10 Ways to solve irql_not_less_or_equal Problem:

Laptops and computers for gaming purpose are set up for better performance and execution on various tasks. It also means to say that they can tackle all the requirements of hardware like RAM, CPU, Cooling and many others. There is no doubt about it that there is a lot of power required so one can achieve fruitful results according to expectations. Mostly this is the problem with many systems to manage the strain. Anyhow, there is an issue that is not mostly faced while users are up for gaming and it is the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) DRIVER IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL problem.

To fix irql_not_less_or_equal error happens out of nowhere and forces a memory dump in a blue screen. Users would be able to see that the system turns off, or will restart again. In this article users would be able to learn the way how to fix irql_not_less_or_equal issue and the process through which you can solve this gaming error.

Following are some most frequently happening situations of this error:

  • irql_not_less_or_equal ntoskrnl.exe

Keep in mind that this file is executable and is the kernel (core) of the OS and points out that the error is very complicated.

  • irql_not_less_or_equal overclock

There are many users who have said that they have faced this issue the time they just overclock their systems. In this situation users can resolve their issue by disabling or overclocking their systems.

  • irql_not_less_or_equalcpu overheating

Sometimes your CPU gets warm and that is the real reason of error.You can solve it by disabling or overclocking it. In case there are applications and programs that are putting pressure on your system just disable them straight away. Utilization of a cooling pad or some other software can also help in controlling this problem.

  • irql_not_less_or_equal after RAM upgrade

There are users who have complained that this issue pops up when they upgrade their RAM. Just make sure that the new RAM is well-suitedwith your device and you have downloaded it in a proper way.

  • irql_not_less_or_equal after Windows update

Sometimes fix irql_not_less_or_equal error starts after you download the newest Windows updates. If it happens just delete the updates and check in case the problem is still there or has ended.

  • irql_not_less_or_equal and memory_management

At times these two BSOD issues pop up at the same time. Users have complained that when the former issue starts, the later one follows it the time of rebooting.

In this article we will solve fix irql_not_less_or_equal issue but before going towards them we will look at some of the causes why this issue starts. The first and foremost reasons of this error can be the problems with windows, wrong or downloading drivers in an incorrect way, hardware that has some virus (if RAM or peripherals) or Windows upgrade would be the reason.

The time a device driver or processing of kernel try to gain access to the memory location which doesn’t give permission to have access to, you will see that the operating system will give an error; the same case is if the software is faulty and tries to gain access to the incorrect memory addresses. This is the shortest explanation of what is happening when you see a irql_not_less_or_equal error.

Following are some procedures through which users can fix irql_not_less_or_equal issue:

Method 1: Updating Graphics Drivers

Users can fix irql_not_less_or_equalerror by updating their graphics drivers. This issue affects NVidia, ATI and GPUs. One of the best methods to get your drivers is to go to your system or graphics card manufacturer and download the drivers that are well-suited with your system’s operating system or graphic card.

We suggest you to utilize DDU (Display Graphics Uninstaller) to erase previous drivers and clean download new drivers. Users can also get updates through device manager.

  • As first step tap Windows Key + R to open Run
  • Then writedevmgmt.msc and press enter to open the device manager
  • Now extract the section of ‘Display Adapters’
  • Here right click on your graphics device, and choose ‘update driver software’. You can also get better results if you have good internet connection.
  • Then on the next window press the option of “Search automatically for updated driver software”
  • At the end you will see that device manager will go and find drivers online and download them.

Note: Updating any graphic card software and anything relevantto the graphics processing unit can also help.

Method 2: Updating Ethernet and Wi-Fi adapter drivers

In case users are playing a game or utilizing internet and see that this issue has started, there is possibility that your Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapter (whichever you are utilizing to interconnect to the internet) drivers are problematic. Users can also update them by visiting the device manufacturer webpage or their system’s manufacturer webpage and can install the newest drivers for their operating system and device. Here is another way to do it via device manager by:

  • As initial step tap Windows Key + R to start Run
  • Now write devmgmt.msc and press enter to open the device manager
  • Now extract the section of ‘Network Adapters’ section
  • Here right click on your graphics device, and pick ‘update driver software’. You will see that an internet connection will help you in providing better results
  • As second last step on the next window tap “Search automatically for updated driver software”
  • As last step you will see that device manager will find drivers online and download them.

Method 3: Removing antivirus and any malware fighter

There are some antiviruses install drivers that control many functions and one of them is firewall. These antiviruses and malware fighters are famous because they cause memory issues including crashing your system. Software named IObit and Norton are not very friendly using and tackle one another well on the same system. In case you have Norton, McAfee, AVG,IObit, Avast you should might probably think about removing and changing them with other antiviruses and antimalware.

  • As first step click Windows Key + R to open Run
  • Then write appwiz.cpl and press enter to open programs and features
  • Now look forAvast, AVG, McAfee, IObit, Norton and some other antimalware and antivirus programs
  • Then right click on the program you need to remove and pick “uninstall”
  • At the end, just go for the instructions to end the process of uninstallation.

Method 4: Reseat RAM

While playing games your system produce a lot of heat and in turn obstruct flow of electricity. Wrongly seated RAM is unable to read and write the time when temperatures increases because of higher resistance in the wrongly connected terminals.

You can fix it by shutting down your PC, unseat the RAM, remove power cables and batteries; clean any dust and reseat RAM and open up your system. Keep in mind that the RAM goes back into place the time you are going to start your system.

In case you find issues on MemTest86+, just replace your RAM.

Method 5: Updating your BIOS

The BIOS manages how all devices interact with each other on your motherboard. Any issue from the BIOS can be the reason of DRIVER IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL issue. This problem starts because of old BIOS firmware. Users can also update their motherboard firmware by following steps:

  • As first step go for the motherboard’s manufacturer webpage, or your system’s manufacturer webpage.
  • Then install the newest BIOS for your motherboard and download it.
  • At the end search this site for bios updateto check how you can update your BIOS. Just be careful while doing this because it might probably brick your motherboard.

Method 6: Give better cooling for your PC while gaming

Your CPU, GPU and RAM are already set to function according to a temperature. The time, you see that this temperature has increased to its limit your PC will shutdown via BSOD so you can save yourself fromdamage that can be caused to the CPU, GPU or RAM.

Here you have to cool down your system while gaming. You can open up the side of the casing, or also utilize a cooling system.

Keep this thing in your mind that the processing of overclocking, overvolting and undervolting can lead you towards frequencies and voltages that are not stable enough, especially when we require high performance. We suggest that you should go and update all your devices with the help of updated drivers via the manufacturer’s webpage. Here the issue could be any device, like your mouse through which you play games and keyboard. Users can also verify their game files by opening their game launcher > settings > verify game assets for most games.

Method 7: Disabling Memory Caching

You can do it by Tapping F2 or other keys > Enter BIOS > Disable Memory caching feature.

Method 8: Scanning and erasing Malware from PC

Here users need to utilize some anti-virus software so you can scan and delete all Malware from their system completely and restart their system PC. Then you will see that the unwanted irql_not_less_or_equal issue has been ended.

Method 9: Run Hardware Diagnostic

  • As first step write Memory Diagnostic in the search box and tap this tool;
  • Now press Diagnostic your memory problems and you will see that it will ask you to perform the check by restarting your system at that time or on the next restart.
  • Then scan on the memory and it will show a list of problems that you found during the scan.
  • At the end just change all those problematic hardware found in the scan and restart your system.

Method 10: Repairing Registry and Fragmented Disk

  • As initial step tap F8to go for the Safe Mode and pick Repair My Computer > Enter Command Prompt in Advanced Options under Troubleshoot;

  • Then choose Command Prompt and write the below instructions to find the root directory:

dir C:\Win* and hit Enter;
dir D:\Win* and hit Enter;
dir E:\Win* and hit Enter;

  • Now write the below instructions:

cd /d C:\windows\System32\config + hit Enter;
xcopy *.* C:\RegBack\ + hit Enter;
cd RegBack + hit Enter;
dir + hit Enter;

  • Now write below commands:

copy /y software ..
copy /y system ..
copy /y sam ..
Here you will tap yes to end the instructions and then restart your PC. You will see that the registry will be solved on its own.


Fix irql_not_less_or_equal is an issue that causes trouble especially to those who are into gaming. We hope that with the help of this article users would be able to resolve this issue and enjoy their games without any problem