Solved: Kernel Data Inpage Error Windows 10

Sometimes users see the blue screen of death error KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR sometimes along the error code 0x0000007A on the side. Many people who are using Windows 10 are complaining about this error. There is no need to be worried because in this article we have some solutions to resolve it.

Below are some procedures through which users can fix kernel data inpage error windows 10 problem:

Method 1: Checking for Virus

Kernel data inpage error windows 10 is the issue that can be caused by corrupted files or programs. In case you haven’t scanned yet your system you should go for it. In case you find any corrupted files, just delete them.

Method 2: Running a Hard Disk Drive Check and RAM Check

Kernel data inpage error windows 10 can be the reason of a problematic RAM and a disk controller issue. You can go through and see in case your disk or RAM has some issues.

Testing Your System Memory:

  • As the first step on your keyboard, tap the Windows logo key and R
  • altogether to start Run command. Write mdsched.exe in the run box and click Enter.
  • Tap Restart and check for issues as it is suggested. To see the status of your memory card tap Check for problems the next time I start my computer in case you want to do it later.
  • Here you will see Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool working when you start your system once again.
  • In case it doesn’t show any issue then it means there is no disk problem.   

Run a Hard Disk Drive Test:

  • Tap the Windows logo key and X altogether and press Command Prompt (Admin). 
  • Press Yes after the administrator permission.
  • Write the below instruction and tap Enter key then write
    Chkdsk C:/ F  /R
  • Reboot your computer for the CHKDSK to scan your HDD and locate and fix all issues found.

Method 3: Set Paging File Management to Automatic

  • Tap the Windows logo key and Ealtogether to start File Explorer folder and then right-click This PC and press on the option of Properties
  • Press for Advanced System Settings
  • After the completion of above steps now in the Advanced tab,tap Settings under Performance category.
  • Here go to Advanced tab. And press Change.
  • Now in the box for automatically manage paging file size for all drives is ticked, and it should NOT be empty. 
  • In case yours is disabled, tick this box and tap OK to save the change. 

Method 4: Updating Device Drivers

It is a possibility that there is something wrong with driver. Above mentioned steps will fix it but in case they don’t, or you don’t know how to do it then you can go for manual process. Users can also do it via automatic process through driver Easy. 

Driver Easy will find your system and right drivers via automatic processing. There is no need to know what system your PC is running, risk yourself installing incorrect driver or making any mistake while downloading driver in wrong way.

Via automatic way you can do it with FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the help of Pro version, it will take just two taps.

  • As initial step install Driver Easy.
  • Now run Driver Easy and tap Scan Now button. You will see that Driver Easy will scan your system and find all issues relevant to drivers. 
  • Press the Update button next to a flagged audio driver to install the right version of this driver via automatic way. You can also tap to Update All to download the well-suited version of all the drivers through automatic way that are misplaced or old.

Confirm that your HDD is not failing: In case you hear a weird sound coming out of your system’s Hard Disk Drive when this blue screen of death error starts, it might probably because your HDD has failed or is about to fail. 

Check IDE/SATA Cable: This blue screen of death could be the reason of bad sectors on the HDD, which is because your PC is a hard time finding your HDD because of loose or troubling IDE/SATA cable. Let it confirm that your IDE/SATA cable is tightly connected. In case you have already checked it then you might probably change it and try once more.

Check System Log in Event Viewer: Here you can also check the information in the Event Viewer to find out the errors.


Kernel data in page error Windows 10 is an issue that users face. We hope that from the above mention procedures will help you in fixing it.