Fixed: How to pair XBOX One Controller (Not Syncing Issue)

Most of “Xbox One” users know very well that how to connect the Xbox controller with their Console. But on the other hand, many beginners face a lot of problems while connecting their Console with Xbox controller. Let’s talk about how to pair XBOX Controller to help such common people. After reading this article, hopefully, they resolve their connection issues.

Solution :

You can encounter the following problems which are mentioned below with solution.

  • Turn ON Controller:

Firstly, check your Xbox controller either fully charged or not?
Then Make Sure your Xbox controller is ON.

If you are trying to turn on your Xbox Controller but it’s not turning ON, then there must be the issue of Battery. It’s quite Possible that your Xbox controller battery is low and that’s why it’s not receiving signals from Wi-Fi to make the connection with a console.

If the above mention condition is true then Xbox light flash and turn off.

  • Low Battery issues:

  1. If your Xbox button flashes then it means that wireless Controller has power or fully charged.
  2. If the light is not flashing then the problem is in the battery, so replace the battery with new one.
  3. After Replacement makes it fully charged because if it is not fully charged then it creates a problem in making a connection. After this reconnect with Xbox Controller.
  • Power cycle your Controller:

The power cycle is a process to fully reboot your console without deleting any of your data including games or music etc.

  1. There is a button in front of the Xbox console, hold that button and press it to turn it “OFF”. This action takes approximately 10s to execute the process of “Shut Down”.
  2. Now repeat the same procedure to turn “ON” the Xbox console.
  3. Then Check out if the connection has been created with the console or not?
  • Disconnect After Connection with Console:

If your Xbox controller is connecting to the console but during usage, it gets disconnected. This problem shows the following issues:

  1. It means your wireless connection gets inactive after at least 15 mins. This means your Xbox Controller is designed in such a way that it got to sleep or is inactive after 15 mins. So, reconfigure your Xbox Controller “power setting”.
  • Signal issues / Range Problems:

  1. Original Xbox Controller is designed to operate with 6m or 19 feet. So, it might possible you may go out of range like 9m instead of the 6m that is required to make a strong wireless connection. Also, make sure NO metallic objects exist in the middle of the console and the Xbox Controller.
  2. Because wireless devices like Mobile, Wireless Router or micro Oven interrupt the signal and causes un-establishment of connection.
  • Check for Update:

Make sure that your Xbox console is up to date but if it is not up to date and you are receiving messages like check for the update then follow the below-described procedure for the update of the Xbox Controller:

  1. Use a USB cable to connect the Controllers to Console.
  2. Then Sign into Xbox Live.
  3. Press Xbox Controller Button, and Go to its Setting.
  4. Select Kinect & Devices.
  5. Select Devices & Accessories.
  6. Click the controller you are using.
  7. If the update option is Available then press it to download updates.
  8. After pressing you will see a downloading bar on the screen. Install updates and reconnect with the console, hopefully, it will work finely.
  • Unlimited Controllers Connected:

You can’t connect with more than eight controllers simultaneously. Because Controllers have limited connections.

  • Re-sync Your Controller:

To resolve this issue of Re-sync connection. If you want to resync the wireless Xbox controller to fix connection issues, then follow these steps:

  1. Press the Connect button that is located on the front of the console.
  2. In other versions of Xbox One, this button is located on the side of the Controller Disc tray.
  3. Hold and Press the Connect Button. The button flashes will convert into strong light after a few minutes. It means that it is resynchronized.

This method shows you that, the connection between the controllers and the console is recovered.

  • Headset Preventing to Connect Controller:

In some situations, the headset creates problems connecting the controller. If your headset is hooked up to the controller, you can remove it and try to reconnect.

Conclusion:  I tried my best to cover all issues and its solutions. If still, anyone has a problem then leave your problem in the comment box. I will provide the possible solution to your problem. Good Luck…..