Windows Button Not Working

When we talk about personal computer systems, windows are one of the most important sources of system software. We all know that Windows 10 is one of the most genuine and regarded as one of the best aspects of the Microsoft Operating System. As we know that the start button of the system is where everything begins and outsets on Windows, so if out of nowhere it causes trouble and Windows start button not working then we can’t start working on it.

To solve the issue, we start reopening our PC or checking other hardware and drives but the problem is there. Since the upgrade of Windows 10 all over the world people is having trouble while using it.  Before fixing this problem, you have to back up your important files so you can’t lose them and save them before taking any action. Here are some techniques through which we can make Windows 10 work for us in need.

1. Restart or Restart Your PC

This is one of the easiest ways to Fix Windows Start Button Not Working. Restart any gadget including iOS, Android, Windows always help you from further strain and tension that can cause conflict in near future. Just Restart your system and you will see how it starts working again properly.

2. How to fix Viruses

In case you are fed up from starting your PC again and again, then you have to fix those files that have viruses by using PowerShell that is the programming language. Following are the steps through which you can start your required task:

  • To open the background menu, you will click right on start menu icon.
  • Secondly, you will press on the command prompt, which is used to accomplish the required instructions in further steps.
  • Write PowerShell and then click the enter button.
  • After that you will copy this text in the taskbar before entering: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | For each {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

3. Uninstall all Anti-Virus Programs

Some people install anti-virus programs in their systems for the sake of security but they don’t always work. Some users have expressed their opinions that it would be better if you uninstall or hide all anti-virus apps from your devices to make your gadgets work automatically in a proper form. So, this method also helps to get rid of Windows Start Button Not Working error.

4. Logging out from your Account

Recommended by Microsoft users should sign out from their accounts, to solve the start button problem. For this purpose, you will just click Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose sign-out. You can log in again, as soon the issue sorts out.

5. Create a New Local Administrator Account

If still you face the Windows start button not working problem then the below-recommended way to create a new local administrator account can be helpful.
To create a new local administrator account you have to complete the following steps:

  • You will press to open the application on the start menu and select setting option.
  • Choose the accounts option, by following family and other users.
  • After that press someone else to this PC.
  • Now you would be able to select I don’t have this person’s log-in information.
  • Choose to add a user who doesn’t have a Microsoft account.
  • In the last step, you will enter your username, password, and press on Next and end it.

These steps above will make your account an administrator account.

It will definitely help to resolve your problem and this way you can also resolve Cortana issues.

6. Application Identity Service

Windows 10 utilizes a service named Applocker. Its main purpose is to decide which applicants are allowed to use certain functions to use your system. Most of the times you don’t have to touch it if it pops up on your system’s screen, as it automatically knows what’s right for your system. In case you are having issues with the start menu, you can force it to run will help you solve your problem.

You will click Win + R, and type services.msc into the box then in the Services windows click right Application Identity and press Start. Reset your PC, and your Start menu should be up and working again.

7. Scan File System

It will help you get the solution to the Windows start button not working problem. if there is anything wrong with your system. When you open the Task Manager Window by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. On top of the new window, users can now see the option for File>Run new task. Press this one and then in create new box write CMD without clicking the enter button. The place where you wrote CMD you would be able to see a box with the title “‘Create this task with administrative privileges’ which actually under the place where you wrote CMD.

Now check the box and Press Enter key.
A new window will come up where you can see a cursor flashing adjacent to c: \windows\system32>
In the last step write this command: sfc/scannow and then Click Enter Key.

Your system is now able to run a scan program to figure out deviations in the PC. At times Scan program is not able to resolve the corrupt files. In that case, you will see a message which is “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but are unable to fix some (or all) of them.”

To make able to scan program to fix files that are corrupted, You need to add one more command in command prompt which is DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /restore health.
After following the above instructions you will leave the blank space and now Windows 10 will run again scan program to solve all issues in your system most of the time windows 10 start button not working issue also resolve after finishing the scan program.

8. Run Windows Updates

Microsoft has introduced its 4th most famous update named The Fall Creators Update in October 2017. This company isn’t started yet but it can fix all the problems you are facing with the start menu. To fix it you can simply go the settings and choose the option of update and security.

  • Press on the check for updates button and the Anniversary update will come through.

Users should also keep this thing in their mind that the upcoming updates named Spring Creators Update which would be introduced soon will also come up with different ideas of fixing the issue of Start Menu.

Here is the end of this article which contains 8 possible solutions to fix the Windows start button not working issue. As you can see this article contains different solutions then please let me know which solution help you to resolve this issue.