Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Windows 10 Not Working Error

In case users are able to see a yellow sign of exclamation or a question mark near to their Intel (R) Management Engine Interface (IMEI) device name in Device Manager, there is no need to be worried about because in this article we have some ways to solve this trouble for you.

Defining Intel Management Engine Interface:

Users first knew about Intel with IMEI the time it came into the surface with older chipsets.
Then IMEI changed, and now it’s known as AMT. It permits users to have the remote control to a PC in case that PC doesn’t own as OS or is switched off. In this situation, users would be able to configure and download the OS from some space on the selected PC, which might probably be at some other side.

Following are some methods through which users can resolve Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Windows 10 not working error:

1. Updating Windows

Users are required to check in case they have any new updates from Windows Update that you missed before. In case you find any just update them before you go for the below instructions.

  • In the start on your keyboard, tap the Windows logo key and I altogether and then press the option of Update & security.


  • Now tap to Check for updates.


  • In case you find any updates, let it confirm that you update the whole device and then restart your PC.

2. Reinstall Drivers Manually

Issues relevant to driver error are the indicators of The Code 10 error in Device Manager. If the driver issue could be relevant to incorrect driver downloaded. You can go for the following steps:

Firstly on your keyboard, click the Windows logo key and X altogether and press the option of Device Manager.


  • Next tap to extend System devices. Right-click Intel (R) Management Engine Interface and press to delete.


  • After the completion of the above steps when prompted with the uninstall confirmation, check the box for Delete the driver software for this device, and tap OK to proceed.


  • At the end restart your PC and you will see that Windows will assist you to update the right driver via automatic processing the time you to restart.

3. Updating Drivers to Fix Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Windows 10 Error

Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Windows 10 not working error can be caused by system incompatibility issues. Users can easily fix such problem by updating these drivers.

  • As first step gain access to Device Manager on your system: right-click on the Windows Start icon and tap on the Device Manager entry.


  • Now from Device Manager extract the System devices
  • Here you can go and find the Intel Management Engine Interface
  • After the completion of the above steps right click on Intel Management Engine Interface and select ‘update driver software’.
  • Then wait for some time so the driver is updated and exit the window after that.
  • Go and restart your device. Hopefully, your issue would be resolved.

Note: TweakBit Driver Updater is suggested by experts so they can install all old drivers on their system via automatic processing. This device will stop file loss and support you to save yourself from long-term issues to your system that occurred by installing the incorrect driver versions.

Disclaimer: There are some characteristics of this device that are not free of cost.

4. Start System Scan

Common issues can be sorted out via automatic processing and starting a build-in troubleshooter.
It is a software troubleshooter that scans for issues within the system of Windows. In case issues are found, the software will solve everything. Below are some steps through which users can do it.


  • Here you will see that the cmd window will be popped up on your PC.
  • Now write sfc /scannow and click Enter.
  • After the completion of the above steps, a system scan will be started and it might take some time (based on how many things are saved on your PC).
  • At the end just reboot your device and verify in case the issues are fixed.


5. Updating BIOS

In case the troubleshooting steps from the above method don’t solve the Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Windows 10 Not Working Error, you should try to update BIOS. It is based on your manufacturer and on your particular motherboard you can finish the update process via automatic processing, via BIOS interface.

In other conditions, you have to install the update patches for the sake of your BIOS system from your manufacturer webpage.

Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Windows 10 Not Working Error is one of the main issues often happened and users are worried because of it. We hope that from the above procedures you would be able to solve this issue out.