
  • For the sake of wirelessly connecting a laptop to the TV while utilizing Apple TV, Chromecast, or other options as well.

Cables Required to Connect Laptop to a TV:

It is important to know how to connect the laptop to the TV. For this purpose, users have to check need what ports are present on laptops and TV. One of the simplest methods via connecting both is to use an HDMI cable. In case your laptop is older or the latest one, it should probably have an HDMI output. In the world of technology, all TVs that produced in the past six years have HDMI ports available in them.

There is another method to connect a laptop to a TV is through a VGA cable and a 3.5mm audio lead (which is interlinked to the headphone port of your laptop). Here you just need a separate cable for the video and another one for the sound. You can only utilize this procedure in case your devices don’t have an HDMI port.

In case your laptop has no video output then you have the option to connect the laptop to your TV through an adapter. Which interconnected with the USB port of your laptop. It also gives a VGA output.

Connect Laptop to tv Through HDMI:

This is one of the simplest methods to connect a laptop to a TV through the cable of HDMI, as cables are not very costly and they also give better results for HD sound and picture. You just only need to have a single lead because HDMI deals with both video and audio.

For interconnecting a laptop to a TV while utilizing an HDMI cable. You just require to interconnect cable with your laptop and the other one with HDMI ports of TV. In case you’re utilizing newest version of Windows. All you need to do is to make it confirm that your laptop is on, and your TV set with the right HDMI channel. You will see the laptop will configure by automatic processing to provide you the perfect settings.

In case it does not choose the correct setting via automatic processing, you only have to go to the Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution. Now you would be able to see two drop down boxes. Here the first and foremost point to keep in mind is to toggle the Display drop down to confirm that whether your TV is chosen. After that, you have to make sure that the Resolution drop down box is equivalent to the settings that are suitable for your TV.

  • Switch on your TV and laptop.
  • Now connect your HDMI lead with your TV and laptop.
  • Then choose the right HDMI input on your TV (by pressing the AV button).
  • In case your laptop does not output its screen to the TV via automatic way, just go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution and choose the TV in the Display drop-down box.

Connect Laptop to TV Wirelessly:

In case you don’t like to have a wire between your laptop and TV, there is another option that you can do it without wire. There are many options here that are based on the capacity of your system since there are some laptops that have a wireless system within. Its called WiDi (Intel Wireless Display) which deals its tasks with a well-suited receiver like Netgear’s Push2TV.

Many other wireless systems and those systems plug into the HDMI port between laptop and Tv are also available that sends the video wirelessly. Usually, they aren’t uncostly and a lot of video wireless systems have a hit on video quality and can also give a mismatch between audio and video.

There is another way to get the issue, that is to utilize a dedicated media streamer like Google Chromecast, Western Digital’s WDTV, Apple TV, and Roku’s Streaming Stick.

Google Chromecast:

There are many users who would like to prefer the wireless method that is to purchase a Google Chromecast which doesn’t cost more than £30. This HDMI plugs with your TV and interconnects to your Wi-Fi.

These devices have the capability to cast a tab in Chrome, the one in which you might interest. So it shows on the screen while utilizing the built-in cast attribute. Users can also go and check the webpages, display pictures and also watch the video.

Connect a Laptop to an Old TV Utilizing VGA:

There is another easy method to connect your laptop to your TV by utilizing the VGA port on both devices. This might probably be a choice for those who own a laptop that is over 4/5 years old.

VGA only provides a video lead only so you will have to take this with a 3.5mm audio lead that users have to interconnect from the headphone out socket of your PC to your audio in port of your TV or other external speakers.

In case you are utilizing a VGA, it means to say that Windows should configure the settings via automatic processing if an HDMI cable was in the use. In case you face issues then go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolutions and just go for the instructions mentioned above.

  • Just switch on your laptop and TV.
  • Then connect your VGA cable to both your TV and Laptop. You can connect them in any order because it would work in both ways.
  • After the completion of above instructions, just do the same with your 3.5mm audio jack and utilize the headphone out port on the laptop and audio in on your TV or speakers.
  • At the end go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution and make this thing sure that TV is chosen in Display drop-down box.

Connect Laptop to a TV Utilizing a USB:

A USB to USB connection from a laptop to a TV will not resolve your issue. There are many companies that have better, modified adapters that will change your USB port into an HDMI out. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the extra software for your PC to change the USB port into a Video out port. So here we will highly recommend you to see the USB to HDMI adapter that you might think well-suited and better for the sake of your laptop before going towards the option of purchasing.

In case the adapter is suited then setting up this way will be workable. As first and foremost step you just need to download the adapter’s software/driver. And then it’s very easy to run the software and to connect your laptop to your TV.

Connect Laptop to a TV Via USB stick or External Hard Drive:

In case you’ve got a new TV, then there is a higher possibility that there is a USB port present in it. It is also based on the capacities of your TV that you might be capable to watch video content that is saved on your laptop. You can easily do it by moving it to a USB stick or external hard drive and then go for plugging it into the TV.

Adding the video format helped by the TV (MP4 recommended everywhere because of its popularity). Reviewing content might probably become simple as plugging your USB stick or external hard drive into your TV. By choosing the USB input and with picking the video users can easily watch through the TV’s file explorer software. The one in which they really might be interested.

  • Make sure that the video file format is well-suited to your TV (you can also check this by searching the model of your TV on the webpage of manufacturers and going for its specifications and other functions).
  • Now copy the video file(s) to your USB drive.
  • Then enter USB into a TV.
  • After the completion of the above steps now choose the USB channel on your TV.
  • In the end, just utilizes the TV’s file explorer to locate and play the video you might be interested in.

HDMI to Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt :

Both of these ports utilize similar connections. Yes, we are talking about Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort. Anyone can be utilized it to send high-quality video and audio on their TV through HDMI.  As both connections are digital, they can also change to DVI.  Users can also buy an adapter to change any of these connections into VGA. Also, keep this thing in your mind in case you went the DVI or VGA route. You might probably lose the sound.

 HDMI to DisplayPort :

Users can change DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI without any effort as they all are digital in nature. Users would also be able to get the best video and audio quality by utilizing a DisplayPort connection. So you can say that it is good to use it on the same level as utilizing HDMI. Still, there is no doubt about it that cable is not very popular among people.

Above mentioned methods might probably help users to get to know how they can easily connect their laptop to a TV.