iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone On Mac and Windows 10

iTunes not recognizing iPhone is a problem which we face while connecting iPhone, iPad with our computer. A similar problem will affect any IOS device, Mac, and Windows computers. In other words, we can say that both Mac and Windows Computers not able to recognize his iOS devices.
You don’t worry about the solution to this problem because many users face this type of problem while connecting iPhone, iPad, iPod with PC. In this situation, this article is very useful for solving the problem. Because 9 different solutions available for you in this article to get rid of this problem.


There are many reasons behind this problem.
1- Maybe you can use an old version of the iOS device on your system, so that why your iTunes cannot recognize on your new version of iPhone.
2- Functioning of a bad cable is creating this problem.
3- Maybe the dirty port of the system is also creating problem iTunes not recognizing iPhone.

So firstly, check the all ports of the system carefully and make sure above possible reasons of this error are not exist then try for iTunes connecting with iPhone. But When you will try to connect iTunes with iPhone and you will receive an error message on your iPhone like below in the picture.



So, don’t be panic to see this message. As I told this article help to get the solution of iTunes not recognizing iPhone error.

Before starting the solution of iTunes not recognizing iPhone. I want to discuss here some important tips which help you to away from this error.

Important Tips to away from iTunes not recognizing iPhone error:

  1. Quit the iTunes and then after relaunching the iTunes.
  2. Connect IOS devices to different ports of USB of the system.
  3. Update the driver of the iPhone in the window of PC.
  4. Reinstall iTunes. (See Below complete procedure)
  5. The reboot of windows of your PC.
  6. Using different Apple USB cable if cables have some problems.
  7. Reboot the device of iPhone, iPod, iPad and your computer.

Solution 1: Update Latest Version of iOS on your iPhone

This situation is created due to the old version of iOS install on your iPhone. The latest version of iOS is very compulsory for a long time working of iPhone. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus require iTunes 12.5.

  •  Please open iPhone, go to Setting > General >Software update.


  • Click download and install option.


  • You can enter the passcode if asked. Then tap Agree option and select confirmation of Agree option.



  • It will start the download and install the latest version of iOS on your iPhone automatically.
  • Now you will connect iTunes with your iPhone and see the result you became successful.


Solution 2: Update iTunes app on your Mac

It is very compulsory to keep update iTunes in your Mac.

  • Open Mac and go to check for updates. If it is available updates then updates the iTunes.



  • You can also update the iTunes over the Mac App Store.
  • Open the Mac App store and go to updates and click the update.
  • Now the updates of the iTunes will be starting.



Update iTunes app on your Windows:

This problem can be created due to an old version of iTunes installed on the system.

  • Open the iTunes on your devices.
  • Click the help and go to check for updates.



Note:  If you have the latest version of iTunes installed on the system but you cannot connect the iTunes with the iPhone. You will be uninstalled and reinstall iTunes in your system.

  • The latest version of iTunes will install on your system.
  • You can try to connect the iTunes with iPhone. If you become successful.

Solution 3: Update iPhone Drivers on your System

If you cannot detect the iTunes with the iPhone over the system. You can update the iPhone driver over the system to solve the problem.

  • Open the start menu by clicking. Write the Devices Manager on your system.


  • Select on update driver software Option.



  • Choose the 2nd option which is the browse my computer for driver software of your system.



  • You need to select 2nd Option ” Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.



  • Next, you will select the device and click next.


  • Now windows updated devices driver successfully. Then click on close.




Solution 4: Reset the Setting of iPhone

Wrong setting of your iPhone will also cause iTunes not recognizing iPhone problem. If you cannot connect the iOS devices with the PC.You have a need change the setting of the iPhone network.

  • Open iPhone then go to setting.
  • Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting.



Solution 5: Delete and Reinstall iTunes App on your Mac

If you cannot connect the iTunes with the iPhone on Mac after updating the iTunes app in your Mac.Then you can delete and reinstall iTunes app on the Mac.

  • Open finder window then go to the application and click on it.
  • Click the iTunes then go to Get Info option.



  • You click Padlock icon that is located in the bottom right corner of the Info window.


  • Write Username and Password then click OK.



  • Firstly, you can expand the Name & Extension’s window and click on Sharing and Permission. You must be select Everyone. By taking this action you get permission for everyone to Read & Write and then click on Padlock again.



  • Now you can close the Get Info window.
  • You need to delete the old iTunes.
  • In the last, you can download the iTunes again in the install to fix iTunes not recognizing iPhone problem.

Delete and Reinstall iTunes on Windows:

To delete and reinstall iTunes on Windows operating system, You need to go Control Panel on your PC and uninstall iTunes along with all related software components, for example, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, Apple Applications Support 32-bit, Apple Application Support 64-bit along with iTunes.
After deleted iTunes on Windows then you re-download to click here.

Solution 6: Restores the iPhone to Handle this Problem

If you cannot be recognized the iTunes with your iPhone after doing all the action that is explained above step by step. You have the last choice to restore your iPhone to handle the problem. You take backup of iPhone before restore processing.

  • Firstly, connect the iPhone with the computer.
  • Open iTunes go to select your device and you can click restore the iPhone after confirming it.



Solution 7: Test Different USB cable and port on your System

When you cannot recognize the iPhone in your system and find iTunes not recognizing iPhone error then sometimes its due to broken cable and incapable port. So you can try different the USB cable and USB port to make sure the connection to the iTunes to your iPhone established.

Solution 8: iPhone Should not be Lock

iPhone should not lock while you try to connect the iTunes with iPhone. Because Locked iPhone prevent iTunes to connect with iPhone. You must have unlocked iPhone with the passcode or Touch ID. While Connecting iTunes procedure iPhone should be Unlocked.

Solution 9: Reboot Option

Sometimes a simple restart can fix a lot of problems. If after trying above methods and you still have iTunes not recognizing iPhone error then You must reboot your iPhone and Computer. After, completing the reboot procedure, You connect iTunes to your iPhone.

Closing Words:

Hopefully, Above solutions will help you to get rid of iTunes not detecting iPhone. Most of the time this problem fixed by update iTunes, iOS device and computer. Sometimes, it would be resolved just by restarting the iPhone and computer. If none of the above solutions worked and still you have the same problem then you need to contact Apple support team for help to get the solution.

Regarding any solution, if you have question or suggestion then just let me know through comment box. It will help me to improve myself.

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