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18 Oct 2021

3 Best Ways to Dell Warranty Check 

3 Best Ways to Dell Warranty Check

From the time of purchase, many Dell PCs come with one-year warranty. Till the warranty doesn’t expire users can go and get the device repaired or changed in case they face some hardware issues but a lot of people don’t know the ways to dell warranty check.

Dell permits you to get extend the time period of warranty, five years from the actual date of purchase for commercial desktop PCs, workstations, and laptops, four years if they have consumer laptops and desktops, three years for tablet devices. Users can also buy the extended warranty when their Dell device is under warranty.

Many of the users don’t remember the purchase date of our electronic devices because they buy more than one electronic devices in a year. In case of Dell desktop PC, laptop or tablet is causing problems and you need to fix it under warranty, you have to check it first in case your Dell device has warranty before going for the option of Dell customer service.

Below are some methods through which users can go for Dell warranty check:

1. Checking Dell Warranty Status Online

In case you have the service tag or express service code of your Dell device, you can check the warranty status online without any issue. Users would be able to find service tag and express service codes are on the back of the device. In case you are unable to find the service tag or service code on the device go for the next solutions.

  • As initial step visit this warranty page of Dell on any device in a web browser.
  • Now in the field, write the service tag or express service code and then tap the submit button to see the status of warranty of your Dell PC.


2. Checking Dell PC Warranty Status Utilizing Support Assist

In case you are unable to find the service tag information that is normally on your Dell PC, you can also start the built-in Support Assist tool so you can check the Dell PC warranty status.

  • As the first step open Dell Support Assist program on your Dell PC. You can utilize the Start/taskbar search to open the exact thing. Most of the latest Dell PCs come with Support Assist.
  • The time you open Support Assist program, you would be able to see the warranty status of the device on the left pane. It displays the end date of the warranty.



3. Check Dell PC Warranty Status by Calling Dell

Users can also get information about their PC’s warranty status by contacting Dell’s customer care and giving them information about the service tag or express service code.
We hope that with the help of this article, users can get to know how can they get information about dell warranty check.

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  1. patelkumar

    S.A Gillani, thanks a lot for this article. I want to know about the way to check Dell’s laptop warranty.

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    I was looking this post to acknowledge the way to check the status of Dell Warranty.

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