Top 13 Windows 10 Repair Tool

It happens various times that people face issues relevant to Windows 10 but it doesn’t mean that you have to remove it and install it again and again. The web refers to many methods for all Windows errors. Apart from that, there are many Windows 10 Repair Tools to find out issues and solve many Windows problems.

Here in this article, we have made a list of the best and most frequently used solutions to resolve many Windows 10 errors via repair tools. We hope that with the help of the users can easily make their system run for them without any issues.

1. Windows 10 DPI Fix, Tool to Repair Blurry Font Issue

The time users upgrade their older versions of Windows to the newer ones they face this issue. In case you have this blurry font problem, there is a solution to solve the error. Windows 10 DPI Fix is a free Windows 10 repair tool that assists you in solving blur font problems with the help of a few taps via mouse.

2. Built-in Troubleshooters

There are probably over 20 built-in troubleshooters in Windows 10 available that assist you in solving various issues relevant to Windows 10 with the help of a few mouse presses. Some of the solutions it has are troubleshooters to solve keyboard errors, audio recording issues, power plant, and battery issues, blue screen of death (BSOD) errors, issues of internet connectivity, video playback issues, Windows Store app problems, search and indexing problems, Windows Update problems, and printer issues. Users can run any of these troubleshooters by navigating to
Settings app > Update & security > Troubleshoot page.

3. Start Menu Fix Tool

Another popular Windows 10 repair tool is Start Menu Fix Tool because it is the most installed troubleshooter from Microsoft for Windows 10. The official Start menu troubleshooter can support you in solving Start menu/screen errors. Unfortunately, the troubleshooter is not a component of the built-in troubleshooters. So for this purpose, you have to install it from Microsoft. Just install and start the troubleshooter to solve all the Start menu/screen problems.

4. Complete Internet Repair

This is another Windows 10 repair tool that is very helpful when your PC is not able to interconnect to the internet. Users can also utilize the built-in troubleshooter in Windows 10 to troubleshoot and solve many issues regarding the internet. With the help of this tool, users can reboot Internet protocols, clear Windows Update history, repair Internet Explorer browser, restore Windows Firewall configuration, solve Winsock, flush DNS resolver cache, reset proxy server configuration, and many other problems. Just install this as you are unable to install this device when your PC’s internet connection is unable to work. Windows Repair Tool Windows 10 repair tool is famous third-party repair software. It can resolve many Windows errors, such as file permissions, repair icons, repair print spooler, options to reset Registry permissions, repair UAC settings, repair file associations, repair hosts file, repair Start menu icons, repair UAC settings, and many more. There is a Pro version of this tool available.

6. System Restore Point

This conventional system restores support in resolving issues the time you download the device driver, third-party software, or updates. This tool is also supportive to restore Windows 10 to its original settings. In Windows 10 the option of system restore is already turned off by default so keep in mind that you have turned on the system restore point.

7. Windows Software Repair Tool from Microsoft

This Windows 10 repair tool is made to troubleshoot to solve software errors mainly on Microsoft’s own Surface devices, but it can also fix Windows 10 running on other devices also. This tool can restore Windows 10 to default settings, update your device and fix Windows 10 applications. We will also refer you to make a system restore point before starting this tool as it restores most settings to defaults.

8. FixWin 10

FixWin 10 is a Windows 10 repair tool that assists you in resolving many of the common Windows 10 errors. This tool also solves fifty Windows 10 issues. In case the Settings application doesn’t open, you can utilize it to reset the Settings application to fix the error. As we have explained before that this tool needs an installation so simply install it and start to utilize it.

9. System Files Repair Tool

Sometimes the issue starts because of a misplaced or problematic file. Users can solve it by scanning and solving corrupted system files by utilizing the built-in Sfc / scannow instruction line tool. Users can utilize this tool by opening Command Prompt as administrator, writing Sfc / scannow at the Command Prompt window, and tapping Enter key.

10. Reset this PC

These are the built-in recovery features available in Windows 10. It will permit you to reset your Windows 10 download settings to default by removing everything on your system or keeping only data. Users can utilize this feature in case if any of the above methods are unable to resolve your Windows 10 error.
Just navigate to Settings app > Update & security > Recovery to launch the feature.

11. IOBit Driver Booster

Windows 10 isn’t something out of the ordinary but it still tries to deal with driver updates. At times it skips some important driver updates. So, when a hardware error starts, you should probably check it first in case you want to update your drivers.

Another method to check the status of your Windows drivers is using a free driver update tool, and IOBit Driver Booster is a Windows 10 repair tool that solves an update of over 1,000,000 drivers.

  • Just install Driver Booster and confirm that you have turned off all extra, unwanted software offered to you.
  • Now open Driver Booster. You’ll see three tabs: Outdated, UpToDate, and Action Center. The first two have lists of your system drivers and their status. The Action Center tab has installation links for other IOBit utilities.
  • Here choose the outdated tab. Users can select Update Now utilizing the big red button, or head down the list and update that individual driver. Users can also select to ignore certain drivers, go to their previous state, or remove them totally. Driver Booster installs and applies the drivers to your system via automatic way, but you probably need a system reboot to end the process of installation.

Driver Booster makes a system restore point the time you go for updating your drivers. It also adds options for automatic shutdown or restarts after the driver installation process ends.

12. Missed Features Installer

Windows 10 is a well-known operating system, except for some main issues many users like to use it. But not everyone was happy when Microsoft released the new version of Windows from 8.1 to Windows 10 (or Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, as Windows 7 is still being utilized on nearly 40 percent of PC’s all over the world, one year before Microsoft finishes all assistance for it). The best thing about this tool is that it brings back many old features in a single download. In case you don’t like Windows 10 Start menu then you can utilize the Missed Features Installer to move to Classic Start Menu.

It has options for hiding Windows Update and deleting the Microsoft Edge browser, Cortana, and the integrated Windows Telemetry. These features are not very authentic because they can cause harm to your system make this thing confirms that you have set a system restore point before diving in.

13. O&O ShutUp10

Microsoft knows that Windows 10 has some privacy errors. Windows 10 privacy control has improved a bit since it was released in 2015, but the main issues are still there like data gathering, tracking, and telemetry. Some users think that this is significant evil for the OS development to proceed with issues of user data but you don’t have to quit your data. Many devices came to the surface to take place of Microsoft and Windows 10 data gathering tendencies and O&O ShutUp10 is one of them.

This program has nine categories that offer privacy settings; many of them are not directly accessible in the operating system. ShutUp10 makes turning off the unseen able options as easy as flicking many other switches. The best thing regarding this tool is that it comes with a short comprehensive explanation so users might probably get to know what they are turning off and how can you operate it and what would be its effect. The place where it lacks a bit is that you can’t turn off everything so just move forward step by step and check all options.

O&O ShutUp10 is accessible because it Applies only recommended settings option. Apart from that the Recommended and somewhat recommended settings option can do many other things.

Windows 10 repair tool has a lot of significance because it has a collection of many supportive tools that help your Windows 10 work properly without causing an issue for your system. We hope that with the help of this article, users might probably be able to choose the best tools for their system and run their system without any botheration.