How to Reset Microsoft Account Password

For the sake of security, the primary factor that people should keep in mind is to make a strong password for security purposes and to restrict their system to welcome unwanted troubles. That’s sometimes why you have to Reset your Microsoft Account Password.

The most important thing is to have a cautious viewpoint before improving the safety of your system. In all situations, users should be focused on its strength so they would be able to make an out-of-the-ordinary password, disregarding that you are unable to remember the password that is safe. In a situation like this, the security attempt will leave you in distress with zero benefits.

At the present time, you have the disk that reset your system’s password, and you’ll never be worried about losing it again. In the initial stage, it will automatically select the disk wherever you first installed your window. In the first step, you should make a Windows password reset disk, and after finishing the initial step focus on the best way to boot it. Creating a password reset disk the way explained above is the easiest and most beneficial method ever. Now start the system, and you’ll see that it isn’t demanding for a password for the user you’ve already chosen.

There are some file processes that allow users to have password-secured directories. Users should keep this thing in their mind that they have to use system restore in Windows in case they face any issue that they are not able to sort out otherwise. The completion of this whole process of system restoration will take a couple of hours to end.

Restoration of Microsoft Account Password:

The process of restoration of Microsoft account password is an uncomplicated duty and it will only take 10 to 15 minutes to end the complete process. By following certain steps you can Reset your Microsoft account’s Password easily:

1. Users should know which email ID they are currently using for their Microsoft account, and make it sure whether it’s the safe account for your system or you need to reset the password.

  • It’s kinda weird but necessary initial step to reset the Microsoft password, but with automatic logins, the high frequency of numerous Microsoft accounts, and many other email addresses we all have users, should also remember that they are resetting the password to the correct Microsoft account.
  • In case you are unable to recall your Windows 10 or Windows 8 password and not sure about it 100 percent that what emails address you’re using to sign in, switch on your PC and notice the login screen. In case you need to change the Microsoft account you use to log in to Skype (or, etc.), visit the Microsoft Account Sign-In page from your usual browser and you can clearly see if your email address is already filled for you. It surely will be already entered.

Note: The Microsoft account users want to renew the password for isn’t significantly of etc., email address. You can use any other email Id to sign up for your Microsoft account.

2. After the above step, open the Microsoft Account Password Reset page from any browser, device, system, or from your cell phone.

3. Select I forgot my password from the short list of options and then press Next.

4. After the completion of the above steps in the initial field, enter the email address you are using for a Microsoft account.

  • In case you know a phone number that might be interlinked with your Microsoft account, you can add that in place of your email address. Your Skype username will also work.

5. In another field, for security purposes you can enter the text you see and then press the Next button.

Tip: You can press New in case you want to try another string of characters, or Audio to have several words read to you that you can type in instead. Users might probably have seen this activity on various websites as it works according to the same pattern.

6. After finishing the above steps in the next screen, select one of the email options (continue with Step 7), one of the text options (continue with Step 8), or the Use an App option (continue with Step 9).

Tip: If you’re only given the app authenticator option, continue with Step 9 or select Use a different verification option to select a different reset option.

  • If none of the email or phone number options are helpful, and you don’t already have an authentication app configured for your Microsoft account, select I don’t have any of these options (Continue with Step 10).

Note: The email ID and phone number listed here are ones you’ve formerly related with your Microsoft account. You won’t be able to add any more contact ways at that time.

Tip: In case you’ve allowed two-step verification for your Microsoft account, you can choose the second way to confirm your identity but you’ll be clearly told this when and if it applies to your specified account.

7. In the condition you select one of the email options, you’ll be asked to enter the full email address for the sake of verification.

  • Press Send code and then check your email account and look for a message from the Microsoft account team.

After following the above step Enter the code in that email in the Enter the code text box, then press Next and proceed with Step 11.

8. Then you choose one of the text options, and you’ll be asked to enter the last 4 digits of the phone number for verification.

  • Press Send code and then wait for some time to receive a message on your cell phone.
  • Then submit the code from that text in the Enter the code text box and then press Next Continue with Step 11.

9. If you select the Use an app option, Press Next to bring up the Verify your identity screen.

Open the authentication app that you’ve configured to work with your Microsoft account and submit the code shown in the Enter the code text box, then press Next. Continue with Step 11.

Note: In case you are not using an authentication application with your Microsoft Id, it’s too late to set it up again. Users should be recommended to utilize two-factor authentication going forward after resetting their Microsoft account using some other way here.

10. In case you select I don’t have any of these, press Next to bring up the Recover your account screen.

  • Where should we contact you? section, enter a valid Id where you can be contacted in the context of the reset process, and press Next. Make sure to write an email address that’s different than the one you don’t have ingress to! Users can also use a friend’s ID if they don’t have another one to submit.
  • Then you will check that email account for a text message from Microsoft that includes a code you need to submit for sake of recovery on the Recover your account Write the code there and then press Verify.
  • On the proceeded few screens, submit everything you can be asked about yourself and your account that might help Microsoft recognize you. Sometimes you have to enter the name, location, date of birth, passwords you have used before, Microsoft products you’ve used on your account including Skype or Xbox, email addresses you’ve used, etc.
  • At the end of the Your information has been submitted page, click OK. On the basis of the data you entered, you might be contacted by Microsoft (at the Id you gave during this reset procedure) immediately through an email or up to 24 hours later in case someone has to look at your given information on their own. Once you receive an email from the Microsoft account team, proceed with the steps they provide and continue with Step 11.

11. In the New password field, and again in the Reenter password field, add the new password you like to use for your Microsoft account.

Note: The requirement for your new password is case-sensitive because of security reasons and must be at least 8 characters in length. You can also change your password to one you are already using somewhere else.

12. After that tap Next thinking that all the above steps have been completed, and you will see that Your account has been recovered screen.

13. Press Next again to finish.

14. Now users can log in on the next page with their new reset password.


In case you have Reset your Microsoft Account Password you can now sign in to your Windows 10 or Windows 8 PC, make sure you’re interconnected to the internet at the Windows sign-in screen. If you don’t have the internet at this time then Windows is unable to receive any information from Microsoft’s servers regarding your new password.

It means to say that your old, forgotten password is still working on the system. Condition like this or in any other situation, where the above process doesn’t work but you’re sure that you have a Microsoft account, you’ll have to depend on Windows password recovery software like the Ophcrack tool.


Resetting Microsoft Account Password is an easy way to secure your account. Just follow the given steps above and you can make yourself free from unwanted security issues and threats to your account and the information in it.