Best Email Client For Windows 10

Latest default Apps are a component of main and significant new releases of Windows. Years ago Outlook Express and the latest Windows 10 Mail client always played its part but now it works with the help of touch support and a new minimalist design that is flat in nature. It’s also a plus point over the Windows 8.1 Mail application from which most users weren’t very contented before. In this article, we will learn more about the features of the new mail client App and its capacities to check if it’s worthy enough of being your default mail client.

Windows 8 has introduced a very simple, latest application for mail which was further being improved in its quality as the version of 8.1 including the things as drag-and-drop for moving mail among folders. This latest Windows 10 Mail application, which comes already downloaded with Calendar, is a version of Microsoft’s Office Mobile productivity suite that is uncostly. It is known as Outlook Mail for the users of Windows 10 Mobile running on phablets and smartphones and known as plain Mail on Windows 10 for PCs. Along with the other friendly touch Office App that will be out of cost at the Windows Store, so you can make the free upgrade to Windows 10.

Following are some well-known mail app for windows:

1. Outlook

Users can buy it separately in $130 but mostly Outlook comes along with Office 365 plans. Outlook assists all email services and permits users to check all their addresses in a single place. Including calendar and task integration, it has a load of manageable inbox rules to let you aware about stuff. It also set notification sounds when a particular person sends a message having particular keywords, or move an email to a folder via automatic processing when it receives from a specific address. Outlook is one of the best mail apps for windows as it separates personal emails from work ones. There are a lot of devices that are accessible in Outlook, and they can be somehow appalling for those who didn’t use it before. For the sake of new users, convenience Outlook has designed again in the last few years. Step by step users can work their way towards the latest settings to make it a powerful device.

2. Mailbird

Another famous mail app for windows is Mailbird. It is a lightweight client that won’t slow down your system, but users can make it customized properly according to your set priority. Users can sync all their accounts into a single feasible inbox and can make their own replies at fast speed, drop and move attachments, search for messages just by pressing a user’s profile picture.

You can also see a LinkedIn profile with a single tap and integrate all your favorite applications, like Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and take benefit from round-the-clock support if something goes wrong. There is a costless version of Mailbird Lite that users can utilize.
Apart from that, you are supposed to pay $29.50 for a lifelong subscription.



3. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a mail app for windows that is a cross-platform mail application which is based on a subscription service. A year costs about $50, but users can get a fast client that helps most famous email services that further permits users to collect everything into a single orderly inbox. Features like undo send, read receipts, snooze message and delayed send are all present there. Apart from that users can interconnect with outside applications like Dropbox, Trello, Slack, and OneNote for the sake of the simplest administration. Users can try it freely for 14 days to check if it worth utilization.



4. eM Client

One of the best email clients that assist in a wider range of email providers, simple migration, small translation, and integrated chat is eM Client.

It’s been 10 years that this mail app for windows is in the, and in that long development, it’s been considered one of the best free email clients for Windows.

eM Client makes it simple to move your messages from iCloud, Exchange, Gmail and You just supposed to enter your email id and the client will manage the suitable settings for you. It also imports your contacts and calendar, and it’s simple to unchoose these options in case you want to arrange them individually.

There’s an integrated chat application available too for similar platforms like Jabber and Google Chat, and the search function is better to those you normally find in webmail interfaces.

eM Client packed with latest options like the automatic way of translation, delayed send, and encryption. It’s an amazing set of devices, and for maintaining two email accounts and because of this reason it is very likable among users.

In case you have more than two accounts, it’s would be better if you upgrade it to eM Client Pro for a one-off fee. As it allows you to interconnect with the countless number of accounts, access VIP support and utilize the email client commercially.



5. Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free of cost, open-source email client introduced by Mozilla that is well-known for its Firefox web browser. It has many features that make it simple to navigate and utilize, and there are so many add-ons accessible for specified requirements. If you have it then you’re having a powerful mail device that has a built-in web search bar, tab system, smart folders, one-click address book, real-time contact chat, and many other amazing features.

Some privacy features are also accessible, like phishing and junk-mail filters. Users can utilize it freely and in case you like it, you can keep utilizing it without spending anything from your side.



6. Zimbra Desktop

In case you are into freely of cost, open-source email clients, Zimbra Desktop is the one you really want. It comes into the surface with main important alterations for a few years back. But it considers one of the best. It helps many email services, it can be utilized without an internet connection, and it is workable with Windows 10, Linux and macOS.

Users can get benefit from a tabbed layout for simpler management, with devices such as calendar, tasks, contacts, and briefcase to track the whole day. Users can also be made their own add-ons (known as Zimlets), or pick from a collection of already made options.



7. Claws Mail

Windows users might probably be able to remember the old days when they see the Claws Mail user interface. This is not very simple to utilize and it’s especially for those who like to have the latest settings according to their own choice and preference. Users can include countless amounts of email accounts, but here you supposed to do it on your own. As there’s no easy-import button to do it for you.

It has an active bug tracker that makes sure that any issues faced are resolved and the application update itself on daily basis. This is an application for PCs that have seen better days, as it utilizes the very short amount of memory and processing power. There is no HTML help and it lacks some of the latest connectivity characteristics of applications like Outlook. Many included plugins, like SpamAssassin, that helps you in case you don’t mind setting things on your behalf and you’re looking forward towards an email application then check out Claws Mail. The retro vibe (and everything else) is free of cost.



8. Hiri

Hiri is a paid-for premium email client, but it’s out of cost for TechRadar readers. It made for business users (it only helps Microsoft email services like Hotmail, Outlook, and Exchange), but home users also like it because of its productivity-boosting qualities.

In case you find yourself investing a long time in maintaining reading and answering emails then Hiri is the email client for you. It adds a smart dashboard that allows users to see how many unread messages they have and how long they are supposed to wait before checking them. The Compose window is made to save you time that allows only the significant options and adding the subject line at the bottom. So users don’t have to write it until they know how to condense the message.

9. Opera Mail

The originators of Opera always counted email to be the main part of a good browser, and have put a lot of energy into making free email client Opera Mail. It now separated from the browser and accessible as a standalone program.

Opera Mail’s has qualities like message templates that are for business utilization, message sorting by type and a wide range of customization options and message filtering and sorting.

The client also imports RSS feeds that make it a good substitute for web applications such as Feedly and Google Reader.


Mail app for windows is very popular from a last couple of years as they make things simple for their users. We hope that the above-mentioned mail app for windows might probably help users to learn better about the true nature of these applications.