What is rundll32.exe?

People who are using Windows for a long time have heard the term rundll32.exe in Task Manager. Users mostly don’t know about its nature, as sometimes they think it can be troubling for their system, or other times they are unable to assume what it is exactly. It supports other programs controlled that are run in DLL (Dynamic Link Library). DLL has a systematic cycle that is utilized by a few Windows programs. So we can say that rundll32.exe runs the DLL program file according to that systematic cycle.

What is rundll32.exe?

The rundll32.exe file actually helps to Run the other programs in DLL files. We should keep in mind that DLL has a number of routines that are used by a different set of Windows Programs.
rundll32.exe help to run the DLL program file like a proper way to run one of the routines.

A DLL file is unable to open directly. And in the Task Manager, we are able to see the name rundll32.exe. Users can also follow the below instructions to see what programs are running by rundll32.exe.

  • As the first step tap the Windows logo key on your keyboard and in the search bar, write cmd. After doing that you can select from the list Command Prompt option.
  • Now write the below instruction in the Command Prompt window.
    tasklist/m/fi “imagename eq rundll32.exe”
  • You should also be confirmed that you didn’t make any mistakes while typing.
  • Now on your keyboard Click Enter key.
  • As you can see the arrangement and details of the programs run by rundll32.exe. In case you see something doubtful, just find the identical program and then remove it from your system.

Making sure that Rundll32.exe is not Hazardous:

There are some conditions in which spyware utilizes exactly similar file titles and run from a contrasting directory and problematic files with the same names.

You can go for the following steps to let it confirm that your system isn’t problematic:

  • By right-clicking the taskbar and selecting the option of Task Manager.
  • Those who are using Windows 7, can go to the Process tab. For Windows 10 users, go to the Details tab. You will be able to see the rundll32.exe services running.
  • Now Right click it and select Open File Location.
  • Let it confirm that the file location is C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe.

Users have to keep this thing in their mind they have to run a complete virus test because there might be conditions when your system has corrupt files at many places. Especially in case, the file location leads towards some other folder and it indicates to the folder with your username.

It has also been observed in some conditions where the virus disguised as rundl132.exe, which changes the “l” with the number “1”.

In case you see this file name on your PC, just right-click it and select Delete. After doing that run a full scan of your system to see if there are any more threatening programs there.

What to do in the Condition of a Virus?

In case you see some corrupt files just remove them from your system.  You can also utilize antivirus programs if you are unable to remove some files like AVG, Norton, or Avast.

With the help of the above methods, users would be able to understand the true nature of the trouble and also solve it easily on their own.