How to Install Razer Mouse Drivers

Gamer’s first preference is Razer mouse drivers.  To make it work for a longer run, users should keep this thing in their mind that it’s very important to update driver software. Users can select the one according to their preference.

1. Installation of Razer Mouse Latest Driver from Razer Official Website

2. Installation of Razer Mouse Updated Driver through Driver Easy Automatically

3. Uninstallation the Generic Driver

1. Installation of Razer Mouse Latest Driver from Razer Official Website

The first step to getting your Razer mouse drivers up-to-date is to download the latest and updated version from its official website. By following the below steps you can do it easily:

  • In the first step just Go to Razer Support Website.
  • Then Press on the Products Page and click on Mice and Mats.
  • On the open page, select the type of mouse you want like Wired or Wireless. You can also find your mouse under All catalog.
    Search and press the model of the mouse you want.
  • Press Software & Drivers.
  • Search the drivers for PC and click Download.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to end the process of downloading.
  • After that double-click the .exe driver file to install it on your system.

In case you don’t have enough time to download drivers manually, you can try the second method to do it automatically.

2. Install Razer Mouse Updated driver through Driver Updater

One of the safest, supportive and secure way to update the driver using driver updater. It finds correct drivers through automatic processing for your system. There is no need to know what system your computer is currently running, you don’t need to risk the download and installation of the incorrect driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake during installation.

  • You can Download and install Driver Updater.
  • Run Driver Updater and press Scan Now button. Driver Updater will scan your PC and find all drivers that are causing a problem. Razer mouse driver is no exception.

With Free version: Press the Update button next to a flagged mouse driver to automatically install the correct version of this driver.

With Pro version: You can also Press Update All to automatically install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or outdated on your system.

Note: As the process of updating drivers finished, you will restart your PC to make the new driver work.

3. Uninstallation of the Generic Driver

The foremost method users can try is to detach the corrupted generic driver which has installed it automatically. There are people that can know how to make Razor working within a few seconds on different systems but that one Windows 10-powered PC just can’t cut out. If you want to resolve this, it is very important to remove the generic driver and all the other secondary drivers.

This step is easy, you just need to get a different USB mouse and act according to the following steps below:

  • Plug out Razer mouse and Wi-Fi receiver.
  • After that Right-click Start and run Device Manager.
  • From the Main menu, choose View > Show hidden devices
  • Here you will Extract Mice and other pointing devices.
  • In the last step Right-click on your Razer mouse and uninstall it. Except that users can also remove all hidden supporting drivers.

Razer mouse drivers are famous all over the world because of its performance. They can work in a better way if you don’t leave it outdated. By following the above steps, you can easily install Razer mouse drivers.