What are Intel Chipset Drivers?

Intel introduced its latest version, of Chipset Device Software on January 17, 2017. These Intel chipset drivers are the newest version of these drivers and work better with the latest Intel-based motherboards.

Note: If we talk in technological terms Intel’s INF updates are not drivers, but they are updates for those significant files that tell Windows how to utilize Intel-integrated hardware.

Variations in Intel Chipset Drivers v10.1.1.42:

The best thing regarding this update is that it solves the problem relevant to the wrong version number, as it also includes help for some new devices.

Note: In case you’re not having any problems with your system’s hardware then this update isn’t important. Except that experts have also noticed that it would be out of the ordinary if Intel chipset drivers cause any issues.

Installation of Intel Chipset Drivers v10.1.1.42:

Users can easily install the newest Intel chipset drivers from Intel, directly.

Download Intel Chipset Device Software v10.1.1.42:

This updated Intel chipset driver is workable for both 64-bit and 32-bit editions of Windows 7, 8 8.1, and 10.

The following drivers are workable only with the below Intel chipsets:

  • The Intel Atom Chipsets
  • Intel Celeron Chipsets
  • An Intel Pentium Chipsets
  • Intel 9 Series Chipsets
  • Intel Core M Chipsets
  • 6th Generation Intel Core Chipsets
  • 5th Generation Intel Core Chipsets
  • 4th Generation Intel Core Chipsets
  • 3rd Generation Intel Core Chipsets
  • 2nd Generation Intel Core Chipsets

Intel Chipset Drivers for Discontinued Motherboards: 

Another good thing about Intel is that it keeps the previous version of its chipset drivers for a long list of discontinued motherboards.

Download Intel Chipset Software v9.1.2.1008 (2010-09-29):

Here support is only available up to Windows 7 for these boards.

Solutions if these New Intel Chipset Drivers Cause Error:

In case something breaks after downloading these chipset drivers, you can just remove them and then download them again. Users can also do this in Control Panel from the suitable applet.

In case downloading the Intel chipset driver, the package doesn’t help, you can go back to the driver. It is something that can be done from the Control Panel.
We hope that this article and the provided information in it regarding Intel chipset drivers will help users to understand the true nature of it.