Complete Review of Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer

Another famous and out of cost driver updater is tool Snappy Driver Installer (SDI) that is used for Windows and save all the information regarding drivers offline.

Saving drivers on offline mode provide Snappy Driver Installer the capability to gain approach to fastest driver updates, disregarding the fact that it doesn’t depend on the availability of Internet connection. Everyone can download Snappy Driver Installer to click here.

Note: My review is regarding the latest version of Snappy Driver Installer 1.18.6.

Important Points about Snappy Driver Installer:

  • Snappy Driver Installer is workable with both 64-bit versions and 32-bit of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Snappy Driver Installer easily installs drivers in what is known as driverpacks. They are the group of drivers for many hardware including video cards, sound devices etc.
  • TORRENT file can simply install every accessible driverpacks (which need too much space) with the SDI complete install, or you can also install just those that your system requires by utilizing the SDI Lite
  • In the Expert mode of Snappy Driver Installer Options off phase permit users to filter the conclusions to see drivers that aren’t downloaded yet but they should be, drivers that are latest than what is downloaded, and see present or old drivers only.
  • Duplicate drivers and invalid drivers can also be seen via Snappy Driver Installer.
  • As a manufacturer’s and HardwareID provides information about drivers. These downloaded drivers and available driver’s date and version number do the same thing.
  • Users can also utilize Snappy Driver Installer to find and open the INF file for drivers that are downloaded.
  • Those updates that want you to reboot your PC are categorized in orange so that it would be easy for users to differentiate them from the others; reboots do not start via automatic processing so all of the drivers have a possibility to download.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Snappy Driver Installer:


  • There is no need to utilize a browser because the process of installation runs between the program.
  • Utilization of drivers can be offline.
  • Helps bulk driver install and downloads.
  • Installs without causing hurdle.
  • Users can do limitless installations and updates.
  • No commercials.
  • Will make a Restore Point before downloading driver.
  • You can easily carry it with you, So it doesn’t need to download in your PC.


  • Utilization is a bit complicated.
  • Has no schedule for checking updates.

Experts views about Snappy Driver Installer:

Snappy Driver Installer is a program that doesn’t only search which of your tools need a driver update, but it also found the particular driver that device also requires while downloading the driver for you.

The bad thing about this tool is that it isn’t very simple to utilize it, like Driver Booster, but it’s still very convincing. After having Snappy Driver Installer install the driver updates your system requires, you can utilize the side menu to choose and download each of them.

The best thing about this device is the offline mode availability and it could utilize for offline driver updates. In simple words, it means to say that users can install lots of drivers for many dissimilar devices at the same time, but not download any of them on that PC. Users can utilize the “Choose driver ” option to load those drivers into Snappy Driver Installer on any system, in case network connection is not in the reach.

Note:  Users would be able to see EXE application files for Snappy Driver Installer the time they have installed the program from the link above. One of them for 64-bit windows called SDI_x64. From this article, users would be able to know better about snappy driver installer and its proper utilization as well.