How to Change Brightness on Windows 10

Users have often complained about the brightness of Windows 10 on their PCs. As the latest Windows has been updated, there are people who are having issues with the Brightness Control of Windows 10 and are unable to manage it. Users can resolve this problem and can maintain brightness in Windows 10.

A display driver is the main reason behind your trouble but you can solve it by updating your system’s drivers for Windows 10. There are Windows 10 users that have said that their display brightness alters through automatic processes and the level of brightness doesn’t change on their PC. Some users think that the only solution to their problem is to install Windows again in their system, although it’s not true because now with the help of Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, they can do a clean installation after updating and solve all issues.

How can Users Adjust Brightness in Windows 10?

At times, users upgrade their laptops and face issues regarding the level of brightness. As this problem will now allow you to increase or decrease the screen’s brightness on Windows 10.
While trying to fix this trouble you might end your PC’s battery very easily.

Microsoft has launched a new feature called adaptive brightness in their later versions of Windows. Adaptive brightness is very supportive in this manner and saying the battery is very important, as the screen of your system is always ready to utilize its power away whenever your system is on.

Here is how you can resolve the brightness issue of your PC.

1- Utilizing Hotkeys

To control the level of brightness the most familiar hotkeys are Fn + Up Arrow key to Increase Brightness and the Fn+ Down Arrow key to decrease the brightness on Windows.

2- Utilizing Action Center

Users can also on the Action Center > and then Tap on the brightness.

3- Manage Brightness Via Settings

  • Users can just Open Settings > System > Display.
  • Now you can see the option of Adjusting the brightness level.

4- Utilizing the Control Panel

Now just Right-click on the battery icon > and then tap Adjust the brightness. After doing that now you are successfully able enough to move the slider and now you can control the level of brightness and reduce it according to your convenience.

Maintaining the level of brightness is important while you are working on your system. It depends from person to person, as some people like to increase it to the limit while others don’t want it the same way. Whatever the condition, it is important to make the brightness button able to work for your Windows 10. From the solutions above users can fix this problem easily.