How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

Chrome bookmarks authorize its users to save them most often used webpage. The best thing about them is that you can quickly gain access to the required site without wasting your time and there is no need to keep in mind the webpage you like or you visit frequently. At times users find it necessary to export Chrome bookmarks for assistance. Like, in case users want to restore their Chrome or they want to send their favorite bookmarks to some other browsers.

By following this article, you will get to know how to export Chromebookmarks from one place to anotherefficiently. Except that, we will explainhere the ways through users can import Chrome bookmarks in Google Chrome and other portals.

Open Google Chrome Browser

  • In the initial step just Press the more-option Three Dots button  on the top right Corner.
    Then Press on Bookmarks and tap Bookmark manager.

Note: Users can also open Bookmark manager by clickingCtrl + Shift + O keys at thesame time on Chrome.

  • In the second step open Bookmark manager.
    Then Tap Organize andselect Export bookmarks to HTML file….
  • Then select the folder youwant to save the bookmarks HTML file.
  • The bookmarks file is named bookmarks + date by default. Users can also name itwhat you like.
  • After doing that just tapSave.

How can Users Import Chrome Bookmarks?

In Google Chrome:

  • You need to Open Google Chrome.
  • Tap the more-option Three Dots button on the top right corner.
  • Then Click on Bookmarks and press Import bookmarks and settingsā€¦
  • As second step open page,Select Bookmarks HTML File from the drop-down menu and tap click CHOOSE FILE.
  • After the completion of previous step find and double-click on the bookmarks HTML file.
  • As last step Tap Done.
  • Now you users would be able to see andenjoy the webpages in their bookmarks.

For Different Browsers:

Users can also import theirChrome bookmarks into other browser. First, you need to search bookmarks optionin the more-option list or in the setting pane of your search engine. After doing that you would find the importoption.

That is all you need to do.

Export chrome bookmarks and Import chrome Bookmarks are the best way to save those pages you frequently visit or want to visit. By saving them in your browser you can save your time and effort in case you are unable to find the site you need to visit.