How to remove virus from iPhone or iPad

Does virus exist on iPhone?

Yes virus Exist on iPhone or iPad. Now question is How to remove virus from iPhone or iPad???? “
Most of the users think, there’s no virus exists on iPhone. It is also pretend by the company that it’s a secured device and no Hijackers can break into. But the reality is, many of criminal hackers exists that can get to your iPhone and steal your personal information like bank accounts, phone numbers blah blah… There can be an infected app running in background performing the instructions given by the crooks.
In other devices like Windows and Android, the percentage of virus and malware attacks is much greater than iPhone. But the point is, malware still exists on iPhone or iPad.


What is iPhone malware or virus

Generally speaking, malware is a collection of malicious programs. It includes worms, spyware, viruses etc. that is written to harm your sensitive data. Virus is a program that inserts into another app to harm devices, data, or encrypt or delete your sensitive pictures or other data.



Possibilities your iPhone or iPad has virus

1) Your phone can be infected by virus if advertisements popping up on your iPhone screen. If that is the case, don’t worry. It is because you’ve buggy app installed.

2) The Safari browser redirects you to the App store.


Remove buggy app

Buggy app means the installed app has a virus. Either developer who developed the app has injected virus in it or the tool used for developing app has the virus which is transferred to the app.

First check if the app has new version in the App Store, after upgrading it may fixed your app. For deleting the app, go to the home screen that contains the app, long tap on it until all the apps start shaking. Find if there’s little x in the top left corner of the app. Tap on it for deletion.


Steps to remove virus

i) The simple step is to restart your iPhone. For restarting, keep pressing power button until slide to power off icon shows up. Slide it to turn it off. When it turns off, hold down power button until Apple logo shows up.

ii) Visit App store if they may help resolving your issue.

iii) Clear browser history by going to Settings >> Safari >> Clear History and Website Data >> Clear it.


iv) Restore your iPhone with a recent backup when your iPhone or iPad was in a working fine state.

Note: To create backup, go to Settings >> iCloud >> turn on Backup.

v) If everything’s fail to recover your phone from virus, you can reset your iPhone by going to
Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase all content and settings.  It’ll wipe everything from your iPhone as you buy a new one.


How You Keep your iPhone or iPad safe:

After Reading this article now you able to get rid of buggy apps and remove viruses from your iPhone or iPad. But little bit more effort you can stop the problem on initial stage.
If you will do following two steps then it will go a long way to keeping your iPhone or iPad virus-free.

1- Never Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. I mean bypass its security features as you’re allowing unauthorize apps to be installed.

2- Go Settings >> General >> Software update to keep your iPhone and iPad up-to-date.


This article contain answer of your question “How to remove virus from iPhone”. You can follow this guide and make your iPhone or iPad virus free. I try my best to make sure the readability of this article Excellent. Hope it will help you to get your solution. Best of luck.