3 Methods to Fix Error: Iphone is Disabled Connect to iTunes

In this article, I am going to discuss how to fix iPhone Disabled Connect to iTunes. Firstly I want to tell you the reasons and circumstances when you feel that your iPhone cannot connect to iTunes. In this situation, you feel anxiety feeling about your problem and want to find any solution to tackle this problem.

Now you have a question in your mind why do you face this type of situation when your iPhone disabled connecting to iTunes? We are facing this problem due to many reasons but the main reason is that we enter the wrong password again and again. At last, you entered the wrong password 10 times. Entering the wrong password have also many reasons. Maybe you forget the correct password and kids that are living in your home want to open your mobile for playing games by entering the wrong password.  Reading this you will be able to solve this issue because I tell you many methods to solve this issue.

Now I tell you, what effects you face while entering the wrong password again and again. You must know how many tries to the wrong password disable connect to iTunes.

  • 1 to 5 tries of the wrong password cannot have any bad effect on your iPhone.
  • 6th try the wrong password disables connect to iTunes for 1 minute.
  • 7th try the wrong password disable connect to iTunes for 5 minutes.
  • 8th try the wrong password disables connect to iTunes for 15 minutes.
  • 9th try the wrong password disables connect to iTunes for 60 minutes.

10th try the wrong password disables connect to iTunes. At this time, it shows an error message like this “iPhone disables to connect to iTunes”. If you turned on the auto data eraser, then you will get this message “Your iPhone is completed erased”.

Note:  Now I want to tell you a very important thing. If you are entering one wrong message more than 6th times. It does not give any harm to your iPhone because it is considered only first time. You get the best understanding of this example, your correct password is 2222 but you entered 8888 again and again. This attempt will not give any problems.

There are three possible ways to tackle this issue. We will use iTunes, iCloud, and Recovery mode to erase the device. It will also need to back up iTunes and iCloud before restoring the device. I shall explain all solutions to your problem. Through reading this article you will get the best solution according to your situation.

Now let’s start with the solution to this problem.

Solution 1: Connecting iPhone with iTunes:

This is a very easy method to resolve the issue of disabling iPhones with iTunes. Let’s start with the step-by-step procedure that enables the iPhone to use iTunes.

Step 1:

Firstly plug the iPhone into the computer with the USB cord after making sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your PC and MAC. iTunes does not launch automatically, so you will launch iTunes.

Step 2:

After launching iTunes, you can select your device which is located in the top left corner of the screen in iTunes. It will show all information about the device.

Step 3:

You will the first tab of summery .you will see the option of Restore iPhone. Now you will click the option of Restore.

At that time if you get the message my iPhone turn off so you chose the method of Recovery method and iCloud.

Step 4:

If you are using this method, then Restore iPhone processing will start. It will complete after some time. The time of completion depends on your internet speed. After Restoring the iPhone, all data of your iPhone will remove. Now you will get the Step up screen .your are setting them as the new devices. If you take the backup of data you will select the option of Restore backup.

Solution 2: Using Recovery Mode:

If your device cannot be synced while using iTunes, then you will use the Recovery method to Restore your iPhone. It will erase all data and passcode.

  • Plug the USB cord into the computer and make sure that iTunes will install on your PC and MAC. At that time iPhone cannot connect to the computer.
  • Then you will launch iTunes.
  • You will restart the iPhone forcefully.
  • Now you will attach your device to the PC by USB cord.
  • When you will see the Apple logo on your iPhone then hold down the home button and at the same time hold down the sleep and wake buttons for 10 seconds. Keep holding these buttons until your device goes into Recovery Mode.
  • If your device will go into Recovery Mode then iTunes in your computer will show the message Restore and Update your device. Now you will select the Restore option.
  • If you select the Restore option it will Restore your device. Your device behaves like a new device. During Restore, it erases all the data that is stored on the iPhone. At this time your iPhone will restore the latest version of the OS file in some time.

Solution 3: Restore with iCloud:

This is the last method to restore iPhones with iCloud. It gives the chance to restore the iPhone online if your iPhone will lose. You will erase all the data and passcode using the iCloud account. This method is only used when your iPhone should have to Find my iPhone turned on before connecting to the iCloud.

1. First on your computer then go to the browser and visit the iCloud website (iCloud.com).
2. Login with the Id and Password of your iCloud account.

3. At that time you can see all the Devices and also select All Devices.
4. Click on the iPhone or iPod devices and select the iPhone to disable the device.

5. Now you can see the three options “Play Sound, Last mode, Erase iPhone”. You can select Erase iPhone and also follow the Erase online on the screen.

6. Enter an Apple id and password for authentication.

7. At that time your device will restore. It also deletes all the data from your device. You take a backup of data before restoring the devices.

Thanks for reading this article and I fully hope the above solutions will help you to get the solution. Please give feedback through the comment box about this article.