Fixed: Device Driver Software Was Not Successfully Installed

Device Driver Software Was Not Successfully Installed

There is no need to install a driver on your own as it is very hectic and time-consuming as for many external devices, Windows always install a driver on its own automatic way as you plugged in your device to your system. In case something happens like this and “Device driver software was not successfully installed “, it means Windows fails to give the inclusive driver for the device. You need to fix device driver software was not successfully installed by the given methods below.

You can download the latest and updated driver version through device manufacturer’s website. Before starting, make it sure that you know which company made it, its model, and the particular operating system that your system is running on the present moment. (XP & Vista Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 64-bit or 32-bit). You can easily download drivers from the Support section of the website.

Note: In case you are unable to find the driver you want to run the operating system, the device will not support its operating system.

Your downloaded driver can always be installed easily by just double-clicking on the executable file (.exe). If the device driver software was not successfully updated, you should try to follow the given steps to install it:

Step 1:

Device driver software was not successfully installed issue can be sorted out if you try to update the device driver software and then check if the issue is resolved.

Open Device Manager. For the sake of starting it, write “devmgmt” in “Search box” and right press “devmgmt” and select to run the app as administrator. Give the admin password if prompted.

On the “Device Manager” window, you can extract each device section and find the troubling device. By doing this you will find a sign with a yellow exclamation symbol (See in the picture below) except that the device not working normally. Right Click the device and choose “Update driver software”

After you clicked the above-mentioned option, Windows will prompt you how you want to update your driver software.
There are Two ways to do it first you can choose the option in the search for the updated device drivers online or leave it to the second option if you have already downloaded the required driver software for your device. Select which option help you and then follow the on-screen prompts to end the whole procedure. When all is finished, reconnect your device again and check if it works normally now or not.

Step 2:

Device driver software was not successfully installed can also be resolved through the uninstallation and reinstallation of the driver software. When you go back to “Device Manager” then you need to right-click the troubling device and press “Uninstall” option. A confirmation message pops up and you need to confirm it. Follow all the other steps that are on-screen and then remove the device driver software. When you are done with it, go back to “Device Manager”, right-click anywhere in the blank space and press “Scan for hardware changes”. Windows will automatically search and install the latest driver software for your device. When you are finished, plug in your device once again and check if it is working now or not.

Step 3:

In case the drivers are not still installed successfully as specified by the error. Then run the “Add Hardware” application to install the device in a proper way. And make it workable again After doing it write “hdwwiz” in the “Search bar” and press “hdwwiz”. If prompted then A confirmation message to run the program pop up. On the “Add Hardware Wizard” screen, press “Next”.

Choose how you want to install the troubling hardware on another screen. By following the instructions that are onscreen and add the device to Windows 7 and other Windows versions.
In case you own the device installation media. Then you can also use it in the way of installation of the right driver software for your device. When finished, Windows 7 or other versions of Windows may ask for a restart. Just do as prompted and then the error should be resolved.

Device Driver Software was not Successfully Installed can be caused when the Windows are unable to locate and install the correct drivers for your system. By following the above steps you can make it work for yourself for your convenience.