Solved: Dpc Watchdog Violation Windows 10 Error

There are a lot of users who have complained about watchdog error while working on their system. It happens when out of nowhere your system displays blue screen and giving this warning that you are facing, a DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION blue screen error. No need to be anxious as we have the solution of your problem.

Causes of DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10 Error: 

This trouble starts mostly when your device driver(s) is old or you have downloaded it not in a proper way. DPC Watchdog Violation can harm your system in case you haven’t downloaded the video card driver for your new operating system, while you are online and watching a video.

At times unsuited hardware with your operating system can also be one of the most frequently happened reasons. Sometimes when users download a latest hardware device on their old system or their external hard driver is not helped by Windows 10, you would probably see DPC Watchdog Violation issue.

First two reasons above are the foremost reason of this issue, but sometimes this problem is also caused by some trouble with software.

Following are the 5 solutions to fix DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Windows 10 Error:

1). Change SATA ACHI Controller Driver

2). Update all Accessible Drivers

3). Check the Compatibility of Hardware and Software

4). Perform a Disk Check

5). Run Event Viewer

1. Change SATA ACHI Controller Driver

A large amount of Windows users recommend this method to fix watchdog error.

  • Here Extract IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers Option.
  • After doing that Right-click SATA ACHI controller and tap on the option of Properties.
  • Just go to the Driver Tab and press Driver Details to make it share whether you’ve selected the right controller.
  • Now let it confirm that the iaStorA.sys is categorized as a driver and press OK to end.
  • In case you see storachi.sys in the list here, move on to Fix 2 for further help.
  • Now Press Driver and then Update Driver.
  • Now Tap on Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Now press from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  • Now Press on Standard SATA AHCI Controller, and tap Next. After the completion of it end the rest of the process as explained.
  • As the last step just reboots your PC so you can see the changes.

Note:It is necessary for users to do the same process again and again whenever your system’s Windows have been updated.

2. Update all Accessible Drivers

In case in the properties you are able to see storachi.sys categorized in the properties of SATA ACHI controller driver, you should definitely update the driver of your system in this method.
Users should also make it sure that all their devices have the correct and latest drivers, and update the old ones.

Manual Driver Update:By visiting to the manufacturer’s official website and finding for the latest suited driver for your system users can update drivers on their own. In case you don’t have that much stamina, time or you are new in IT world Driver updater can do it via automatic processing.

Automatic Driver Update: Driver Updater will automatically find your PC and search the right drivers for it. There is no need to download wrong drivers in hurry. It is also not important to know what program your PC is running. As automatic process of updating is the safest way to update drivers.

For the sake of automatic updating users can use the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Updater. But it will take only a few seconds to do this task with just only two presses.

  • In the first step install any Driver Updater.
  • Then Run Driver Updater and tap the Scan Now Driver Updater will scan your PC and find all issues that are related to drivers.
  • Now just Tap the Update button next to all flagged devices to install the right version of driver through automatic processing. Users can also do it with the FREE version.

Or you can just tap Update All to install the right version of all the drivers that are misplaced or out of date on your PC. It needs the Pro version and you’ll be induced to upgrade the time you tap click Update All.

3. Check the Compatibility of Hardware and Software

Unsuited hardware devices interlinked with your operating system, or troubling software programs are one of the reasons of the DPC Watchdog Violation error. So users should also have check on it.

How to Check Hardware Compatibility

In case you have some external devices downloaded on your system, like external hard drive or a USB flash drive, detach all of them and leave your system’s mouse and keyboard attached.After doing that just reboot your system.

As the issue resolves just, attach all external devices back, one by one and then reboot your system. In case you are unable to fix this issue, you have got what’s troubling you. You can change this device fully from your system, or can also update its driver as explained in Fix 2.

How to Check Software Compatibility

Just check for example if you have downloaded and upgraded some programs and apps.
In case you are not confident about the changes you have done, you should have to make a restore point, as it will support you to back up to the old condition of your PC.

4. Perform a Disk Check

Whenever watchdog violation error occurs it points out towards a trouble regarding disk. For the sake of its safety users should make this thing sure that their disk is working fine.

In the first step You need to write cmd in the Windows Search bar and then Right-click Command Prompt and tap Run as administrator.

  • As prompted with the administrator permission, tap Yes to proceed.
  • Now write chkdsk /f /r, and tap Enter on your keyboard of your PC.
  • As last step just click Y on your keyboard.

5. Run Event Viewer

It is the most important thing to know the cause of trouble behind watchdog violation error. So in case if you are wondering then this is what you all need.

  • On your keyboard, tap the Windows logo key andtogether and press Event Viewer.
  • After the completion of first step Tap Windows Logs and then System On the left side of the panel.

As last step, in the mid of the panel users would be capable to make some entries. After doing that just go for those that have warning indication, then you should be able to see the comprehensive information of what happened to your PC at a particular time.

Above mentioned ways are the best solutions to fix watchdog violation error in your system. Users can do it automatically as well as manually, according their preference.
Please let me know in comment box which method helped to resolve this problem.