Ways to Open keynote to PowerPoint On Windows & Mac

In case users are making presentations on their at-home Mac or on the go on their iPad utilizing Keynote but then want to change them to PowerPoint while using at work on a Windows machine? Or in the case of the opposite, do you need to work with a PowerPoint presentation on your Mac or iPad utilizing Keynote?  It might be possible that you received a Keynote presentation from someone and want to change that into PowerPoint. It sounds difficult to open Keynote to Powerpoint on pc and Mac but it is not as difficult as it seems to be.

Apple’s Keynote is created to make unique presentations on your Mac & iPad that is more popular than Microsoft’s counterpart which is PowerPoint. These keynote presentations are saved as Keynote format files with “.key” file extensions.

Apple introduced the keynote program and that’s why it is only accessible to those who are utilizing Mac Apple and iDevices, so there is not any available version for Windows. As Keynote must be downloaded on the PC you have currently in use to play Keynote files, windows don’t playback any Keynote files. But, in case you made a presentation in Keynote but for some reason want to move it to PowerPoint, there is an easy method to change your presentation that permits you to edit, see and play on a Microsoft Windows system.

Users can open Keynote Presentations on PowerPoint like the mentioned process below:

  • As the first step for Mac users, File > Export To > PowerPoint.
  • Now on iPads and other iDevices, the Share button > Send a Copy > PowerPoint.
  • Then utilize iCloud’s Webpage through a browser like Safari or Chrome and select Settings > Download a Copy.
  • In the last step try a Third-Party File Viewer.

Opening a Keynote (.key) File in PowerPoint ( Export to PPT)

In case you made or received a presentation in Keynote, the following are the steps to edit, open and view this file on Windows utilizing PowerPoint

  • Users can export their presentation into a PowerPoint document with the help of Keynote. These presentations are saved as PowerPoint (.ppt or pptx) files. You can do this by launching the Keynote application and then opening the presentation. Then choose File > Export to > PowerPoint and your work has been completed.
  • It’s simple on an iPad utilizing the export to PowerPoint. Now work on your presentations on an iPad and email them to your work account, changed to PowerPoint all via iPad.

In case you received a Keynote presentation but don’t have a Mac iPad with Keynote downloaded in it, ask the person who sent them to you to send the slides of Keynote (or someone else who has this application) so they can save the Keynote file as a PowerPoint presentation.  After doing that the person sends the ppt or pptx file, and you can easily open and edit it on your Windows PC.

Export a File from Keynote to PowerPoint Utilizing iPad

If you want to export a file to PowerPoint, you have to make a copy of the file by the time you’re ready to send it.

  • Press the Share button from the presentation manager.
  • Then click “Send a Copy.”
  • After the completion of the above steps chooses the document you need to send.
  • Now select Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) format.
  • Here choose the way you want to send the file (via Mail, DropBox, etc.)
  • At the end finish the process of sending.

Note: The time you export to PowerPoint, it takes place of any of the unidentified fonts with the help of its system-recognized fonts. Microsoft also exchanges your animations and transitions with other similar Office animations and transitions.

Open a Keynote (.key) file in PowerPoint using iCloud Option

ICloud permits your PC to utilize iWork as well. The time you utilize iWork for iCloud, you gain access to all your presentations on any Mac or Windows PC web browser. Keynote for iCloud allows you to open, work and share your files from any Windows PC interconnected to the internet with assisted browser downloaded.

You only have to sign in to iCloud.com, open Keynote, and initiate editing. If you want to work in Keynote for iCloud, you suppose to upgrade your iCloud account to utilize iCloud Drive or the Files Application. Except for that Keynote for iCloud only installs .pptx files, not .ppt.

Apple’s iCloud webpage and iWork changes your Keynote Presentations into PowerPoint Files

  • As the initial step go and visit icloud.com
  • After that sign in with your Apple email address and password. Make one in case you don’t have any.
  • After logging in choose Keynote.
  • Now go to the Settings Menu and upload your Keynote presentation.
    • Then double-click the presentation you just uploaded.
    • Now choose “Download a Copy…” then choose PowerPoint.
    • At the end open your PowerPoint file on your Windows PC.

    Present Utilizing iCloud, no Installation or Export Needed

    Presenting your Keynote presentation via any latest browsers is very simple. You just need to open a browser window (like Firefox, Internet Explorer/ Safari/Chrome) write in iCloud.com, and sign in, the time you are there just choose Keynote for iCloud. Now you would be able to open your presentation and tap the play button to let the worker finish. cloud’s Keynote also permits online editing and there is no need to install it.

    Thoughtful regarding Fonts

    While utilizing iCloud, your Mac’s local fonts don’t carry over to iCloud, so make this thing confirm that you utilize system fonts that your system and iCloud share. In case you utilize local fonts, iCloud replaces them with the system fonts. Except for all that on iCloud’s Keynote, some transitions and animation might not probably work properly, it is based on your present net connection.

    In case you are conscious regarding fonts and transition/animation quality? Then you should think about saving the file as a QuickTime movie. Quicktime’s main purpose is to save all the similar fonts and effects. There is no doubt about it that if your presentation is visible when there are no possibilities of modifications and editing. In case you go for this track, just check that Quicktime is downloaded on the Windows PC you utilize.

    Considering an iPad

    Via iPad it is way too simple to present your Keynote slides in the classroom, in business meetings, and in larger presentations. In case you are utilizing a projector or large display, you have to switch the projector’s input with the help of a PC (or some other device) to the iPad.

    For the iPad to connect to the projector or display you need to have a Lightning to VGA adapter. IPads have some extra plus points in permitting easy on-screen annotation right on top of your Keynote slides.

    Utilizing a Third-Party File Viewer or Converter

    Users can also go for another option which is to utilize the file opener program, like File Viewer Lite, that opens many different types of formats. You can easily open the Keynote presentations to see or present but there is no option for editing or making any changes on many of these programs you open.

    You can also select a file converter, like Zamzar or CloudConvert, to change your keynote files with the help of PPT (PowerPoint) as well as PDF formats.

    Going for the Other Method ( PowerPoint to Keynote )

    It’s not very simple to take your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from Windows PC (or PowerPoint for Mac) and import it into Keynote. As Keynote now assists more PowerPoint attributes like conditional formatting, commenting, and bubble charts. You can also go to Apple’s webpage to check in detail about information regarding various attributes that are well-suited with Keynote.

    With the help of Keynote, users can easily open their presentations. You can just open Keynote on your Mac, choose import an already existing file, and then select your PowerPoint presentation. Your work has been finished. Keynote also helps in uploading Microsoft PowerPoint and Office 97.

    Uploading a PowerPoint File to Keynote for iCloud

    • Here you can log into your iCloud account.
    • Tap Keynote
    • Now drag the file you need to upload into the presentation manager and select the option of Upload Presentation.
    • Then locate and choose the file on your Windows PC or Mac.
    • You will see that your file shows in Keynote for iCloud.

    Opening a PowerPoint File on your iPad

    • As the first step send the Powerpoint presentation by email or upload it to Google Drive, iCloud Drive, DropBox, or some other Cloud storage service.
    • Here now you can go to that storage cloud’s application and choose the attachment. The time it opens, press the file and click the Share button. Then press Copy to Keynote.
    • After the completion of the above steps now your iPad imports via automatic way and changes the file to Keynote.
    • You would be able to see the opened file here you might get a message that the file was edited the last time in an application other than the most recent version of Keynote for iOS or that Keynote doesn’t help some segments of the original presentation.
    • In the end, the keynote allows you to know about the 100% things it doesn’t assist with or in case it made any replacements for things like fonts.

    With the help of this article, users might probably be able to understand how can they easily open Keynote to PowerPoint on pc and Mac.