How to Resolve the Error of Printer Offline Windows 10?

Numerous users have complain errors relevant to the connectivity of printer and a major error that make all active printers to offline mode although if they were connected and functional before. The trouble is normally happened when we talk about network printers, but some users who have a direct connection to their printer have also reported regarding this matter.

There is another thing that should be just keep in mind that there are manufacturers that have their own software that can resolve this issue and also tell about the nature of the problem like (HP’s Print and Scan Doctor will come into user’s mind probably), and in case your printer’s manufacturer suggests this, you should go for it. It might probably help you towards the right way so you can look forward to the other ways of resolving it.

Following are some problems that might happen to your system:

  • Printer offline Canon, HP, Ricoh, Epson: This is one of the most frequently happened issues with printers and it can cause trouble to any brand of printer. There are many users who have complained about it including HP, Canon and Epson.
  • Printer offline issue processing command: At times users might get an Error processing command the time they are trying to utilize network printer. This is another usual issue and you can resolve by utilized by one of the below methods
  • Wireless printer offline: While the utilization of wireless printer, users have often complained about it. 
  • Printer offline don’t ping: Sometimes your system is unable to identify your printer. Many users have complained that they are unable to use network printer.
  • Printer offline SNMP: SNMP characteristics can also be the reason for this trouble. By hiding, SNMP portion users can resolve this issue
  • Network printer offline VPN: Many users also have complained that while utilizing a VPN they face this trouble, so users can also change the configuration of their VPN.
  • Printer not working, printing, connecting, showing up: Some people have faced many problems and said that their printer isn’t responding normally. At times it also happens that the printer remains hidden and doesn’t come out.

Before moving forwards towards solutions, users should know why this problem happens.The issue pops upwhen Windows identifies that the printer is not present but unfortunately, most of the times it can’t even tell if the problem lies with the printer that whether it is really offline or if it has some connectivity issues or problems regarding printing.

These issues might probably start the time when:

  • The connection between the computer and the printer remain slow or doesn’t work.
  • The printer has faced some internal problem.
  • There are more than one printing tasks, unfinished in the line.

Method 1: Alteration of Printer Settings

Sorting out a way to fix this issue is very easy. Here you just have to reboot the printer and the computer or disconnect its USB cable. In case you are utilizing a network printer, wired or wireless, the issue might probably lies with the connection, so you should reboot your router.

You can do it by following the below instructions:

  • Open Control Panel and navigate to your Printers window.
  • See in case the suitable printer is set to Default.
  • Now right click on your default printer and choose the print queue.
  • In case there are any tasks that are not ended yet, delete them from the list.
  • Now from the queue window, choose printer and uncheck the Use Printer Offline option.
  • Optional: In case the Use Printer Offline option is off, then check the option and leave it fora while and check it again.
  • Now check in case the printer is connected to your system properly (take out the USB cable and connect it in again).
  • After the completion of above steps in case you own a network printer, then just go for a connection test (you can also, try to reboot your router or switch).
  • Then turns off your printer and computer and on again.
  • There are possibilities that by now the issue has resolved but if it doesn’t then just go for downloading printer’s drivers again.

Note: In case of the utilization of a wireless printer, then you should try to go for the IP address and connect it. You can find its address by going to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right click on your printer and choose the option of properties.

You will see your printer’s IP address under the “Web Services” or “General” tab. Just copy the address and write it in your browser’s address field. You can see that a substitute to this would be open CMD and write ping followed by your printer’s IP address and tap Enter. In case it shows problem, then there are higher possibilities that the connection with the printer might not be responding.

Method 2: Rebooting Print Spooler Service

In case you’re receiving Printer Offline message, you can fix itby rebooting the Print Spooler service. Your printer utilizes this service for the sake of printing, and by rebooting it you might solve this issue.

You can do it by the below steps:

  • First tap Windows Key + R and enter services.msc and click Enter or tap OK.
  • The time Services window opens, just locate Print Spooler service and right click it. Then select Restart from the menu.
  • In the last step after rebooting the Print Spooler service, check in case the problem is still there.

Note: This isn’t a way to fix this issue in the long run, so you’ll have to repeat it in case you face this trouble again.

Method 3: Changing Properties of Printer

Users have suggested that by changing your printer properties you can resolve this issue. This is easy and you can do it by following the below steps:

  • As initial step just go to Control Panel>Devices and Printers.
  • Now right click your printer and select Printer properties from the menu.
  • Then go to the Ports tab and choose your printer’s IP address from the list and press on Configure Port button.
  • In the last step just uncheck SNMP Status Enabled and tap on OKto save changes.

This method might probably be workable if you are utilizing network printer. We hope that this procedure will help you solving your issue completely. 

Method 4: Updating Printer Driver

In case none of the above methods are workable then you just need to update the latest drivers. You can do it by the following method:

As initial step on your keyboard, tap the Windows logo key and I together and then press Devices

  • Press Devices and Printers option.
  • Then Right-click on your printer and tap Remove Device
  • Now tap OK and then go for Yes

Users can get correct drivers by following two ways:

Manual driver update: By consulting manufacturer’s webpage you can easily find right printer driver for your system. From this way you can update your printer driver on your own safely.

Automatic driver update: In case you are not very good at computer skills and neither do you have enough time and stamina to download driver on your own, you can also do it via automatic processing through Driver Easy. Driver Easy will identify your system and find the right driver for your printer.

  • Just install Driver Easy. 
  • Now Run Driver Easy and tap the Scan Now button. 
  • Tap the Update button next to the flagged printer device to download the right version of this driver via automatic way. 
  • As last step tap Update All to install the right version of all misplaced and old drivers in your PC.

Method 5: Installation of Latest Updates

In case you’re receiving Printer Offline message you have to solve this issue by downloading the newest updates. Windows 10 automatically installs updates in the background, but at times there is a possibility that you might skip an important update. You can always go and check for updates on your own by doing the following steps:

  • As initial step tap Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.
  • Now inSettings appgo to Update & security section.
  • Press on Check for updates button.

In case there are any updates, Windows will install them in the background. The time the process of downloading ends, go and check if the problem is still there or not. 

Method 6: Adding Second Printer Device

Users have said that you can solvePrinter Offline issue easily by adding a second printer device. This method might probably help if you are using a network connection, and to add a second printer, just go with the following instructions:

  • As first step just go for seps 1-2 from Method 4.
  • Now choose the Ports tab and press on Add Port button

Choose standard TCP/IP Port and press on New Port.

  • Then you will see that Printer Port Wizardwill now start.Tap on Next.
  • Just enter the asked information and you can get the necessary information from your printer’s manual guide. Press on Next.
  • Now you printer might probably be start working properly again.

Method 7: Check if you are Utilizing a VPN Connection

Printer Offline message pops up in case you’re utilizing network printer and VPN. You can also resolve this issue, as it is recommended that you should disconnect from the VPN and try to gain access to your printer once more. In case you want to utilize VPN and your printer, you just have to connect the printer to your system directly by utilizing the USB cable. You can also resolve the issue by managing VPN configuration and granting yourself local network access.


Printer offline Windows 10 is a major issue that users face for some time. With the help of the above methods, we hope that you can solve this error without any trouble.