How to Reinstall Windows 10

In this article, I’m discussing the way how to reinstall Windows 10. Before starting this topic, we discuss the advantages of Windows 10. I am trying to give the answer to why we use Windows 10 nowadays.

Advantages of Windows 10

  • It is the latest and greatest updated version of all Windows editions.
  • The modern app is redesigned for better’s uses.
  • Mostly Windows 10 drivers update automatically but also have some drivers to be updated manually.
  • Using the Windows store, users can access modern apps.
  • General stability and performance increased.

Now we will come back to the topic of the reinstall of Windows 10. In this stage, the question will arise in our mind why we have to need to reinstall Windows 10. So I am telling you the answer to this question in an easy way.

The Reason of Reinstall Windows 10

  • The Windows start menu will not work properly.
  • Windows apps will not be working efficiently.
  • Due to corrupt files of the system.
  • Malware damage to the operating system.
  • Windows 10 cannot update and upgrade successfully.
  • Windows update corrupted the operating system.

Backup of Importing Data of Windows 10

Before starting the procedures of Windows 10 reinstallation, we have an important duty to save important data on our PC. Windows 10 provide a tool itself for the backup of data. It is a very easy procedure for the backup of data.

Procedures for Backup of Data

Firstly call the File History tool for a backup of data.

Click Start > Settings > Update and Security > Backup.

  • Then you should follow all instructions for backup step by step.
  • You should also use an external USB drive or network share for backup.

File History tool takes backup of all files and content libraries favorite one drive folder and desktop default. In this step, you can choose any folder for backup and any folder to be Excluded using more options.

The procedure of Rollback Windows 10

When you feel your PC has some problem. Then it will inform you to solve this problem but if you cannot succeed to solve this problem. At that time you will clean and reinstall Windows 10 completely without losing data and important information. It will also clean the drive completely without losing data. But in the end, you will lose all the apps and settings.

Step of Procedure

  • In the first step, you will go to update and security and go to the Recovery tab. At that time you will see the “Go back” option for going back to the old version of Windows 10.
    At that time you will click the “Get started option”. Then you will wait for some time.
  • Firstly you will see, that Windows have how much information and data for working. If Windows have some problem then you will see the updated information for solving information. You can follow some instruction that is represented by Windows 10 for solving problems. Sometimes the operating system cannot give you the right file to fix the problems That are very important for the previous build. In this situation, you can follow another way to solve your problems.
  • Now in this step, you will go back to the previous build when you feel the updating will create something wrong in your system.

Restore Windows 10 Procedure

If you cannot follow the procedure of rollback Windows 10 then you can follow the restore the producers to fix the problem.

  • You can go to the “control panel” and then you will use a Windows research bar for going to the right option. Now you can go Recover section. At that time you will go to “Open System Restore “.
    Now you will be able to create a new restore point and configure restore options to this type of Windows.
  • In this step, you will have a “Recommended Restore and their description “of system action taking place in the restore point. You will also see the option of another restore point so you will click “Choose a different restore point “and then you will click the Next option to see more options.
  • In this step, you can go restore the point before any problematic changes. You can select the Next and click this option then confirm the finish option.

Reinstall Windows 10

It is difficult to reinstall process but we will discuss the easy method for reinstalling method of Windows 10. Windows 10 provide itself reinstall process. So we can follow the instruction of reinstall Windows 10 in an easy manner.

Click Start > Settings > Update and security > Recovery and then choose “Get Started “under the reset PC.

In this reinstall Windows 10 process, it cleans the whole drive that why so select “Remove everything” for a clean reinstall performed.
If Windows 10 cannot load successfully so in this situation you can select the troubleshooting under the Reset PC. Reinstalling Windows 10 gives you a main advantage for the user to recover previously created system images. During the reinstall Windows 10 process, the latest version of Windows downloading.

  • Firstly turn on the PC or system and laptop and focus on the first screen message that is shown before the Windows logo. Now you can find the reset the PC to factory settings. So you can find the F8 option for getting the access advances option of the booting process that is included repair your computer.
  • Download the Windows Microsoft Media Creation tool that is used to make a bootable USB flash drive for Windows 10 on it. You can use the bootable USB flash drive to upgrade the Windows 10.
  • Before the booting process, you make a backup of all data stored on your PC.
  • If your system does not attach the bootable USB flash drive. You can use the BIOS setting by pressing Delete and F2 then showing the boot option you can select the removable USB flash drive.

When the PC will be bootable through a USB flash drive then you will see this type of Window screen that follows.

Now you will select the required language then click the install option and follow the instructions. You can select the correct hard drive and partition in which Windows will be installed.

  • Now the installation process starts on your PC.So your PC will reboot. At that time the Windows logo and indicator progress bar will show in front of you. So your PC will be rebooted many times during this reinstalling of Windows 10.

Hopefully, this article will provide help of reinstall Windows 10 successfully in a simple way. Please leave a comment if anyone has any problems during this process. I will try to resolve your problem and help to get the success in Windows 10 reinstall process.