Top 9 Popular Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

For the sake of the popularity of Windows Store apps, Microsoft has removed desktop gadgets for Windows 10. There are some apps that still can’t take place of desktop gadgets like Windows Live tiles and Windows Store and many users who have upgraded to Microsoft‘s newest OS are unable to use desktop widgets.

Windows Sidebar platform in Windows 7 and Vista has a serious issue that’s why Gadgets are no longer available on the webpage because the gadgets could be exploited to cause harm to your system, can have access to your system’s files, display content that you might probably don’t want to see. With the help of a gadget, an attacker can easily take full control of your system.

These gadgets are not supported in Windows 10 officially but users can download them through some applications. Before going for the option of downloading these programs, you should also keep in mind Microsoft‘s precautions and upgrade your PC’s security for further issues.

Following are some best Windows 10 gadgets that users can utilize:

1) GadgetPack

This device will help users while utilizing the best applications on Windows 10. It recently released its newest version named 8GadgetPack which assists many issues that were reported in its older version. Some gadgets like Currency, App Launcher, CPU Meter, Drivers Meter, Clipboard, Reminder, etc. Users can also remove those gadgets from the passage to whom they aren’t interested.

 2) Gadgets Revived

Gadgets Revived will help you in getting those particular gadgets you want. After the installation of the Gadgets Revived installer, you can choose the gadgets you need to download. It will not work the same way as in a package, and the gadgets are gathered into more than 16 classifications. These classifications are made to assist many kinds of the exact gadget. It has some gadgets including Calculator, Clipboard Manager, Timers and Counters, and MusicRadio that are very determined in their nature.

3) Win10 Widgets  

Another famous Windows 10 gadget is Win10 Widgets. It is popular among people because it helps to assist many obvious basic needs of users like a battery, WiFi, and music. It also provides customizing wallpapers and adjusts the size of the screen. Those who made worked hard to confirm that it suits the Windows 10 theme. There is a thing that some users don’t like about it and it is the unavailability of an auto-update function. Users should go and visit their webpage and keep their tabs updated with new updates.

This device also works on the Rainmeter program and is very helpful. Users can download Rainmeter and Win10 Widgets in a single package. It is also famous as a gadget editor, so users can customize their system with its help. All the functions are organized systematically including mail to weather, to the clock, and in case you want to change its setting, you can also do it easily.

4) Rainmeter

One of the most frequently used Windows 10 gadget installers is Rainmeter. It has numerous applications and gadgets in combination. It also has customization and storing media files.

5) XWidget

XWidget is famous for designers and employees that are on the creative side. It also function as a widget editor and pro-level animations. It is the most stable widget and is popular for its graphics. It provides the latest updates with every edition and is one of the leading alternatives to 8GadgetPack.

6) Avedesk

With the help of this program, you can have icons on your Windows 10 system’s screen. But these icons are dissimilar and latest, as they come with little plug-ins which can do more than one task. You can say that these desklets work as shortcuts to the needed gadgets, such as Mail, calculator, etc. Avedesk’s advanced characteristics give it a better look. Makes have also worked a lot to enhance its quality and in case you need a gadget device for Windows 10, Avedesk is the one that is suggested by experts.

7) Network Meter

Another famous collection of Windows 10 gadgets from the last two years is Network Meter.  It was made to tell you about the errors related to connectivity. In case you are from the off-site this device might probably be very supportive.  It has been updated for higher-res visibility as well as to keep track of download speed.

8) App Launcher

Another friendly user Windows 10 gadget is an App launcher that works like a launch bar. Users can easily drag applications and gadgets to the screen in which they might be interested. Users can install it free of cost.

9) Margu-NotebookInfo2

Starting from your battery to your power to, RAM, to your network strength, this device will help you with everything. It is very popular because of its multitasking availability to deal with functions.

Windows 10 gadgets are very helpful while utilizing the system. We hope that from our mentioned list above users can easily get to know about the nature of these tools.