How to Fix nvlddmkm.sys bsod ( Video_TDR_Failure ) On Windows 10

There are many users that have complained that their NVIDIA graphics cards are causing trouble and they see VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (nvlddmkm.sys) blue screen of death error. If you are also having this trouble, here we have some possible solutions for you to fix your trouble.


The abbreviation for Timeout, Detection, and Recovery is TDR and they are vital parts of Windows. It helps you to restrict BSODs by reestablishing the GPU or driver when you have to wait for a long time. You can identify a blue screen error, in case this error happens more than once in order.

Following are some ways through which users can fix it:

1) Re-installed NVIDIA Graphics Driver:

One of the main reasons for Video_TDR_Failure blue screen trouble might be a problematic graphics card driver. Users can download the NVIDIA graphics driver once again to resolve it:

Users can also choose Safe Mode (Recommended) or Safe Mode with Networking in case they are interested. After doing that just press, Launch.

  • Now tap Clean and Reboot, as it is highly suggested by experts.
  • As users would be able to see that their PC will reboot via automatic processing, once their display card driver is removed.
  • Then On your keyboard, tap the Windows logo key and X together and press Device Manager.
  • Now tap Action and Scan for the sake of hardware changes.
  • In the end, your PC will automatically check for accessible display driver update for you. Just wait for a few seconds and let it end its task.

2). Updating NVIDIA Graphics Driver:

In case the first solution doesn’t resolve your problem, then it might probably be the unsuitable driver that is the reason for the trouble.

Following are the two methods through which you can find the correct drivers for your graphics cards:

Manual Driver Updating: By visiting the manufacturer’s webpage users can update the right driver for their own safety. Just make one thing sure that the driver you are about to install is well-suited according to your PC.

Automatic process of Driver Updating: In case you don’t have much time, stamina, and energy to install the driver manually, you can do it via automatic way. Driver Updater will help you regarding this matter and solve your trouble without any botheration.

  • Just install Driver Updater.
  • Then Run Driver Updater and tap the Scan Now Driver Updater will scan your system and find problematic drivers. Then Press the Update button next to the flagged NVIDIA device to complete the process of the automatic way of downloading the right drivers. Users can also do this with the help of the FREE version.

After the completion of the above steps Update All to download the right version of all the drivers that are misplaced or old in your PC through the automatic process.

3). Check Programs or Drivers Conflict:

  • As the first step just delete old drivers currently present in your PC and download the newest and updated version.
  • It has also been observed and heard that driver conflict with the Logitech webcam and the integrated webcam is the reason for the trouble. So users should clean their external webcam and delete its drivers to see if it fixes their issue.

4). Run Memtest and Chkdsk Tests:

Hard drive and RAM that has a virus in them are the signs of the trouble of blue screen of death errors Users can check by the following steps if their RAM is working fine or does it has some issue:

  • Run Disk Check
    • It will let you confirm the nature of the problem and whether it’s because of some fault in the hard drive or not.
    • On your keyboard, tap the Windows key and X together and press Command Prompt.
  • Press Yes after permission of the Administrator.
  • Write the below instruction in the command prompt window and tap Enter.  chkdsk /f c:

Note:  In case your Windows didn’t save the setup file in disk C, you need to change the c: with the appropriate disk letter.

Then write Y and reboot your PC for the disk check to start.

Now when you reboot or restart your system, you would be able to see the checking procedure occurring. Just wait for a few seconds and let it end.

Run Memory Test:

  • With the help of it, users can confirm that the RAM is not the cause of that problem.
  • On your keyboard, click the Windows key and R together to invoke a Run command. After that write mdsched.exe and tap Enter.
  • Tap Restart now and check for issues to check the status of your memory card or you can also press Check for problems the next time I start my computer in you don’t want to do it right now.
  • Now users would be able to see this page displaying the progress of the check and the number of passes it will run on memory.

In case you don’t see any warning then it means your issue has been resolved.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned methods will help users to solve the trouble of TDR failure. For the sake of time and energy saving, you can apply any of the above procedures to fix this error.