One Or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer Windows 10

The problem is known as one or more network protocols are missing on this computer windows 10 is an error that is caused by Windows Sockets registry entries that are needed for the connectivity of the network. It gives you warnings when this issue is registered by Windows Network Diagnostics when these entries are not there.

It also displays when your system is unable to connect to the internet, and you have to tap the Diagnose button. Users may also be capable to locate their destination address but their browser will not be able to do the same thing. The problem with Windows Sockets API is also known as Winsock which is the main reason behind your system’s error.

It has also this duty to maintain the network requests of the programs that are currently running and those that are outgoing. At times this problem can also start from your Internet Provider, but in case the Internet’s working on other devices that are interconnected to the same ISP properly, then you can say that the ISP is Okay and users can proceed with the instructions of troubleshooting.

Note: The solutions mentioned in this article are workable for all versions of Windows.

1. Restore Files of Misplaced Protocols

Users can install and run Reimage Plus so they can scan for all faulty files. In case it searches the files that are corrupted, you should probably fix them first to resolve One or more network protocols that are missing on this computer Windows 10 Error.

2. Resetting Winsock

Winsock corruption is famous to be the most common cause of your issue. Most of the time, this issue which is network protocols missing is solved by resetting Winsock. You can do it by the Following instructions given below:

  • Tap the Windows key as the first step. Now in the search bar, write cmd. Then from the list of results shown; right-click on cmd and tap Run as Administrator. In case you are on Windows 8 or 10, then Hold the Windows Key and Click X. At the end tap Command Prompt (Admin) and press.
  • Now In the black command prompt window users can write Netsh Winsock reset and tap Enter.
  • Now you need to restart your PC and see if your error has been fixed or not.

3. Restart Network Adapters

A minor error can also be the cause of your problem as it restricts to choice to pick the protocols. Users can fix it easily by rebooting or restarting. You can do it by Pressing the Windows Key and Clicking R. In the run dialog, write ncpa.cpl and tap OK.

Now users would be able to see a list of network adapters, in case you don’t know which one is yours then you can go back towards the following instructions on all of the listed adapters, or do it on the one that you’re currently utilizing for the sake of connecting.

After the completion of the above steps just Right-click your Network Adapter, and select Disable. Now right-click on it again and select Enable.
Hope, one or more network protocols are missing has been resolved.

4. Resetting other Components

Here we will reset and refresh components that have somehow some connection with the connectivity of the network.

You can easily install the batch file OR make a text file and save it with the name fixnetwork.bat with the below code in it.

Now Right click on the installed file or the bat file you made while utilizing the above instructions and tap Run as Administrator. Now check to gain access and ignored messages, in case you do see any, then continue with the following instructions below or tap any key when it says on the black window, so you can restart it. TEST it after restarting.

It is vital to make a registry backup before going towards the instructions of the registry. Users can also do this by pressing File -> Export (with Computer) chosen from the top left pane and sending it (saving it somewhere on your PC). This process should be applied everywhere you see the link to altering the registry.

Users can change permissions by editing the below registry key:

You can do it by pressing the Windows key and tapping R. Now write regedit in the run dialog and click Enter. You would be able to see Registry editor will be opened.

Then hold the CTRL key and Tap F. In the Find What box, you are supposed to write the below value and tap Find Next.

Just wait for it to find the key, the time it finds it, extract this key to look for the folder that is named 26  ” eb004a00-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc ” 

The Key to Full PATH IS the following

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Nsi/{eb004a00-9b1a-11d4-09123-0050047759bc}/26. -00

Now Right click on 26 and tap on the option of Permissions.

Note: In case the Error is with your system or PC users should try to utilize the Reimage Plus Software which can scan the repositories and change faulty and misplaced files. It will work in many conditions, where the issue is caused by some defects in the system.

Now tap Add button and write everyone in the text box and click OK. In case everyone is already there, then give it Full Access. Now tap OK and run the installer file as Administrator.
Check your problem ” one or more network protocols are missing on this computer ” resolved.

5. Reinstallation of TCP/IP

TCP/IP is a combination of protocols that explains how users can gain access to the Internet. Any kind of inconsistency can block your internet access on the spot. Just hold the Windows Key and tap R. Now write ncpa.cpl and press OK.

  • Now users can have a wired or wireless connection, whatever is the active connection, right-click on it and select the option of Properties.
  • Under This Component Uses the Following Items and tap the install button. After doing that tap Protocol, and press the Add button.
  • Then tap the Have Disk button. Under Copy Manufacturer’s files from box, just write C:\windows\inf and press OK.
  • Under the category of Network Protocol list, press Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then tap OK.

In case you get the message that This program is blocked by a group policy error, then there is another registry entry to add and permit allow downloading. Now hold the Windows key and tap R.

After the completion of the above steps write regedit and tap Enter.

Now users can ingress in the Registry Windows by following the below instruction.


Right, click on paths in the left pane and tap Remove. After this users would be able to repeat the above method to download TCP/IP.

Now Close all windows, and restart your PC. Your error of one or more network protocols are missing should be ended now.
In case not, move towards the next method. Because this solution is unable to fix the windows that are home-based.

6. Uninstall or Deleting and reinstallation Antivirus Software

In case you have downloaded any Internet Security Software or Antivirus, it might probably be restricting you to gain access to the Internet. Disable it for the time being and to check whether that’s what creates the problem. The fastest process is to just delete it, restart the system, and then test. In case your system works without it, then download some other AntiVirus. Now tap the Windows key and click R. In the run dialog write appwiz.cpl and tap OK. After doing the above instructions now in the list of programs, go for your security software and right-click on it. Press delete and Follow the guidelines to erase and restart your PC.

7. Powerline Adapters

In case users are utilizing a Powerline Adapter, then it can also interfere with your network. Simple Restart can fix many of these issues. Go for the guidelines for the adapter to restart or reboot your Powerline Adapter.

8. Disable or Hide Proxy

Here now just Go to Settings -> Network -> Proxy -> Manual Proxy Settings and turn this option off.

9. Changing the Internet router’s Wireless Mode to 802.11g

By altering the wireless router’s Wireless Mode to 802, users would be able to resolve this error (One or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer Windows 10)easily in place of 11g instead of 802.11b+g+n. All wireless routers are set to the 802.11b+g+n Wireless Mode out of the box already. For the sake of altering your internet router’s Wireless Mode to 802.11g, you have to follow the below steps:

  • As the initial step, log in to your wireless router’s administration and settings panel via the browser of your own interest. Steps for gaining an approach to your wireless router’s administration and settings panel will be available on the user guideline that comes along with your wireless router.
  • Remove all corrupted files under the Wireless list for a set by the name of Wireless Mode or Mode.
  • Now arrange your wireless router’s Mode/Wireless Mode to 11g or 11g – whichever implements in your case.
  • Then the changes and end your wireless router’s administration and settings panel.
  • After the completion of the above steps restarts the wireless router and your system.
  • Now see if your problem (One or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer Windows 10) has been resolved or not.

10. Reset Wireless Router

In case not a single process solves your system’s error (One or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer Windows 10) there is one more thing that you can try, and that is to hard reset your wireless router. It will be the source of all of its settings and to give you access to go back to your default values, and in any condition, resolve this problem and reinstall internet access. Users can do it by the following steps:

Get close to some object that has an edged shape.

Now locate the recessed Reset button on your router. This button is a small hole usually present at the back of a router with the term Reset mentioned on the top or below it.

Put that edged object you collected into the Reset button and press it inside. Now tap and hold the button for some time, as it will finally reset your router.

The time router has been reset, restart it and begin after the process of reconfiguration.

One or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer Windows 10 is an issue now a day for users to tackle easily. By following the above methods users might probably be able to fix their issues.