Does Your Chromecast Not Working on TV, Android & PC?

There can be many reasons behind your “Chromecast not working”. I provide you with some solutions. If none of them get work, then you may have to bring it back to the related store because there can be hardware problem exists on your device.

Types of Errors preventing your device from work properly:

There can be the following errors occur on your Chromecast device.

  1. When using a Chromecast device, you may see an error or warning message.
  2. You may have encountered issues when casting your apps from devices to the TV.
  3. When setting up your Chromecast device problem exists.
  4. Problems occur when setting up other guest modes.
  5. If you may have received the faulty device.

Solutions / Fixes to the “Chromecast not working” problem:

1- Move your Modem near the Chromecast device

There can be a problem if WIFI signals reaching to the Chromecast device are weak. Moving your modem near to the device can fix your “Chromecast not working” problem. Alternatively, you can use another router to extend the WIFI signals, if you cannot move your router to a different location.

2- Restart Modem / Router

Sometimes restarting your modem/router device can fix problems. For restarting, push the power button located on the Modem, wait for 1 minute, and turn it back on. And try to connect your Chromecast device with WIFI again.

3- Use the HDMI cable

Chromecast devices come with a short HDMI cable. The purpose of this cable is to provide some extra room to the Chromecast device to connect to WIFI. By using this you don’t need to move your modem/router near to the device. Just use this HDMI cable, if it can help to catch the WIFI signals.

4- Your Network should be operating at the 2.4GHz frequency

WIFI networks operate at two bands i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 2.4GHz is the latest and hence superior to the two. Video mirroring and streaming over WIFI is more effective over 2.4GHz frequency rather than 5GHz. For this, you have to check your Modem / Router settings. Just open the settings page and find what frequency it is using, if it is using 5GHz then change it to 2.4GHz.

If your Modem / Router doesn’t have a 2.4GHz frequency. Leave it be. Your Chromecast still be able to work on it. For this, you have to tick the option for “Enable guest mode” during the Chromecast setup.

5- Factory Data Reset

Quick recovering the device is to use the Reset option of Chromecast which will restore your device’s internal setting to its factory defaults. It will not delete any of your app data. It means you just have to set up the Chromecast device again.

Resetting Chromecast

Hold the power button located at the back of your Chromecast device for at least 25 seconds. When your TV or any connected display goes blank, just release the button and wait for it to clear its cache/memory.

6- Change your Modem / Router channels

Many Modem/routers came up with the same wireless channel operating. It means if your neighbors have the same wireless channel configuration, there can be interference between both WIFI networks.

For this, go to router settings, find the Wireless section, and underneath you will find the “Channel and SSID” option. Go to the Channel field if it is set to Auto change it to any custom number. So, it’ll operate on different wireless channels.

7- Update Modem / Router firmware

There can be a problem with your router/modem that prevents your “Chromecast not working”. An update of the router’s firmware to the latest version can fix your “Chromecast not working” issue. If it doesn’t fix the issue, at least your modem will be restricted by hackers’ access and its processing can be enhanced.


If nothing is wrong with your Chromecast device, I mean if your device doesn’t have hardware problems then this guide definitely help you to fix this problem. You can leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for us. Best of luck.