Fix: The Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable

Suppose you’re working on a very important project and at the time of printing you face an error on the screen like the active directory domain services is currently unavailable” then what is your feeling at that time? Of course, you’re feeling not good and want to get rid of this error as soon as possible.

The active directory domain services is currently unavailable means that your PC is not able to search and connect with the printer. So the whole process has been stopped for further work. Some people think this error is due to the printer which is wrong. You will face this error in all version of Windows like windows 7, 8, 8.1, and especially Windows 10. Don’t worry, It’s a very common error and so many people report this error.


There are more than one reason behind this error. It occurs due to missing drivers or outdated printer drivers, UAC and the user permissions don’t allow the printer in Microsoft Office applications.


There are a lot of methods to fix “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable” error. This article contains some easy methods which help you to fix this error yourself, just follow the steps given.

Method No. 1: Printer Basic Troubleshooting

  • Press Window key logo + W then write Troubleshooting in the search bar.
  • You can see the right side of the Troubleshooting Control Panel Menu, click on View all, and then choose the printer from the list which appear in front of you. See the below pictures.
  • Now wait a few minutes and give time to Troubleshooter to identify the error and fix it.
    If you don’t get the solution from this method then move on to other methods.

Method No. 2: Updating Printer Drivers and Adding Printer

If Troubleshooting does not give you the solution and you’re still seeing “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable” error, then you can use this method. Sometimes printers are automatically added to your operating system when you connect with all the drivers being installed but sometimes not. Now we can update the printer drivers and add the printer again.

  • If the printer is connected to your PC, then remove the printer before starting this method.
  • Go running application (Windows + R) and write Control Panel.
  • In Control Panel Search Devices and Printers click on “Hardware and Sound” and then you will see a window like this.
  • Check if your printer has already been added then delete it and add a new Printer.
  • When you click on Add Printer then Windows will search all available printers.
  • This will add your printer to your operating system or PC. But you make sure the printer is connected correctly.
  • Now you need to update the printer driver.
  • Open Run Application (Window log key + R) and then write “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter.
  • You will see a window and from the list find “Print queues”. Expand list and choose your printer then right-click and Update Driver Software.
  • After click on Update Driver Software then a window will open and you need to select 2nd option which is “Browse my computer for driver software
  • Then select the location where you want to place the downloaded drivers for the printer. Normally we like to select C disk. When you selected place then Press Next Button and after completing the process, you must restart your computer and hopefully, you will get the solution to this problem.

Method No.3: Restarting Printer Spooler Service

Most of the time we face this problem when the Printer Spooler Service stops working. Actually, this service is responsible to manage all print-related tasks being sent to the printer. Now we try to restart this service and find the solution to this problem. Let’s start to fix the active directory domain services is currently unavailable Error.

  • Go to running Application and then type “services.msc” and press Enter.
  • Now search the Printer Spooler from the pop-up window list of services.
  • Right-click on Print Spooler and go to properties to check service is running or stopped. If the service is running, then restart it to set the Startup Type to automatic and Press OK.
  • Now restart your PC and check printer is working well or not but you make sure the printer connects correctly to the computer.

Method No. 4: Registry Editor and Granting Permissions

Caution: Be careful while making some changes in the entries because any mistake badly affected your system. Therefore, it’s my suggestion to have a backup for your system before starting this method.

  • Go Run the application and type “regedit” in the dialogue box and Press OK.
  • A window pops up and now you need to follow the given chain
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > right click on Windows NT > CurrentVersion.
  • You can see 3 sub keys in Current Version which are Devices, Printer Ports, and Windows.  Now you need to give permission to all devices separately to right-click and choose permissions there.
  • Now select your account from the given list then Tick mark on Allow column which is in front of the “full control” and make sure Deny column is unchecked. Then click on Apply and OK.
  • As I mentioned above you will do the same setting to grant permission to Windows and PrinterPorts.
  • Close the Registry Editor, unplug the Printer, and restart your system. Then reinstall the printer and check the Error got solved.


This is the end of the guide to fix the Error “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable”. If you follow this article step by step, then you can easily fix this error yourself. I fully try to make this article user-friendly. If you have any questions related to it then leave them in the Comment Box.