Fix dxgkrnl.sys Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

There are many users who have complained about the blue screen of death error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION(dxgkrnl.sys)DirectX Graphics Kernel is the abbreviation of the code dxgkrnl.sys has told users that this code is the reason for their trouble. No need to be worried about it because here we have a few solutions to resolve your issue.

Method 1: Always Update Windows 10

It is important for users to update their Windows, always because in case you don’t have updated Windows then you would probably face trouble like this.

  • Tap the Windows logo key and X together on your keyboard and press settings. 
  • Now Press Update & Security.
  • Then tap the Check for updates button and Windows will find for the required patches for your system.
  • At the end Install updates in case of their accessibility and then you should just reboot your PC to see the alteration of effects.

Method 2: Updating Graphics Card Driver

Users should update their graphics card driver in case they see something is wrong that is interconnected with their video card, as it can be recognized by the code.

Users can find the required manufacturer’s display card driver for their system from the official webpage. In can you don’t have time, stamina, and enough skills to download drivers on your own; you can also do it via automatic processing with the help of Driver Updater, as it is efficient to install the right drivers for your PC without causing any trouble for you.

To update drivers via an automatic process, you can do it with either the FREE or the Pro version of a different Windows driver updater. With the Pro version, you can do it within just 2 taps and can also get full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

  • Installation of Driver Updater
  • Press the Scan Now button after Run Driver Updater. Windows driver updater will scan your PC and find all drivers that are problematic.
  • Now tap the Update button next to the flagged graphics card device to download the right version of this driver by automatic processing. Users can also do this with the FREE version.

You can also press update All to download the well-suited version of all misplaced and old drivers on your system automatically. All this process needs the Pro version and you’ll be ready to upgrade the time you tap onUpdate All.

Method 3: Check for Possible Hardware Failure

A problematic motherboard or something wrong with RAM can also be the cause of the trouble. In case the above procedures don’t fix your problem; you have to consult some computer expert. But before taking this step users can also try it if they have an NVIDIA graphics card. They can switch off NVIDIA Surround. Below is the way to do it:

You can tap the combination keys Ctrl + Alt + S or Ctrl + Alt + R to turn it off on your keyboard.

Sometimes the above methods don’t work, so in this case, you have to boot with some other monitor and you will see that it would be switched off through automatic processing.

Method 4: Disabling SLI

It is very important for gamers they disable SLI in the systems to fix this issue.

  • To do it just go to the Nvidia Control Panel. Here you can gain access to it by double-clicking its icon.
  • Then go to 3D Settings and press on the option of Set SLI Configuration.
  • Here let it sure that you Do Not Use SLI Technology is chosen.
  • In the end, tap Apply to save changes.

Method 5: Turn Off Nvidia Surround

Not turning off this feature will come up as an issue named dxgkrnl.sys, so it is better to fix this problem by turning it off. At times it has been said that users are unable to turn it off easily so by using CTRL+ALT+S or CTRL+ALT+R they can make it work. You can also unplug other monitors and boot with only one monitor plugged in to solve this issue if the above short keys don’t work, as it turns off this feature via automatic processing.

Method 6: Changing Graphics Memory Size in BIOS

  • You can do it by starting your PC again and tapping Del, F2 or F10 on your keyboard however your computer boots. There is this possibility that the key that you are supposed to tap might be unlike on your computer, so look for Press (key) so you could enter the Setup message however your PC is booting, and tap the indicated key.
  • Then search the option of Advanced, Advanced Chipset or Advanced Features menu.
  • At the end Locate Graphics Settings or Video Settings and alter the memory size to 128MB or greater than it.

Method 7: Check for Hardware Malfunctions

At times this error is caused by a defective RAM module or motherboard, so in case your PC is under guarantee, you should go to visit the repair shop so it can be tested for hardware failures.

Method 8: Run the SFC Scan

To solve this issue user should probably go for the SFC scan. You can do it by following the below steps:

  • As the initial step goes to Search, write cmd, and initiate the Command Prompt as Administrator before writing the following instruction and clicking Enter: sfc/scannow.
  • Wait for some time till the course ends and start your PC once again.
  • As the initial step just go to the Settings app and move to the option of Updates & Security > Troubleshoot.
  • Here just tap Blue Screen, and go running the troubleshooter.
  • Then go for the commands and allow the wizard to end the procedure before starting your PC again.

Method 10: Run DISM

  • To do it you are supposed to write cmd in the Windows search bar, right-click on the Command Prompt and initiate it as an administrator.
  • Then in the command line, you can copy and paste the following lines one after another and click Enter:

DISM /online /Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /restorehealth

We hope that by following the above steps carefully users would be able to solve this issue successfully.


By using the above-mentioned methods users can resolvedxgkrnl.sys Blue Screen that is mostly caused by an error of the code. We hope that you can easily able to fix your system’s trouble with these suggested methods.