3 Best Ways to Fixed: Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working

The time your PC enters to Windows system, you have probably noticed that you are unable to write with the help of the keyboard, in other words, Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working.  It sounds weird because the last time you were using it, it was responding normally. No need to be worried because you are not the only one who is facing this issue alone. There are many Dell customers who are having similar issues. Users can solve this problem easily manually. Just read this article to find out how you can make your Dell Laptop keyboard workable again.

3 Ways to fix: “Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue”

When your Dell laptop keyboard not working, a lot of possible reasons behind this issue.
Below are 3 easy ways to resolve the Dell laptop keyboard not working issue.

1. Restart your Dell Laptop

It might probably be one of the simplest methods to resolve your Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working issue. Here you can just is to reboot your PC. There are users who have experienced it before and suggest that rebooting their system can miraculously solve their trouble. Just try to reboot your PC in case your keyboard still doesn’t work, there is no need to be worried, just go for the other procedures.

2. Uninstall or Deleting Dell Laptop Keyboard Driver

It is another possibility that the main reason for this issue (Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working) is problematic drivers. In this situation, just try to download your keyboard driver again.

Users can also interconnect their PC with a mouse, wired, or one that has Bluetooth available.  After that just with the below steps:

  • As the initial step on your keyboard, tap the Windows logo key and the together to start the Run command.
  • Now write devmgmt.msc and press OK.
  • Here now search and extract the portion of Keyboards and then right-click on your keyboard driver software and tap to Uninstall device.
  • The time it finishes removing, just reboot your Dell PC. You will see that your Windows will download the keyboard driver again on its own. See if now your keyboard starts responding again yet or not.

Now if your keyboard still doesn’t get back to its normal state then just go for the next method to update your keyboard driver completely.

3. Updating Dell Laptop Keyboard Driver

In case Windows is unable to load the keyboard driver for your laptop via automatic processing, you can also update the keyboard driver to use a different driver updater like here I like to use the driver easily.

Manual: Users can update their keyboard driver on their own by visiting the official webpage of Dell, and finding the latest and right driver for their keyboard. Just be confident to pick only drivers that are well-suited according to your Windows.

Automatic: In case you don’t have time to update your keyboard on your own then you can do it via automatic processing with the help of Driver Easy. As we have read it in many previous articles Driver Easy will automatically identify your system and will find out the suitable driver for your keyboard, according to the model and version of your system’s Windows. So now you only have to install them properly.

  • Install Driver easily.
  • Now run Driver Easy and tap the Scan Now button. You will see that Driver Easy will scan your PC and find all drivers that are problematic.
  • Then tap the Update button next to the flagged keyboard driver to install the right version of the driver via automatic processing.

You can also tap Update All to install the well-suited version of all the drivers in an automatic way that is misplaced or outdated on your PC.

Now just reboot to create the new driver take some time and tap any key on your keyboard to see if your keyboard works or not.

By the methods given above users can easily fix Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working issue.
Best of luck.