How to Delete an Outlook Account

Users who don’t need to utilize their accounts of Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail anymore can remove them on a permanent basis without any difficulty. As it is an easy task to perform. In this article, we will let you know how you can delete your Outlook account.

Keep this thing in your mind that the time you are about to remove your account from a Microsoft email client will also delete the information regarding the calendar that is interlinked with that particular account.

Here with the below guidelines, you can’t delete your email account with the help of an email provider as the account will only be removed from the program on your PC. It will always be there with the email service and you can easily utilize it with any email client you might set up or through the webpage or email service provider.

In case if you feel like closing your account via an email provider like Gmail or Yahoo you are supposed to log into your account with the help of a web browser and can get access to the settings of your account.

How to Delete Outlook Account:

Outlook and Office often get updates from Microsoft, so you have to know which version of MS Office you downloaded. In case the version begins with “16,” then you have Office 2016 version. Previous versions utilize a smaller number, like “15” in the year 2013.

There is not always this compulsion that the numbers are supposed to match the year mentioned in the title of the software. In most cases, the process through which you can delete an Outlook account is the same, but there are a few exceptions that exist.

For Microsoft Outlook 2016 and 2013:

  • As the first step open the File > Account settings menu.
  • Now tap on the email account you want to delete.
  • Then select the Remove button.
  • At the end make sure that you want to remove it by pressing the Yes button.

For Microsoft Outlook 2007:

  • Here go and find the Tools > Account settings menu option.
  • Now select the Email tab.
  • Here choose the email account that you want to delete.
  • Then press Remove.
  • You can confirm it by pressing Yes.

For Microsoft Outlook 2003:

  • As an initial step select the E-Mail accounts option from the Tools menu.
  • Then select View or change existing e-mail accounts.
  • Press Next.
  • After the completion of the above steps select the email account you want to delete.
  • At the end press Remove.

Remove Email Accounts in Windows 10 Mail Application:

You can do it by following the below steps:

  • As the first step press Settings which is on the bottom left side of the program or most probably at the bottom, in case you’re using it on a tablet or phone.
  • Now select Manage Accounts from the menu to the right.
  • Choose the account you want to delete from Mail.
  • Here in the Account settings screen, select Delete account.
  • As the last step, you can press the Delete button for confirmation.

In case you don’t see the Delete account option, you might probably try to remove the default mail account. It is compulsory for Windows 10 to have one mail account so you can’t remove it but you can save yourself from receiving mail with its help of it. You would be able to see that the account is available on your PC and with the email service provider, but you still have the option to disable it. Just go for the below instructions:

  • Press Settings which has the gear icon on the bottom left side of the program or at the bottom, in the condition you’re on your phone or tablet.
  • Now select Manage Accounts from the menu to the right.
  • Here choose the account you don’t need to use.
  • Press Change mailbox sync settings.
  • Here select Sync options.
  • After the completion of the above steps move the slider to the Off position and select Done.
  • Press to Save

With all the above instructions you would not be able to receive emails or other information related to the calendar on your system. In case of some urgent requirement, you can gain access to the email and dates from an account you’ve removed from your PC utilizing the above process or you can simply log into the email service provider’s webpage and you’ll find all the required information.

Users can easily delete Outlook accounts with the help of the below instructions. We hope that this article will help you solve this issue.