How To Reinstall Windows 7?

Today in this article we will discuss ” how to reinstall window 7 “, before starting the process firstly we should acknowledge the reasons that why we want to reinstall windows 7? I shall tell you some reason or problems when we feel that our PC’s windows will be reinstalled for better performance.  See the following reasons given below:

  • If your system will be slow down with the passage of time or System will be hanging in a couple of time during your working time.
  • Sometimes your system badly affected because of Trojan virus. Due to this reason you have only one option to reinstall windows.
  • Sometimes you want to change the setting of your system. The changing depend on add some file on your system or delete some file on your system. Maybe you can delete the wrong file that is very important for better performers of your system. So, in this situation, you have a need of reinstalling the windows.
  • Your registry is the more complicated database of code that is joined with every program or operations that is run on your system. This type of code is very important for proper function of your PC. During the process of uninstalling or installing any software on your PC, the registry code or directories may be delete or damage. If this type of problem occurs you have a need to reinstall the windows on your PC.

So, according to the above reasons user wants to reinstall the windows 7 if you are using windows 7 already. Follow this article step by step to reinstall windows 7.

Procedure to Reinstall Windows 7:

Yes, I know very well few users know about the important recovery feature of windows 7. Windows 7 has a best operating system and have enhanced features of UI and best performance. With the help of Advance Recovery method, we can easily reinstall windows 7. We can reinstall windows 7 in different ways like as recovery image that is provided by the manufacturer of windows 7 and installation of Windows 7 with the help of CD or DVD and USB flash drive.

Step 1:

Click on start button then write Recovery in the search box and after it, you will see the Recovery option on your PC click on it.


Step 2:

Now click on Advanced Recovery Method and window of advanced recovery method will be open.



Step 3:

Now you can see advanced recovery method has Two options. The first option is ” use an image you created earlier to recover your computer “. The second option is ” Reinstall windows (Requires Windows installation disc) “. Some detail about these two options given below.



First option: Use an image you created earlier to recover your computer:

When you select the first option, you can replace anything on your system included programs and all file in which information saved that is related to the system image.

 Second option: Reinstall window (Requires Window installation disc).

Through this option, you can reinstall window on your can restore all file from backup. Any programs have needed to reinstall from the original installation disc or step file that is installed before.

Step 4:

Click on the Second option Which is Reinstall windows (Requires Window installation disc).Then you will see a pop-up window having a message ” do you have the installation disc “. Now you can click yes option.


  • During this procedure of installation, it asks you, if you interested to backup of your file that is save in your PC in the next step. So, if you interested, then you can click backup now option. Otherwise, you can also skip this option.
  • Now you can click Restart option for restarting the reinstalling procedures.



Step 5:

When you click the restart the button, waiting after some time you can see the following screen. Now you can click the next option for further more procedures. System Recovery option consists of the different set of tools this is very important for repair of your PC.It also searches the hard drive for installing the windows 7.


Step 6:

In this step, you will see the message of reinstallation windows 7 confirmations. Then you can select the windows 7 installation. After that, you can click the next button to continue the next procedure.


Step 7:

In this step, firstly you will insert installation windows 7 discs or bootable USB attached to your system. Then you will do the same procedure of installation of windows and also you should follow the instruction of installation of windows. These instructions step by step are as follows in form of screenshots and take an action during your installation window 7 procedures.

1st: If you use CD or DVD then select the 3rd option and if you use Bootable USB then select the 1st option.



2nd: Press any key from your keyword.


3rd: Now you need to wait few minutes for loading important files of windows.



4th: After loading the file of windows, you will see the welcome window and then this type of screenshot will see. Then you can select any language as you like for installing. And you can select the time and currency format and keyboard input method as you like. Then you can click next option to proceed the further procedures.



5th: Here you can select the Repair your computer option because this option help to make the whole procedure error-free. When we click on ” Install Now ” button for clean windows 7 installation and while doing it, sometimes we face some problem then we move back and go to the Repair your computer option which is located at the bottom level of installation windows.


Now you will go to Repair your Computer option to complete the rest of the procedure of reinstalling Windows 7.

Step 8:

In this step, you will select the option of startup repair from the system recovery option. But you can see more option that is used for different purpose.



Step 9:

Now in this step, you will remove USB drive or CD and DVD from your PC because of the proper function of Startup Repair. Otherwise, it will not give the correct result of your problem.

Moreover, startup Repair will also research the problems that are very important for the good functions for your operating system.  And also give the solution of those problems.




Step 10:

In this step, the Startup Repair option will repair the problem. If the startup repair can’t find the problems then you cannot see this step. So you can’t take tension about this step. During this process, your PC will restart many times.



Step 11:

In this step finally, you can click the finish button after completing the procedures for finding problems and resolved these problems. Now your Windows 7 will restart successfully. If your windows can’t restart its means that your startup recovery tool cannot find a problem. And not give the solution to that problem. In this situation, you will repeat the procedures of the searching problem in startup repair.



Step 12:

In this step, windows take some time to install important files. At that time you can set the password as well as you can type the username and Pc name of your PC. You can see in the given pictures.





Now you can select recommend setting, then you can select the Time Zone of your PC. Normally Time and date already correct but be sure to confirm it. If you want to change then you can do it.





Step 13:

Now select your computer’s current location. Because Windows 7 setup proper network security which will be very strong and difficult for the public access but this security is lighter for the private access to your home or work area.
Select Home Network or Work Network, it’s on you which one you like to select.



After selecting the Network, Windows 7 will take some time to connecting your PC to the network.
Now Windows 7 preparing your desktop within few minutes like adding icons, prepare the start menu etc. All changes will be done automatically and you nothing to do for this purpose.

Congratulation! The procedure of Reinstall Windows 7 has been completed. Windows 7 successfully reinstalled on your PC and also reinstalled all software and drivers.  Your Windows 7 is ready for the use.

Hope this article helpful for you and if anyone face problem while following this procedure then let me know your problem in the Comment box. I will help you as soon as possible. Good Luck.